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  1. No believing person should ever sympathise with god-hating, morally corrupted and mentally retarded psycho. He was one of the worst atheist set foot on this earth, because he did not only denied the existence of God, but he cursed God and enriched himself through his defamation of God. In fact, he derived a great deal of satisfaction from cursing and lambasting the fundamental principles of Islam.I believe it is Allah's blessing that we have "death" because it is the great equalizer and it eradicates those who challenge Allah's might.
  2. Its an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth. They killed three of our beloved pirate brothers, it time for them to pay the price.
  3. Al-hamdullilah, The greatest gift is being moslem. God created life and mandated death, and death is not the end of life, it is only the transition period of the life of this world, to the hereafter life. In Islam, life has a beginning, but it does not have an end.
  4. Chrystal Lear: Dear sister, Your turn off list is growing rapidly day-by-day. No wonder why you still remain single! If you want to settle down quick with decent Haji, it would be in your best interest to trim that list so as to expand your options. The world is never perfect and every haji has his imperfections. So good luck.
  5. My take on corruption and civilization is that at the end of the day, what goes around, comes around, and what rises also falls after a period of time. Allah created life and mandated death. Everything in the world, be it nature, or man made has limit and an expiration date. Despots around the world are acutely aware if death does not over take them, something beyond their power and imagination will bring their reign to swift and decisive end. Mubarak never thought that he would see the end of his rule, but it was just a matter of time. The revolution has started, but multi-million question is where does it end, and whose gonna stop it?.
  6. Fire her immediately, or you will be on her headline news the next day discussing your "little friend" as you put it.
  7. A - Al-Shabaab kills and maims people with its own weapons B - TFG uses mercenaries, foreign security agents, and AMISOM to kill and destroy innocent lives. A - is the most demonized group. it has no international legitimacy to kill at will and it is branded as terrorists. B - is accorded with the right and legitimacy to kill and maim innocent lives at will by the international community. Who do yo pick?
  8. Masha allah. At the end of the day it really doesn't matter whether the interviewer is Al-shabaab or not. This man is living in a Moslem country. And he is in hid mid 40s. The five article of Islam and the six pillars of Imaan is the most basic and elementary knowledge every believing moslem should know. If you are at the age, and you live in a moslem country with a moslem society and you die like this...Subhann laah" only allah know what his fate would be. I think is man is very, very and very lucky to have encountered this man. Because know it is incumbent upon this interviewer to educate this man about his religion. At the end of the day, your Camel or your herds won't get you to paradise, it's your deeds, and without sound knowledge one can never earn good deeds.
  9. Abdi.. Politics is the art of deception. Its the art of mastering lie, deception,treachery, insincerity, falsehood, hypocrisy, and double-dealing. It is the source of all evil. There is no such thing as good diplomacy. When we equate diplomacy with goodness is when combine falsehood with truth in a peaceful manner. Puntland leaders are learning the laws of modern politics. Once you enter the political environment of punt-land you bet your life and put yourself at the mercy of your opponent.
  10. Masha Allah, this is beautiful way of giving Da'awa. The path to paradise is right in front of us; may allah make it easy for us to see it. There are Dua'as that are every small in weight when uttering through our tongue, but its weight in allah's sight is immense.
  11. Those who support Secular system -- before you advocate secularism you need to think hard about the concept you are advocating. Secularism means the total eradication of God's divine law from our way of life. Before you start preaching about secularism tell us what secularism has done for humanity other than the trail of destruction it has left almost every corner of the globe. The world is in diabolical state of affair because of secularism.
  12. I feel sorry for Al-shabaab, they are the scape goat for all political mishaps. Puntland leaders should carefully watch out their political stunts for it may hunt them back. That said I'm not here to praise Al-shabaab or its ideology in any shape or form. But, frankly speaking, I'm a realist and I have pragmatic approach to politics. In all seriousness, Al-shabaab is real and it is a formidable power that Somali's of all political persuasions need to reckon with. We cannot brush aside Al-shabaab's existence and it ability to strike at will. At some point local politicians will need to face the new reality that al-shabaab presents. Puntland needs to develop its own political framework and puntland made shabaab policy. Al-shabaab can not be destroyed, but it can be contained. AL-shabaab leaders are acutely aware about the potential perils of war with Puntland - they are wise enough to avoid another miscalculated military adventure .
  13. The chasm of the sex-ratio in our community is continuously widening. And there are no easy solutions. The numbers are staggering and unless our sisters make difficult choices they are doomed to single life. Realistically speaking, there is no creative formula for this type of problem. It is a unique problem that extends from individual source to social realm. It is the type of problems that germinates from dreadful personal decision before it morphs into monumental social problem. The amazing thing about this unique personal and social problem is that we have always had a viable remedy; but sadly, it is remedy that is scorned time and time again by many of our sisters. It is the practice of polygamy. Desperate moments require desperate measures, If we genuinely want to turn things around, we need to give a serious thought about adopting polygamy in our diaspora communities. The choice is stark and inescapable: you either choose to share, or live single life until you reach your expiration date. The choice is yours girls. Keep one thing in mind though, the choices and the decisions you make today will ultimately shape your future. Don't be a dreamer, be a realist, for it will do you good in the long term.
  14. I'm not anti-women, but the increasing trend of women reaching the highest levels of power and authority presages the impending D-Day that we have been forewarned by our beloved Prophet Mohamed (scw).
  15. Do we have a culture? is this a legitimate question and does it deserve an answer! Philosophically speaking, I think this is a loaded question, but it is also question that merits serious attention for some of us might be unfamiliar with exactly what culture is. Personally, I think the first task for all of us is to arrive at a consensus conceptualization of what culture is. how do we define culture in somali context. Is there a universal interpretation of culture? and what are the historical force that shape our modern somali culture? what do we attribute to culture? and how do we separate culture from our religious believes? we know for a fact that our so called somali culture consists some cultural practices that are inconsistent and incompatible with our religious mandates? Of course, without an afterthought, we are required to forsake cultural practices that are incompatible with our belief , for our belief is of a paramount importance to all faithful believers. That said, we are permitted to continue exercising the cultural practices that compliment our religious way of life. As a devout Moslem, culture is just another social dimension that evolves and changes with time. It is adopted and abandoned at will. Culture to me has a multidimensional feathers - some grow and some diminish overtime . But above all, My religion, and my unwavering faith and trust in Allah supersedes everything else that governs my way of life. Hence culture is of secondary importance to me.