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  1. Originally posted by Bishaaro: No wonder she was asking advices on what to look for in a partner lol …I hope you gave her real concrete advice n’ none of your tenacious sarcasms
  2. Wiilo, Mabruuk!..Guurkaada mid aad ku nasato kuna-waarto allaha kaagaga dhigo sis..
  3. Originally posted by Warrior of Light: Who says such women dont exist, who fear Allah and day they shall meet Him? They may not be to Par as Lady Khadija's character but they take her and other Mothers of faith as role models? Dear, Warrior of Light…no need to convince me about the fact such ladies do exist, I have a mother n’ plenty of sister’s, who I believe belong to this crop of ladies. In fact I am so disappointed in you for not catching my drift there….you for all pll? Originally posted by pucca: pucca: *dumb cow, quit lookin! gosh!* thanks...i'll wait in the living room. *thinks about leaving, maybe this wasn't a good plan; b-but if i dont ask...some chick might get him...oh wat the heck, khadija did it!* pucca: *sings* "oh micky you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind, hey micky!: loool….Your exchange with @Hot-Sheikh got me laughting….seriously could this convo mimicking a reality that has taken place in ur past life? Any little raskalz for the Hot sheikh as of yet?
  4. The answer is NO! This will crumble all the pillars of marriage as we know it, women will pursuit and propose to man until, he is no longer the breadwinner of the family. A whole tradition, cultures will vanish… As for Khadija, she was an exception to the rule,. due to her impeccable personality and virtuous character, Her nick name was al-Tahira, (the Pure One),.plus she had a chosen prophet(scw) on her sights…any women would have asked.
  5. Same of us nomads could relate to this list, those who made the dash to Yankee country to gain more experience in our respective fields after University or College. A family pediatrician who is currently practicing medicine in Massachusetts area prepared this list. He immigrated to Canada in the late 60’s at the age of 2, but after going through medical school at the top of his class he was not able to find any offer. 8. Discriminatory and Dishonest Immigration System. Immigration to Canada is based on a point system, obtained with your education, qualifications and job experience. Points are good enough for immigration, but in Canada, they are not good enough to get a job in your field. Amazing, how the credentials that qualify you to come to Canada are the same credentials that don't qualify you for your profession in Canada. The reason is, Canada only wants immigrants to do the labor jobs - pizza delivery, driving taxis, factory work etc. 7. Out Of Control Cost Of Living. From rent, to utility bills, to shopping, to phone, internet and cable bills, to gas, to car insurance, to eating out, to basically anything you have to pay for or buy, the cost of living in Canada has become astronomical. Recent immigrants are astonished as to how expensive everything is. It is estimated that compared to most countries around the world, the cost of living in Canada is on average five times greater. 6. Health Care Crisis. Practicing physicians in Canada are in a shortage, 1 in 4 Canadians cannot get a family doctor. Canadian doctors are leaving to move permanently to the United States. Statistics Canada and the Canadian Medical Association both have identified that for every 1 American doctor that moves to Canada, 19 (nineteen) Canadian doctors move to the United States! Doctors in Canada are overworked and underpaid, and there is a cap on their salaries. 5. Very High Taxes. Yes, you have the GST, the PST, totaling 15%, on practically everything you purchase and many other taxes taken out of our weekly paycheck. You have to pay a whopping amount to the government, out of your hard earned salary, so that the government can turn around and give it to beer drinking, hockey watching welfare bums. Fair? It does not matter, it's Canada. 4. Money Hungry Government. Canadian Embassies around the world lie to foreigners, painting this picture that Canada is Utopia, because they want foreigners to come to Canada. Why? Because foreigners bring money! So after being deceived, these foreigners come. They must bring with them at least $10,000. Canada has an immigration quota of 250,000 per year. So please do the math, 250,000 multiplied by $10,000 each equals a whopping 2.5 Billion dollars that Canada gains from immigrants every year. 3. No Culture. Unlike almost every other country in the world, Canada has no culture. Actually American culture is what dominates Canada. When was the last time you had some 'Canadian' food? There are no Canadian traditions and there is no national identity. What does it even mean to call yourself a 'Canadian'. . .nothing really. People living in Canada, still identify themselves as to where they 'originally' came from. 2. Worst Weather. Yes, Canada has the worst weather conditions of any country in the world. Freezing cold temperatures, snow, ice, hail, winds, storms etc. From the Prairie provinces to the Maritimes, from the Territories to southern Ontario, the weather is so horrific and disgusting that many Canadians leave Canada simply because of this reason alone. 1. No Jobs. Yes, coast to coast, there are no jobs. Immigrants are highly qualified (MD's, PhD's, Lawyers, Engineers etc.) but they are driving taxi cabs, delivering pizza's or working in factories. Even people with bachelors degrees from Canadian Universities cannot find jobs after graduation. This is the tragedy associated with immigration to Canada. I feel sorry for those immigrants who are stuck in Canada for the rest of their lives. It is indeed a very sad and hopeless future.
  6. Britz Reacted better?…Plz…"They have shoot to kill" policy even Dubya didn't go that far. Viking pace your walk there sxb…I understand Geel Jire's walking can be easily mistaken for running, you gotten used to Jumping tree's adigoo nirgahaadii biyo u wado…and leave the pack-bag at home
  7. Zephyrine, Waa ogaa in aadan caadi ahayn….ee tell me same thing new.^ Laakiin tanaa kaa daran.. Few yrs back, I can recall when I left for work which required for me to travel to different city. As I got ready for the trip, and loaded all my luggage in the car. I started with a Company laptop, with I though I should put it on the passenger seat, so I put it on the side ..(on top of the Car). Thinking as soon as I am done loading every thing else , I would easily remove it from the roof of the car and put it up-front. As I proceeded to drive I didn’t even noticed any thing missing, in fact I crossed quite few traffic lights until just before I was about to get into Inner-state Hwy. A van pulled right next to me, with little kids pointing fingers at my car and laughing, I though (saqa jaamiintaan yar-yar maxay ku qoslaayaan). Then it hit me, after driving a whole city blocks with a Notebook on the roof, I decided to lay low on the 9 to 5 for a while and recuperate in the Caves.
  8. I Don’t see the importance of this thread, Ofleh,…I have seen few of your replies in these SOL forums to conclude You are suffering from IPS (Islamic phobia syndrome), cut the crap and name one word from any of her claims that was admirable.
  9. Here is two of my fav..Quotes.. Rudy:….one of the rare cases you'll see him geting serious…^ “dont where u at, but here in the west, the divorces are inestigated by women 80% of the time~ seen so many ppl sista just jump off the cliff!! ,,,na xagada u socota!! bal joog! margasay madhaxa ruxda!! iinyoo!! couple of yrs later, u see hear next to some loser! looking like trash!! why why!!!! it beats me!!!†Sucdi:... "We don't need old evil or new evil. What we Somalis need is authentic Islam. Not sects like qadariya and saints. So long as we don't let Islam unite us and heal our pains am afraid more heartaches are awaiting us.†...Oh and Sucdi...sista i know you are a new member, but plz don't suppress such a mind...the masses have an appetite for it..
  10. Hibo,.. Your post is loaded with accusatory connotations towards Somali men. You expect the readers of this post to came to a reasonable conclusion in solving the marital problem in the Somali community, yet you managed to erase what ever valid points to support your argument when you claimed “Somali men are not doing their jobâ€. Just like you raised an example of Somali man not helping with home choirs while the wife is pregnant, I or other’s can do the same and give you countless examples of Somali women’s lack of perceived indifference into western values to that of Somali wife. Its one thing to share or exchange ideas that concern such importance of family breakdowns, but its whole different matter asking for solution while pointing fingers.
  11. Caveman

    some guidence

    I would only suggest that you tell your (babtist) friend to read Islam and Reflect on particular Ayah/Hadith concerning subject at hand. Furthermore, Islam has very strict rules against adultery and fornication, and introduces many cautious measures to ensure the prevention and avoidance of such sins. One measure is the prescription that men and women should avoid intermingling as far as possible {check Qur'an verse 33:53}. This is why men and women pray in separate areas or separate rows in the mosque. Another measure is that men and women should cover the specified areas of their bodies the sight of which arouse sexual desire in others {check Qur'an verses 7:26; 33:59}. Yet another measure is that men and women should lower or turn their gaze away from looking at a person of the opposite sex {check Qur'an verse 24:31}. These instruction from Allah(sw) is only some aspect of a wider context of purity of action for men and women; which is beneficial to greater good of all mankind.
  12. Max'xamed, That is real talent Bro..keep it up.. We got few Adobe junkies here cool….I use Photoshop cs strictly for Template design at work, but since Illustrator CS is 100% Vector, I made the easy transition. Also it was recently in the news, that macromedia & Adobe are gona team up. Can’t wait what they have in store.
  13. Amazing!...ALLayoow halkii roon..... Farxan, sxb laakin hal mid samee plz remove the pic from this forum. The story with out the picture is horrific,. she is same one's sister and a daughter, lets apply same common courtesy for her family world-wide
  14. ^^Shaah_Ka_macaan war tanaa..fiiri walaashiis bal hal mar ku soo celi...googarada feeree aa? .....taas waa desert ama suubis dheeraad ah wax nin ka xanaajiyo waa dhaafsantahay.
  15. ^sxb.. you are little ahead of most somalis.....most of us couldn't tell antique store from a tattoo removal centre.