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  1. As long as he is spiritually rich, the rest will follow suit.
  2. The only time a man has the right to call a woman 'Nayaa' is makuu guursado and I think Nuune is thinking along the same lines
  3. Originally posted by rudy-Diiriye: Well, i have been doing my own consultings since 2008 and havent filed any taxes since then. Self employed and you're complaing about paying $10K for two years? Man you got off lightly. I remember paying almost £800 (an average of £9K a year) in tax each month and I wasn't even self employed. Best thing to do is to put aside about 15% of your monthly earning in savings, that way when it comes to tax year you're semi-prepared.
  4. B, You're not the first nor will you be the last to go through these (self-inflicted) "unfortunate set of events" Markaa nacnacda jooji. If you were serious and in need of guidance, you've had plenty of genuine honest advice.
  5. The Zack, I think you should apologise to all of woman kind for making that comment. B, Saying that you are desperate for attention would be understatement of the year...Nin baa tahee (so I am assuming) bal wax iskula hadh.
  6. Let me have a go. -Space? = Cidla -Galaxy? = Meel banaan -Stars? = Xidigo -Hangar? = Katabaan -Prince/Princess? = Boqor/Boqorad -Palace? = Guri wayn -Invisibility? = Muuqan -Magma/Vulcano = Buur dhalaashay
  7. B You are a bright young man, full of bright ideas. The world would be a brighter place if it was full of bright people like you.
  8. I was wondering why there were blood drips everywhere. Get off your moral high horses, what others do is not your concern, nor will you be judged by their actions.
  9. Like, "Things are just getting too much.... I cant bear it anymore" I need to be wrapped in cotton wool. lool@Qardhaas.
  10. Originally posted by Castro: ^^^ lol. It's his mental health he's wondering about. Mise if it doesn't bleed it's not a problem. Bloody maryooley. I am saying there are people who are far worse off and whinning like a little b!tch about things you can control is pathetic. Get a f'ing grib and seek professional help if you must.
  11. Stop Whining! Look at the Bigger Picture. You're alive and you have your health. If that isn't enough to be thankful for then this might help
  12. Oh you people READ, the answer lies within,,,tis was not about s3x, he would have killed her the first 3 weeks if it was. p.s. at Saint-Omer The irony
  13. Just to throw a spanner in the works, I just come across this,,, The Vicky Pollard's of this world 'will save humanity' She is a moody teenager with at least 12 children but Vicky Pollard is going to save humanity from extinction. Females like the Little Britain character, who sleep around, will produce generations of both boys and girls, a study shows. If all women had children with just one partner, the planet would eventually be 100 per cent female and human beings would be wiped out, a report found. By having multiple partners – known as polyandry – women reduce the spread of a certain chromosome that would lead to all female offspring. Experts carried out the experiment by studying fruit flies – which share 60 per cent of human genes. Some were given multiple partners and others were restricted to one mate each. Over 15 generations, five of the 12 monogamous populations died out because of a lack of males, said experts from Plymouth and Liverpool universities. ‘Polyandry is a widespread phenomenon in nature,’ said Prof Nina Wedell, writing in the journal Current Biology. ‘This study is the first to suggest it could save a population from extinction.’
  14. Excuse me, but who said anything about fantasy? Acknowledging and appreciating this fine specimen doesn't mean I fantasise about him. :rolleyes: