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  1. walaahi that is all soo true,,, i mean ,,an old lady said " my daughter has finished university and is going to college" people from the UK will automatically understand what is wrong with that statement. for the other,,,,,,u leave college then go to uni, after uni, u get employed. somali's are bussy tryna show off! simple it is all faaan, "my daughter is a doctor, (she is really under-qualified nurse) what is yours?"
  2. u can never get married without your parents knowing,,,coss it is plain haraam! i mean, u have to have your families permission to get married, if you dont get thier permission ayour marriage is invalid and should you have 'sex' you would b commiting a sin in the eyes of Allah! if you really wanna get married, get your parents permission, if they dont give it, ask them for the reason, take the reason to a shiekh and see if that is a valid reason for them to refuse! my daughter has to finish her studies is not a valid reason. if you are saying your parents will b disappointed,,,,wont they b more disappointed in a wedding that is haraam that you did not even bother to ask them about? please Allah, then yourself, then your parents, they might not b happy initially, but they will come round once you show your knowledge of the deen and you show that you value their opinion...pick up a view Ahadiths ,that support early marriage! and best luck!
  3. im hugging my computer screen.......what am i telling u???? define my hug!
  4. loooool...she said it soo well @clown.....waar marry Hafsa,,,b4 they marry you off!!!!
  5. wait ....wait ....wait,,,, how can she love him and then give him aids???? how can she watch him die ,,and b happy???? u are sick ,,,,,,and so is your friend,,,,and you will get your punishment! !!i just finished reading the long, boring story!!! May Allah protect us from the sick people in this world, from the shaydaan and the evil jinns------Amiiiin!
  6. lol....that was the longest,,,,and most bring story i ever read,,, however ,,i beleive that this girl is telling the truth about her and her friends plot,,,,she kept confusing her words,i guess she was thinking faster than she was writing. well,,,,,Acudu billah and if u did do such a thing,,,you will b judged by Allah for your sins and the guys that sleep around will b judged for theirs, it is not your job or right to judge or punish our muslim brothers that sleep around that is the job of Allah!!! sister,,,,repent to Allah may Allah protect us in this Dunya and in Akhira---Amiin
  7. you want the difference between, i love u & im in love with u . well,,,,im in love with you is:] * i love 100% of you , *the desire is stronger than just a plain 'i love u', *to b in love with some1,,,is a more sexual than to just love some1 ,,, i could say i love my goldfish, but i cant say im in love with my goldfish,, i love my brother , but im not in love with him. hope you get my drift! thats just my opinion!!
  8. u wlcm anytime bruv,,,,and the next person that discriminates,,,,,just ask them to proof they more somalian than u ,,,i mean we all got different ways of speaking somali, so, if they from the north, (just to piss them off) say original somali's are from the south, and vise-versa,,,or send them in my direction and ill teach them a lesson!
  9. good looking somalis oo aan balwad lahayn laakiin i 4got that from my list!!! well guys chill,.,,,u all taking it a lil too serious...i aint depressed over the fact that there is a lack of real men in this world. clown sure!!,,,,but remeber your taken.
  10. hey,,,, complex ,,,,,dont try it,,,,,,im deadly's biggest newer and bigger!!! hehehe,,,,u joined a day or 2 b4 moi. @deadly MashaAllah...may Allah increase your talent ,,,,but i have to say,,,u move me more when you write the depressing, yet so very true, war stuff.
  11. psycho-sue alaaah, physco,,,sis,,,come-on....u didnt have to burst their bubble like that, some of us are you unique, and someof us would do anything to establish uniqueness. well im plain common...and proud like many! and yes it is true,,,,no matter what number you pick between 1-10,,,,you will always end up with 4,, hey pscho....try the pschology test,,,,it some where in here posted by well it will see if you think like a psycho!! gentleman ooh...and the guy that put up the other questions....i tried it ...and cuzz i havent had my birthday yet this year,,,well the calculations didnt work,,,i ended up with -1231...explain!!!!! opinionated loooool @sixiir and black magic!! u joka...its not ....its just that the first part is rigged,,,(u laways end with 4) and most of us find it easer to think of *denmark (country starting with d) *kagaroo (animal starting with K) *orange (fruit starting with o) the objective is that u do it in a hurry , and dont spend your time thinking about being unique and coming out with wierd coutries and fruits.
  12. well somalian are naturally sturban, and hate to admit they in the wrong, if they see it as a social issue they will never let go of their bad habit. however, the only weapon that controlls a somalian is Islaam, try and guide them on Allah's path--and May Allah make it easy 4u---Amiin Many reverts to Islaam (those that became muslims) who had drug addictions have given it up for the sake of safeguarding their religion, it is hard but not impposible, dont give up on them, keep advising them...InshaAllah
  13. oooh,,,,i 4got ,,,,,pray to Allah ..InshaAllah
  14. well ,here are a few sugestions: 1- get him beaten up bigtime 2-kidnap him, tie him up, blindfold him, take him to a forest, and leave him stranded in the middle of nowhere after humiliating him (get his clothes and shoes off, and leave him cold with only his pants on (u dont wanna c whats under there!) 3- say you gonna go out with him, basbaas kuluul indhaha kaga shuub! 4-say u will give him a chance see his reaction. some Psychopaths just like the chase, and loose intrests soon after 5- if he doesnt loose intrest, well tell him to prove his love, and ask for the most expensive presents, lacaagtaa ka damee (and u dont have to give him nothing in return, coss u just doing him a favour and use the shaaraaftayda line if tries anything) 6- take him on a pik-nik and feed him xaar, with miliix and xawaash (hopefully he will dump u on your 'lack of cooking skills' well if non-of the above work,,,,leave the city and live with your parents, dont b alone! , , , , , , , , and if u cant/wont try the above, well i hope they atleast took your mind off him for a lil while, if a friend cant help, they should at least make u 4get and smile! Hope I made u smile!
  15. i say,,, parents, the are the primary influence on a person. they are the first bonds that a child makes, they are the first faces, voices and actors that a child learns from. "Robertson- he believed that a child separated from its carers would display the following symptoms: 1. Distress- the child will become angry and throw tantrums. 2. Despair- loss of hope. 3. Detached- emotionally detached Bowlby- he believed that a child forms its bonds early in life and if the bond is broken or not developed, the child will grow up to become a juvenile delinquent." environment/society well this has a major influence, it is the childs secondary influence, here a child learns information that either supports or contradicts what their parents taught them, if the child follows, the new ideas, the are said to be deviant from their primary influences. if the child develops a personality that is wierd to society, they are said to be deviating from the 'norm' well every psychological theorist speaks a bit of trueth, Allah has made us complex beings, and not 1 analysis is going to define us. major life events , eg. death of a loved one, natural disaster,,,,,ect ,,,these change a person and influence the way they act and react to different situations. different things influence different people, and we all react different to different situations. my family has not had the same impact on me and my sister, nor has my enviroment, or the life events that we have seen. we ate the same food, had the same friends, went to the same schools, yet, we are different, both in character and looks...Alhamdulillah...Allah made us unique!
  16. loollzzz,,,,walaahi ,,,sister,,u made me laugh, 1stly , i aint been to no club for years, and i been like 4 times in ma life, thats a lot and i ask Allah to 4give me. InshaAllah 2ndly i aint looking at the moment to settle down, but the guys that aproach me, i stick in one of these catagories and refuse them! personaly, i dont know what i want, and i aint gonna play g/friend and give a guy false hope, im simple, either imma marry u or i dont wanna know u. the best guys are ma friends, and ma family, and walaahi, i put them into them catagories aswell! and remember, if the guy is taken--he was good, but some1 got him 1st, same as the engaged and unavailable. dont hate me, my silence helps me observe and see more than others.
  17. lolllzzzzz.... walaahi u are a joker, i guess like me they thought the 5th floor would read: " talk, dark, handsome, and sensitive"
  18. u know what,,,,,im thinking of useing that just a shame somali guys cant take it serious... imma e-mail it and see how they react, well of course ,,,imma change the name and the dates
  19. MashaAllah you guys are more jokes than the actual experiment,,,,, remember it is 2% of the world population... so i guess, the majority of somali's are the minority in this quiz
  20. Men are like toilets; they are either: engaged, taken, unavailable,out of order, taking the piss, or just full of shiit. then again,, they are: too old, too young, too ciyaal suug,too religious, not commiting ,too comitted. tell me , where are the guys in between? why is a hard to find one that is non of the above?
  21. thank you all for the warm welcome, shujui,,yes im enjoying it and i have worked fast...look im a normad already! hehehe well,,,,tell me 1 more thing,,,,how do i cancel/stop/delete this topic,,,coss i've recieved all the help that i need. thanx walaaloyaal!
  22. MashaAllah sister, thats was beautfully explained,and researched, and it an issue that we really do face. May Allah reward you for your efforts----Amiin
  23. you3,, hello walaalo,,,and wlcm...i had a nice and warm welcoming , and i hope you enjoy this as much as me
  24. O_G..miskiin....come let me kiss it better! well, i wear a hijaab (masaar), so i really dont get any of them jokes, most guys find me intimidating and once they become ma friends and they get past my barriar, they tell me how much they used to fear approaching me. (not suprisingly i have alot of ajinebi male friends,, compared to somalians) i aint had them cheesy lines, but the one that i have had, and i just blush and wait six days to say no is.. "walaalo, are you looking for marriage, i really like you and think that i could b part of your future, can you give me a chance and get to know me,,,,please dont b angry or get offended, im serious" ok it aint really a chat up line....its a proposal,, but its just as bad, cheesy and imbarrassing.