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  1. If you desire further conflict and war then why don't you join the frontlines instead of barking from the comfort of your home in the West?
  2. @galbeedi Interesting development transpiring in Jigjiga, give us your thoughts mudane.
  5. Those "letters" are clearly fake. Tell me lads, how were these letters "written" to the English at a time when their was no scripted Somali language?
  6. More woes for the Hargaysa administration Ganacsatada Somaliland Ee Xoolaha u Dhoofiya Cumaan Oo Lagu Qasbay inay Oggolaanshaha u Doontaan Boosaaso. | Somaliland Mirror WWW.SOMALILANDMIRROR.COM Qaar ka tirsan Ganacsatada reer Somaliland ee Xoolaha u dhoofiya waddamada Carabta, ayaa caqabado hor leh waajahaya, ka dib markii ay...
  7. Madax Bakeeri singing for the blue not too long ago.
  8. Maxamed Madax Bakeeri should know not to engage in politics or incite hate speech as an entertainer, he lost a vital market due to his stupidity. His cousin was bullied a few years back for no apparent reason kkk
  9. One achievement Madoobe can campaign on is the success he's had preventing any terrorist attacks in Kismayo for the past 7 years. Lately, he's been distracted by the relentless political pressure coming from Villa Somalia ahead of the election which has given an opening for this tragedy to occur. I fail to see any reason why Madoobe would orchestrate this attack, the real culprits are sitting in villa Somalia. Farmaajo is either looking to move the location of the election to somewhere more favorable in Gedo or simply attempting to lower Madoobe's stock ahead of the election.
  10. Suldaanka, Guul iyo gobanimo waarta ayaan u rejaynayaa shacabka reer Somaliland. Good to see Berbera expanding it's capabilities. The expansion is coming along very well.
  11. Mission accomplished: Bloomberg - Are you a robot? WWW.BLOOMBERG.COM This event garnered international headlines. We expect the international community to act promptly, we need assistance in the "war on terror" in the form of budgetary aid.
  12. He vowed to shell Villa Morgan..... Let's see if he makes good on his promise.
  13. He would be the ideal candidate, if not, Yuulka would be a fine alternative. I hope he throws his hat into the ring soon as the election is near. The federal government is backing the current aviation minister Wasiir Oomaar. Interesting times ahead...