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  1. Somalia still under UN protection from the piracy . Till today foreign marine force still there to secure our waters ! .
  2. I were active member on somalinet till I leave it . My nickname is the same here.
  3. Hargisa + barbera airports were build and function during Kacaan era . the funny thing is you didnt build any airport beside what Kacaan did after 1991 . Bossaso was build by Cadde musa , function on faroole era. Garowe build by Faroole . function on Gaas era. Galgacio was the smallest airports on Kacaan era . Total airports on SL is 2 . PL has 3 airports, Two were build During PL era and 1 from kacaan era . PL wins. Security . SL is more secure because you guys fight only one side ( PL ). Djibouti + Ethiopia safe countries . Most of your soldiers is in Sool & Sanaag about 80% percent. PL is less secure cause of the South of somalia and war with your boys in galgala. So PL face three fronts. 1- somalidiid 2- South somalia terrorist + Galmudug . 3- Galgala mountains. Now let us assume PL in same shoes of SL. We would right now outside burco .
  4. PL road to ceerigaabo reach yube before jeegaan sent their boys there . After that you know the rest of the story .Jeegaan collect money from Awdal,Sool And Sanaag, to fight PL and push it out of those lands so Ictraaf will come. They will use every penny they collect from inside tax and Aid to fight PL . In contrast PL building roads, schools , universities, bridges, airports, Sea ports , etc. Good infrastructure means boost economy and life of puntlanders.
  5. No comment loool . Abiy didnt lie when he said Jeegan part of Somalia loool.
  6. World community used to give AID to somalis . most of the AIDS goes on constriction schools, hospital and infrastructure etc. OIL will let somalis to stop asking money from outside their country. The only issue here is Oil Agreements . Xamar wants Centralize everything. Old kacaan era is over . Xamar will have it share but other states should have 50% revenue , 25% xamar , 25% other states.
  7. Inshalla will be great port in the future. PL citizen money and hard work can build anything. PL ha nolato .