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  1. Somalia without Somaliland would look like a d*ck on the map so that is why we would not allow you to seccede Xaaji kkkk
  2. It seems Ethopia is falling apart before our eyes. I hope the two Muslim communities find a way to live together peacefully.
  3. This person that you are responding to has long term contemp for anything Puntland. Mindhaa islaan aayadiis ah oo reer Puntland ah baa soo korisay. You will never see him say anything positive in any Puntland developments but to th contarary wuu ku xajiimoodaa magacaba. Marka warka ha iskaga dhameen. Soomaalidu waxay tiraahdaa caanahaaga dhame baa caydaada yaqaan.
  4. But with all it's dustiness it has never been the curse of Somalia where famine, Tuugsi and displacement of millions happens every few years. Even more with all it's dustiness it hosts thousands of your lot who live and so happy to live in it's IDPs. So before you talk you need to know where you are from.
  5. Don't write Deni off yet. He has a good chance. He has the support of most of Mudug, Sanaag and Bari. SSC is hit and miss and would expect to get a big chunk of them. I don't think any Garowe constituent would assume presidency this year. The closest they would get is if Juxa leaves his minstry position and became a candidate. He is the only viable option to Dani and many people would find him acceptable.
  6. If anything this shows the irrelevance of these odayaal that lived 1000 years ago. Both scientifically and religiously any blood relation that many years ago cannot exist and it is time Somalis leave this useless tribalism. For example, East Burco Clan and Sool clan are more closer to each other in terms of blood relationship than they are with Marehan & Gabiley Clan, it is a fact Somali tribalism ignore. If advanced DNA could tell I am sure Sool clan and Marehan would have near zero blood relationship or just DNA shared by most Somalis so are the Gabiley Clan & East Burco Clan. This is true for many clans in Somalia who have been fighting for centuries over stupid reasons.
  7. Latest, Faisal Abdi Botan captured. This is a big blow for Somaliland and we might be seeing the end of what we know as Somaliland.
  8. The author is misinformed or deliberately economical with the truth. First of all not all the political parties are in his pocket. Sincad and Mideeye bitterly despise Said Dani. Horseed of Faroole are with the armed rebellion in Garowe. The other 4 don't seem to want to give him a blank check. They have their own political agenda and demands. He is also implies that the parliamentary system is better than direct vote of the president by the people because people are not well educated to make informed decision. I am sorry to say that I would have the people than bunch of corruptible hardly educated men. They are usually used and abused by the president of the day and are teeth-less without his blessings.
  9. Opposition don't like this even though it works in their favour because elections are time consuming and require deeper pockets. It easier to bribe dozens of MPs in the selection process than to ask votes to the people.
  10. Kaah will do well in Mudug. Mideeye and Ifiye in Bari.
  11. Too many spoilers. Puntland needs Dani second term to do a proper clean up and disarmament.
  12. The problem is there is no accountability in their systems and it is deliberate so that they manage things how they want it.
  13. But it was only yesterday you published a press release asking for help against the SSC forces kkkkk. The ambassador is just responding to your request and telling you to freak off.
  14. Reference please. This is most likely Mogadishu years ago. You are trying to find consolation from lying. Your militia is hiding in the rabbit holes of Goojacade for months and run in there every time you are beaten so why wouldn't they have their own trenches anyway? Come out of the holes and fight in the open and then criticise them for fortifying their defences which I believe they should have done it anyway. It is been four days now and you are still doing I believe after what happened to your militias on Monday, this so called military strategy is mere tactics to buy time so you can organise whatever left of your soldiers ad equipment. I hear Bixi have asked clans to join the war so much of bravado being a country. But what could they help him in the short-time especially when many clans do not want to fight with people who are fighting in their own yard. Families are worried for their relatives fighting in Lasanod. Deep down they don't believe in this war and don't want their fathers, mothers and children dying for a cause they don't believe in. Log into Facebook | Facebook M.FACEBOOK.COM Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know.
  15. The elders from Hamar requested a temporary ceasefire until they could talk to the other side same way the Ethiopians requested a temporary ceasefire to look for a solution to this war. But what they would not accept is talking to Muse Bihi and anyone sent by him until his militia withdraws to Oog. The ball is on your corner to make your threats of attacks true or accept these Hamar elders' demands to ceasefire and ultimately withdraw to your tribal border.
  16. Lies! Lies!! Look at the big building on the bottom left corner of this picture. I have just checked that building does not exist in Lasanod. The one you circled is unfinished house with only two lines of square-rooms on two sides. This building in the video has square cubicles all round and is larger probably a factory or some sort of warehouse. Also why SSC forces would run away from Hotel Hamdi which they hold into the mountains towards SL militia base? This badly done propganda with photoshopped video. Come up with something concrete to proof your cantarabaqash.
  17. Kkkk you asking for support to the international community against SSC militia?What support would you like, an aerial support, American troops or what??? I have never seen so much bravado, empty threats and calaacal in one place. Sxb IC won't do shit for you. You are on your own bruv kkkk. Stop crying oo wax iska celi ama dadka dhulkooda uga bax.
  18. . So" in the next clashes are we going to see the mighty army of yours showing up and capturing Lasanod and going back to Tukaraq?? Could you promise that Mr. Bola??
  19. Qarankii dhamaa is obsessed with one Somali sub-clan called Majuerteen. From Edna giving speeches in world's capitals to their supposed generals and now as usual Faisal Warabe kkkk.
  20. This reminds me reer the Ruwaayad where a Xamari man was robbed from everything including his shirt and trousers bar his nickers and saying afterwards: Wallahi if they took my underwear wixii ka dhici lahaa waa layaabi lahaa kkkk.
  21. Lol. This was few years ago during Tukaraq war. Sxb Ramadaan lagu jiraa ee beenta iska yaree.
  22. You are relying on unknown factors which could be true for Somaliland as well. The sub-clan wars in Ceel-Afwayne can erupt at anytime now that the soldiers keeping the peace have been moved to Goojacade. The West Burco Clan are restless and their men and women are being targeted in Hargeisa and in other towns. They make up a good number of Somaliland soldiers and there has been reports of cracks appearing in Goojacade and my guess is Caare scenario is very much a possibility. Muse's term has ended and in the next few months he has to hold elections that is not clear how it will be conducted. One thing is guaranteed though there will be demonstrations and chaos on the streets of Somaliland towns and this time around he would not even have police to confront them as they have been deployed in Goojacade. All in all it is doom and gloom in your camp than it is for Reer SSC.
  23. Lol. You are betting on other factors to do your fighting, what happened to the mighty army? Can they not walk into the streets of Lasanod or better go back to Tukaraq??