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  1. Seriously, I finally went to one of those "awsome" parties, you know the ruwayas. But all the nasty guys kept trying to hit on me and smack my butt. I was like, shit if you're so horny go take some medication and stop trying to grind into me, sex addicts need therapy! Anyhow, I was like whatever this sucks. I just can't stand them. Besides, 25-year olds shouldn't hit on 19 year olds who don't like it, it's almost pedofile!
  2. You know what I can't stand: women who hate you just because you're cute or pretty. :confused: It's like, what's with the competition. I don't like your ugly ass boyfriend anyway. I think a lot of women need to get some serious self-adjustment going on if they really want to keep their boyfriends. This only makes their situation worse, not only are they serious *****es but single ones too! :rolleyes: