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  1. We thanks our Turkey brothers for the Musjiid. But brother you have to change the name of mosque. Mosque its the house of the mosqutoo. So Please change it to Musjiid.
  2. Good Job Jeegaan, Dont put your money on fitnaa between brothers. We dont want to deal with you just leave our lands on Sool.
  3. Today Achievements we should thanks ex.Faroole,Gaas and President Deni. PL should reach every inch of State. Bari Sanaag today is over. Next Sool let the rumble begin.
  4. this car is PL clan melitia right loool. this is warning, next time any Jeegaan will be jailed period!.
  5. If the real talks for union Start and stop Ictraaf bullshit. They should start from 1960 Union Agreement.
  6. Reer Awdal killed on sanaag galbeed ,we didn't hear moan from so called Musa Jeegaan.
  7. How she praise British is clear sign who fought with and against British.
  8. Great News, now alkabab route enforcement closed, PL delegation now on Badhan for Local council, Soon we will go to lassqouri to build local council and PMPF base.
  9. Xamar militant think president and PM safety its more important then other Somalis.
  10. Those moneys on galgacayo PL government was there.
  11. Great days ahead let us make Jeegaan suffer more. Tax and air flights great start. Next improve our ports.
  12. PL is land of law and order. Next time anyone try to play tricks on the law, PL will not be easy on him, we are not like Jeegaan or South Somalia.