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  1. Hello since it was suggested to try to bring old topics back i thought i would start with mine. Hopefully the newcomers would add more information or opinions to this. Ta ta
  2. First of all, i did not like you equating america with somali people increase in sexual activity or sexual frustration. Second i think what these western countries has done is put "sexuality" or "sex" for others in the forfront. Meaning that people back in somali had "hormonal rages" as it is part of life but because not everyone talked about body changes or it was not discussed on media 24/7, it was easier for people to ignore. Society(back in somali) did not distinguish between "sexual desires" and "having sex" So generation after generation wasn't taught the difference that one is a natural process of growing up but that other one must think before getting engaged in it and why not to engage in "sex". And i don't mean only religious reason, how many of us do things we know it is wrong but do it anyways, because "hell" punishment has only been a conceptual concept. But people should be given relative facts and reasons that is prognant to our lives in this time and world. So young people come to western nation and are exposed to "sex" and because they haven't been taught how reason and make intelligent decision as opposed to "don't this or that because it's haraam" or "as long as no one knows in community one can get away with it" mentalities, they sin. So our next generation needs to understand behind the logic and reasons of Islamic teaching in regards to "Sex" so that they can compact sexual temptation and make good concious decisions.
  3. it's sort of weird to see this topic here, because my sister, who has been a member in SOL for long time, has quit posting in this place because most of people she noticed here weren't being real and writing contraditory stuffs at each different topic. I believe that this website and it's members has set it up in a ways where certain individualities are not accepted and makes others act in outragous manners as to achieve notoriaty or acceptance. One harvest what one plants.
  4. To me what's interesting is that in order for all of you guyz to have to think about a country that start with "D" all of you had to end up with number 4 from your calculations. Does that mean all of you choose the same number to begin with or just means that this test was rigged and results therefore aren't conclusive?
  5. Thank you everyone for welcoming me and your responses were great. I do know that it is xaaram to give he/she your surname. The reason I decided to post this topic was because it's been one of my desire. I love kids,I would hate to see a child suffer through life when I can help them. I am so glad that a lot of you feel that, and I also understand those who wouldn't adopt a child. But Thank you all for thinking about this topic hard and long to post your opinions. This is a great welcome to SOL. "YOU MUST BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD"
  6. Have you guys thought about adopting a kid or more!!You have to give them your last name. But love them, take care of them. It's like helping someone through life. We all have seeing video's from Somalia where millions of kids are dying each day. "YOU MUST BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD."
  7. well,I like the way you think. It's about time when women proposed to men instead of the usually way. I think that you have a great ability to write a story, and I hope that you keep them coming. I enjoyed both parts of the story, I can't wait for what you will came up with next. GREAT romance story, I can see that you have been reading romance books for many years. "YOU MUST BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD."
  8. Originally posted by La Morenita: Cushtic_Cutie you are one funny girl walahi im laughing my azz of But I wanna know why would a lebanese brother and sister care about who somalis fight with and how they act when they come to north america? Did you get into a fight with somalis or are you just making observations? Im curious and still laughing "when you see my posts close your eyes" lol