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  1. old news different actors,corruption is not limited to somalia and corruption worth of billions of dollars are uncovered in african states what makes you think somalia is different?
  2. no one ever bothers even to comment on the success of the SFG and banadir region to safeguard the citizens but 10 page on bad news .lol
  3. This is the thing we should be discussing but unfortunately somalis emphasis on bad news and wixii xun,Mogadish admin has the support of the Locals and many non-local terrorist have either fled the city or are being snitched upon by the local populace,Mogadishu now is a city that returned and the new front now is Lower shabelle where terrorists and allied clans are hiding.
  4. it is part of elecions,corruption is deep in kenya so is garissa,the moment they are elected they will fall back to deep is part of african problems
  5. skinny violence on skinny in times of prosperity we are killing eachother and in times of draught,we are starving,the perfect reckless society we need more support to FGS.
  6. shiny uniforms are better than nothing,the army will not show off all its equipment,the T-30 tanks donated are in heavily guarded areas and will be shown only in emergency situations,alshabab has totally resorted to drinking the blood of fellow muslim civilians including children and elders,but we will not turn a page un-turned to uproot these evil khawaraji from tarnishing our of the points i have raised in recent security review was -confiscate the house of identified suicide Bombers in the city or his family house and his family must feel the pressure,that property will belong to the state for 30 years which will eventually become Gov owned House. -laude the progress of mogadishu banadir martial court has done to sentence known criminals and face them justice. -suicide bombers and their family must not enjoy to live happily in the gov controlled cities. -dont trust anyone when it comes to security it is a national issue,remmber the daalo bomber who 76 years old and he got pass because of his old age. -give more anti-terrorism power to Tuuryare and NISA.
  7. I think it is to do with the recurring draughts every other year,the unemployed locals are either travelling to EU/US through human traffecking or alshabab use them as suicide bombers in mogadishu sad affairs.majority of the suicide attacks are carried by these brainwashed is time that SL face the reality.
  8. what a waste.i heard rumours that even the meagre 1 miilion donated by the Mogadishu Tax payers is pocketed by few corrupt in siilanyo circles.
  9. Roobab Xoogan oo Ku dhuftay hiiraan,Middle Shabelle and Parts of Lower shabelle. It is raining Like Crazy.
  10. xaaji You know Majority of these suicide bombers are your cousins attempting to hamper the process and we will definitely win over them.overall,we are aiming higher and higher.
  11. xaaji, Do you seriously Think Elections will be Held in All over Somalia,This is not Canada or USA ,this is AFRICA dude,The IC can suggest things but we are busy Building our state from scratch,developing Mogadishu into a world class city and it not really bothering Mogadishu if you get recognition or not,you had 30 Years and Still begging the IC.we are Milking the System Ninyahow and when we have our own singapore.
  12. the educated beesha dhexe must inveigh against sl isolationism.
  13. xaji xaaram some Kids who hide among the public to cause trouble there and there exist but that wont stop the hardwork of nabadsugidda to do their job,they were captured and will face the firing squad soon,suicide attacks happen in everywhere ninyahow,life is overall better and will continue to get better,we have achieved what SL couldnt achieve in 25 Years lol.Xaaji iska marqaan anaga aan ka shaqeysano aduunyada aan iska
  14. Alshabab has been silent about the draughts in the country isntead they are busy with their suicide bombings against Innocent civilians and children,these degenerates who claim islamism have utterly failed politically,The ulema have clearly spoken about Alshabab,they are the Dogs of HELL-FIRE and killing/fighting against Them is jihad. my question is who is funding these degenerates,what clans or subclans harbour them because then we can know more about them.lets not go into past stereotypes.
  15. what about the Million dollar Money collected from Mogadishu Airport? i hope they use the money wisely to reach the draught victims.
  16. xaaji xaaram what is wrong with accepting 4.5 the holy formula of somalis,you know Plers play a big role in Somali politics and have huge influence from very long time and unlike SL which choose isolation,you just want inter-colaad b.w people of Somalia when SL it self is disentegrating,wether PLer or HAG,The Federal Gov will keep moving.
  17. Siad barre rising from the death is more probable than faroole becoming president and CC has more chance of winning,i think another HAG leader will be elected definitely becuase of thier achievement in less than 4 years.
  18. Sure rains will alleviate the severity of the draught problem but still we have to remember that harvest seasons have failed for two consecutive seasons for the small farmers and huge chunk of the livestockfor of ambulatory nomads have perished so food insecurity and food crisis is a reality and these people need food Aid ,also since the carcass of the livestock is everywhere in north of the Country SL there is a very high chance of outbreak of Infectious Disease ,the Health Ministry should be alert.Let us not loquacious about this and show action.Draughts can have negative transmutations .
  19. 4.5 is like democracy for us,china has communism,USA democracy and Somalia 4.5 System guerra HSM doesnt need to brag,his achievements speak for themselves,wait until he comes back in august with another 4 years.
  20. Sxb,Puntland can reject what ever they want,the fact is they are powerless,it is not like they have militias that can overthrow The Gov,if they accept the popular 4.5 deal or reject it,maradooda kama badanayaan,it is up to them they can suggest nothing more.the Gov will continue to function as it has done in the last 10 successful Years. Hassan Sheekh,President ,huge leap forward.
  21. i dont see excitement,i see a building in barren wasteland,might be they should plant more trees in that area.
  22. che It is them who decide when ,why rush things.