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  1. On 1/14/2019 at 8:52 PM, galbeedi said:

    Because he is “Cadaan “ he is going to improve things? My friend Nigel is not a banker or economist , he is one of those milking Somalia from Nairobi.

    in Somaliland one dollar was 6000Shillings. I was in Kampala and one dollar was exchanged for 3600-4000 Dhillings.

    There are experts who can help how to peg your currency’ to the dollar or create knew ways floating the Shilling. 

    Few years back there was an American currency expert who helped Argentina control the inflation and stabilize their currency.

    Furthermore, if this guy is expert you can hire him as consultant to the bank. Taking over the national bank by the NGO and their overloads is unacceptable.

    Why are talking about somaliland? I am talking about south central somalia.i welcome Nigel over a geeljire who refuses to be accountable and runs to his qabiil if he asked or  questioned about the finance of the bank.did you know some govornors of the bank threatened the gov of class war if he is asked about the money he laundered.

  2. Hormuud equals alshabab.i dont care what happens to them.more these posts need to be razed down in south central somalia.when ever alshabab attacks a place hormuud is the front that provides logistics support.remember the 14 October explosion that killed 1000 someone.hormuud employees facilitated the opetation

  3. 1 hour ago, galbeedi said:


    The governor of British central bank or as they call” The Bank of England “ is both Canadian and British dual citizen. Before he became the head of that bank he was the governor of central bank of Canada. If you are looking experts then hire someone who has a banking experience, not an spy who goes from NGO to the other.

    No where in the entire world you have a foreigner signing the bank notes of any nation. Then again this is Somalia where the constitution  which is the most guarded national  treasure is written and managed by foreign NGO. 

    This people would give everything just to make a few dollars. More than over hundred of the MPs are not present  pm this session and the government loyalists  and others been in the pockets of the government.

    Ever nation regardless of its security conditions print and manage their currency. You do not need the IMF permission to print your money. 

    Waa hawl mudo badan la soo karinayey. Farmaajo iyo Koocdaan hadaynasn iska Qaban dalku faraheenu ka bixi. 

    If you dont need imf then why didnt somalia print new currency notes for more then 30 years.inflation is so bad that 100 dollars is equal to 2 .5 million somali worthless shilling.if Nigel is gonna improve the situation i welcome it.i am sure if he head of Cbs was somali people will hate him for class reason waa reer hebel

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  4. 2 hours ago, maakhiri1 said:

    Australia also gave her asylum but their processs was not quick enough, Character/health check, would have taken more time, Canada is diff and plans to bring 1 million immigrants in 3  years.


    Government plans to welcome at least 350,000 new permanent residents every year until 2021


    Where to apply though

  5. 13 hours ago, Dalmar1 said:

    Adiga for a peasant from Bay iyo Bakool you talk as if your a man that has people of worth, sxb hurdada kagac, your Hero Robows clan  only had 4 mp seats in the SW Parliment while we have have 21Mps (iljeex have 2mps personally), and also that Baraawe Capital City of SW is under authority, well matter of fact whole S/Hoose is under us, so no matter how much Aflagaado iso tuurtid it will not change that fact.

    Below are Facts For Dreamers


    p.s Galmudug is thriving, the only obstacle it faces is farmaajo and as long we are in Mogadishu that farmaajo will be gone soon as.

    Whatare you doing here as illegal don't you have isbaaro to attend or granny to rape.iljeex is the main reason why somalia have been ruined.nobody trusts iljeex with mobile let alone position .

  6. i dont hate uae for guarding their interests.

    -keep turkey power in somalia weak.

    -keep somalia ports from becoming major  hub.

    does somalia have interest to safeguard or the dollar is our GOD.


    someone sold and signed somalia tertitorial water for 50,000 dollars to kenya ccc and abdishakur traitor guy the latter shakur  is living inside the country.20 milion somalida ahmala waayay hal nin oo qaarijiya and make his life miserable as future warning for traitors.

    we have sunk as society to the lowest

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  7. On 18/12/2017 at 3:32 AM, Holac said:

    Can anyone list and tell the gallery what crime Adbishakur and Umar Halwayste committed other than trying to impeach Farmaajo's government through normal democratic process?  So what if they criticize Farmaajo's government daily or organize "mooshin" for the parliament to bring down the government based on what they perceive as government's incompetence to run the country? What is wrong with attacking the government through the media and even being relentless in a peaceful process?


    We need to give up on the Siyadist mentality. This undemocratic arrest of opposition lawmakers is more than farcical. We don't need a new clan war. 

    they sold somalian sea to kenya for just 50,000 dollard.

  8. On 29/12/2017 at 7:14 PM, Holac said:

    I don't know how much of the 30 million is allocated for agency processing fee/service. But, if you take the $30 million projected revenue and give each of the original 18 regions of Somalia an equal amount, it is enough money to build city schools, roads and useful infrastructure every year. "Hawada" belongs to every village.


    What about money from all previous years? That is anywhere from $400 million to $810 million depending on how you do the back calculations, minus the fees. Is that money gone forever?

    ofcourse,it is gone for ever.that money had been used to PAY the salaries of UN employees servicening you as well as the job and abaalka wayn ee UN ka kuu gashay for managing your airspace  for 3 decades.nothing is free in this world.they would be glad for service u again for 1000 years with that salary.who wouldnt ?