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  1. let me tell u what i want---coss hotstepper asked what kinda man, women want! * some1 that has religion, and that can also understand the joy of having a family. i hate somalimen that think the hard work is before marriage, and after they get married they can rest! hell no, that aint going to work with me, i still wanna be wined and dined and kids dont have to get in the way, we will stick them in an adveture-park. me and mr.right have to be independant from other people, i dont want his or my family influencing what goes on in our relationship, and he comes before my girls, and i come before his boys! * some1 that i can communicate with, talk freely about anything, and he feels and does the same. *some1 that i am physically attracted 2 *some1 that respects, and cares for me, (and that i respect and care about) *and as for the money, we will work somin out!
  2. Silent sistah Nice advice, but i still wonder would u be one of the notorious sisters who will label the brother "mr i know it all" once he opens his mouth, and starts talking about his never ending lifestory that's full of drama and has a note at the end that says "saga continues..." Are U sure at the end of the day u won't say "hey brother i kinda like u, but i think u should take the drama to u'r mama" loooolzzzz, honey, look at my name, i like to keep quite, it gives me time to analyse a persons character, the more the guy talks the more i learn, i like to hear the story from the time he was knee-high, right up to what he was doing 5minutes before the present! the only thing i dont wanna know is about his previous girls and how he got it on! (i think we should keep that part history!)
  3. waryaa rudy, xishood, dont call the odayaal. im still a young kiddow! i read alotta religious books, and i read somewhere that, the reasons that women cant b rulers is cause they simple are incapable!
  4. that gesaha riyaha (horns of the lambs) or was it xerta riyaha?
  5. sex is like a bank account, ones u withdraw, u loose interest! one very wise guy told me that long ago, and i tell it to all the girls! the reason i asked these Questions, is because u get guys saying they care, but how do i know when they are genuine? i know that im marriage material, coss aint no guy gonna get it easy, but ,,i just dont know if a guy is saying i love u , to me, and the rest of the female population, i really find it hard to trust a guy. dont get me wrong, i aint had no bad relationships,,,i just look at the way my friends and family play around and it makes me sick!
  6. SubhanAllah may Allah reward u brother! im the man that is dreaming and InshaAllah, i'll wake up, and repent, walaalo,,,,keep up the dacwa,,,,u are making me realise alot! i aint heard this story, MashaAllah it is truelly beautiful
  7. MashaAllah, and JzaakaAllah brother, that was like one of the best posts i have seen, may Allah reward u----Amiin
  8. u guys are haterz for real...... u all wanted me to show my feminist side and say women power? i dont think soo! well,,,,,i dont agree ....and y'all can disagree and fall asleep all u like,,,,,im just stating my opinion,,,, women can never rule and the world would be a disaster zone if they did!!!!
  9. hafsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! at last we meet, and as for this guy,,,i'll keep him in check,,,,anytime sis!
  10. u hear few stories that make it to the headlines,,,,,but u will never find true love in cyber-space! i mean i love the ppl i meet in here, but i dont plan on finding my future in here, if i cant find it in a real person, how my gonna trust an immage potrayed by God knows who, i love the personalities in here, but it takes more than just words to build a relationship. cyber-love is bullshit!
  11. Allah, tagane ....i just understood what u wrote,,,,lol,,,u nasty!
  12. i'm so terrible at this game, infact i never get it right but here are my feeble attempt geed roob ku da'ay (a tree after rain)? i know its wrong,,,and sorry bout my bad somali!!!
  13. Amiiin....and may Allah reward u waalaalo
  14. yeah,,,,,keep them coming @clown ,,,and the sister with the nice tits!
  15. ninyoow chill on the dirty stuf,,,,or stick a sign up saying X-rated-totally dirty jokes! Akhaaas!
  16. looooooooooooooolzzzz
  17. silent-sistah


    waryaa,,,,,,waan isku kaajii with all your jokes,,,,,where do u get this stuff? excuse my still practicing ,,,(and hope waryaa does not offened u)
  18. hey.,,,,,,how can u ppl hate on swahili's they baught out the lion king--u know simba, mufasa, and zaazuu? let me sing the song!! "Akuna matata, its a wonderful phrase, it means no worries, for the rest of your days, its all problem free, a philosophy, Akuna matata akuna matata? yes! its our motto! whats a motto? i dont know, what's the matter with u kid? take pumba for example.....when he was a young wothogg, his life came to an appeal, every1 hit the road, after he ate a meal. he was hurt,,,,," i cant remember the rest,,,,finish the song off some1 im feeling childish 2night!
  19. silent-sistah


    yeah,,,thats all i know waan kubaryaa waan ku tugaa garka ayaan ku haystaa my somali is terrible!!!!!!!
  20. clown and his girl, (aint met the girl,,,but clown is funny) nuune, nice brother shayhem, i like you to sijui, cool brother O_G motti, makes me laugh and O_G girl, thinks like me muslim sister, MashaAllah (cant say nothing else) deadly vision, makes me cry and reaches my heart with his poetry complex-mind, ,,like her way of thinking poetic-guy(cant remember his name),,,, nice lines. pixie,,,,different views to me , but i like her expressions and the rest of u, u make this place what it is,,,,thanx for the great wlcm,,,,and i feel comfortable talking to u guys,,, im serious about the group hug!!!!
  21. group hug, i feel soo left out!
  22. hey,,,i get the brother, it think, he is condeming all forms of terorisim, eg suicidal bombings. Islaam does not support it, and nor should we , but some how somalians seem to get happy at the fact that innocent ppl die. if i got you wrong brother ,,,let me know!
  23. i would open up an orphanage and adopt all the neglected kids of the wrold,,,,,, well all those under the age of 7, over 7 u cant really form a bond with, and they aint gonna listen, their lifes been ruined and u cant really change them much. Under 7, u can still influence them and form a bond with them, u cant prevent them going through hard times and u can make a difference i would adopt them all......give me yours if u fed up!!!
  24. walaalo....i couldnt agree more, u know how somali's are always recognised as somali's no matter what they wear, do or act, well soon as some1 picks up on the fact that you are a somali, they instantly know u is a muslim. (aint no christian in the somali nation(well exept some westernized fools) people dont read the books for examples of Islaam, they look at the followers of Islaam, we are an example to people, and we should act the way we are supposed to act, we should become stronger muslims and we should attract people to Islaam rather than drive them away from it. we are lucky because we are born muslims, we should thank Allah for blessing us, and we should worship Him the way he has prescribed. deadly-vision..... MashaAllah walaalo, nice topic and thanx for the reminder. the jews used to worship Allah, then the ppl started straying. the knowledgable ones warned ppl and reminded them of their Lord. when the ppl did not listen, the knowledgable gave up preaching and joined those that disobayed Allah. All jews are now cursed and will end up in Naar! lets not play their game and get their fate, we should not join them, we should beat them and b stronger.