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  1. إن لله وإن إليه راجعون. Somalia losing everyday and xamar government duty is fighting other states within Somalia.
  2. Farmajoo and his boy Khayre busy fighting Somalia states and not fighting their real enemy alkabab. Your first duty was to fight alkabab and he failed. Khayre did great job on making registration for SNA south somalia and Somalia diin cafiis. beside that no remark here. We as Somalis should first fight alkabab finish them then talk about other things.
  3. N&N playing on the teenagers mind. I would advice them stop throwing money on nonsense and start fight alkabab on south Somalia.
  4. Those Jeegan should give workers their money and stop looting.
  5. Man stop personal cay is not good habit. Dont be like Fayisal waraabi.
  6. The president of untied states of somaliland announce that he became the president of united Somalia.
  7. Col.Caare great PL ally on fighting Alkabab on those mountains, specially ceerigaabo was door they enter to PL throw mountains. For Jeegaan war PL should start kick out Jeegaan on yube.
  8. You asking PL do nothing!. Do you forget what happen on 2007 when they attack PL forces on north laascaanood. Even we have a peace agreement they attack PL forces just we sent half our soldiers to south. I urge PL military to attack now as they did to us on 2007.
  9. PL force in yube should control village right now and clear Jeegaan from PL lands once for all. SL they have to leave out the village to ceerigaabo. PL should not sit quiet we should help our brothers and sister that need help in Galbeed Sanaag.
  10. Its great news. No more berbara port. They should use bossaso port.
  11. Same show by Jeegan , Sentenced then presidential cafiis. Done!.
  12. I hear news that Col.Caare militant was part of the fight, Is it true ?
  13. AUN to all deads. The worst ever president state I saw on my life, musa Jeegan should be moved ASAP.
  14. PL sent clear message to Xamar. I request earlier but its ok. Now the pressure on N&N. PL will not tolerate about federalism.
  15. Isaaq clan as any other clans has the right to be part of the country same goes to Darood,Dir,Samroon,cIisa etc. No one will ever put pressure on anyone else. They can became like those countries on continent Lesotho,Swaziland. Ruled and lived by one clan. Everyone will happy to give them freedom they ask for. But drag other clans in their propaganda, then they have to obey rules and stick on country called Somalia for ever!.