Djibouti's biggest mosque, a gift from Turkey, opens

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Officials from Turkey and Djibouti attend the opening ceremony of the mosque, Djibouti, Nov. 29, 2019. 

Abdülhamid II Mosque, Djibouti's largest mosque, opened on Friday at a ceremony four years after a Turkish foundation launched its construction. Turkish Parliamentary Speaker Mustafa Şentop and Djibouti Prime Minister Abdoulkader Kamil Mohamed were among the dignitaries attending the opening ceremony.

The mosque, which can host up to 6,000 worshipers, was built by the Turkish Diyanet Foundation (TDV), which is affiliated with Turkey's Presidency of Religious Affairs (DİB). DİB President Ali Erbaş led the Friday prayer at the mosque.

Speaking at the ceremony, Şentop said Turkey and Djibouti, as members of the international Muslim community, were "standing up" again and reviving their relations based on their "fraternity." Şentop said the mosque idea was conceived by the Turkish and Djibouti presidents and was a concrete sign of bilateral relations.

Moumin Hassan Barreh, Djibouti's minister of Muslim affairs, culture and waqf assets, said at the ceremony that the mosque was a gift from Turkey to the people of Djibouti and extended his thanks to the Republic of Turkey.

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12 hours ago, Dahireeto said:

Turkey is slowly using its soft diplomacy to stay under the radar and win the hearts of the people. 


Next thing will be a hospital, next after that School maybe university, next after that fish processing next will be joint venture with China on one of the 4 ports.

Turkish do not rush.

If one is self confident like the Turkish, can out wait the Arabs even Americans that are in a rush.

You can see the Ethiopian/Eritrean against Turkish has run out of steam in one year. Viva Ghelleh as well, he stood firm and sat out all the noise.

Turkish are also remaking Nagash Mosque and preparing the whole area for faith tourism. They have schools and clinics both for people and veterinary in Afar.

The Amxara were the only losers since they burned some business and the Turkish froze their development works in Amxara, but not in Afar and Tigray which is on going.



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When Barre was in power Islam was reduce and science increased, people were free and Mogadishu was safe. Now the Warlords are in power and Islam has increased while science, philosophy and reason have declined along with the safety of Mogadishu. The infamous 68 I.Q is self evident now. 

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Djibouti needs to use Turkey to build infrastructure. Djibouti should ask Turkey rebuild some of the downtown buildings to help Djibouti's tourism image. 

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