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  1. maakhiri1 sxb tell the sweetest most delicious fish/kaluun to eat in the ramadan or overall.
  2. deal with your own problems,dont add other regions like galgaduud or hiiran what happened there was a fierce fight b/w two groups and not like the docile sheeps in gaashamo.
  3. what happened to "ethiopia are our brothers and somalia is our enemy" tantrum.
  4. when you have alshabab terrorists wreaking havoc on the civilians i think the gov is focusing too much on security but glad aid agencies are filling up the gap.
  6. i already gave warning about clicking on this video,my point was shabab want the same thing for somalia which we have to resist.
  7. welcome to the ISIS world and Alshabab,our youth need to stay away from the death squad. This is how they conduct bussiness Very Graphic View,not for the faint of heart
  8. somalia was always poor country but atleast it was beautiful,thanks to beesha H for destroying the little we had.
  9. salax you guys need to curb on your burco boys being used as suicide bombers,otherwise drastic action is needed.
  10. residents of boondhere in xamar can enjoy -free medical care for children and mothers. -free schools for children and adults including hostels and free meals. -free vocational skills. - indeed,with paved roads,construction of houses they are enjoying good standards of living.
  12. PEACE and stability is allowing Somalians to recieve Free medical services offered by Gov and Local private Hospitals. ilaahow shabaabka cadawga umada ka qabo oo nabada u diidan iyo iney nolol fiican helaan.
  13. it is becoming clearer Somaliland clan supports alshabab every way.
  14. what we have seen in iraq,syria and many other places is alshabab and like minded groups are not muslims at all for they rejoice in mass murder of muslims,bombing of schools and hospitals,might allah sent their dog members to hell-fire and usher a long period of peace for peace loving somalis.
  15. Argagaxisada alshabab oo lagu xasuuqay hiiraan,laga dilay 240+ ka badan kadib markii shacabka degaanka ay la shaqeeyeen laamaha amaanka,a major blow that will surely start the end of the terrorist anti-peace group shabab which has been declining and resorted to mass killing of civilians,suicide bombings and bombing of schools and hotels. latest pics from the battleground
  16. they turned islam into a murder sect,beheadings and bomb blasts.
  17. any evidence or just news reporting? we all know somali tabloids are such and such.
  18. with the help of local NGOS,Government institutions and other donars 3,000 People will benefit from free surgery for vision loss
  19. The biggest massacre of terrorirsts in recent history,a major blow also security forces conducted sweep operations to cleanse the remaining shabab out of baydhabo areas. Ciidamada xooggada dalka oo kaashanaya kuwa booliska gaarka ah ee Dowlad goboleedka Koonfur galbeed ee Soomaaliya ayaa howlgallo ka fuliyay deegaanka Buulo Jadiid oo qiyaastii 30 Km u jirta deegaanka Tiyegloow . Howlgalka ayaa waxaa lagu bur buriyay fariisin ay maleeshiyada Al-Shabaab ku lahaayeen deegaanka Buulo Jadiid, halkaaso oo loogu geystay qasaare isugu jirta dhimasho iyo dhaawac, iyadoo sidoo kale laga gubay gaadiid dagaal. Ilo wareedyo lagu kalsoonyahay ayaa ku soo waramay in maleeshiyada Al-Shabaab ay isaga baxeen deegaano kale oo hoos yimaada deegaanka Buulo Jadiid ee ay ciidamada xoogga dalka iyo kuwa booliska gaarka ah ka fuliyeen howlgalka. Dhawaan ayay ahayd markii Madaxweynaha Dowlad goboleedka Koonfurgalbeed ee Soomaaliya Mudane Shariif Xasan Sheekh Aadan uu shacabka ka codsaday inay xoojiyaan la shaqeynta laamaha amniga, maadaama ay bilaabayaan howlgallo ka dhan ah haraadiga Al-Shabaab.
  21. Video the locals are talking of ordeals,heaps of shabab corpses in hiiraan after their failure. 240+ shabab terminated in one single hour,a major moral,financial and material blow to the terrorists inside Somalia. Local sources