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  1. Originally posted by Siman: it perfectly applies to SOMALIS not African Americans! WHO YOU THINK THAT APPLIES TO?? SOMALIS, am I right? i couldn't agree you more. to be perfectly honest with you, if Somali folks were not selfish,greedy and dishonest don't you think Somalia would've had a Goverment by now. why are we still killing each other? why are we still deceiving each other? why are we still running all over the place? for me this letter perfectly applies to us yeah SOMALI PPL.
  2. i have no clue why we are all so weak,lazy and most of all ignorant! it hurts to be a SOMALI MALE!
  3. as far as i'm concerned i think i'd be glad to be over than under! i've been underweight for all my life but since i came to america i think i liked my body even better coz these western girls are crazy about a guy with a 6 pack so being naturally skinny and pumping weight got me looking like..... i'll leave that to your imagination....LOL. so for me i wouldn't mind being a bit over! so that i'd see how the other half feels! .
  4. Originally posted by Paltalk: [QB] TO: I do agree with you to certain degree, Yes you are 100%, that we brought Saddam into power. but when we brought him to power, he was a great leader,that we thought he would heal the wonds of Iraqi people, and he would turn his country into properouse.But all of sudden he turned to Evil, Invading, Iran, Kuwait, Killing his own nationals. what do you mean by "WE" are you for real? are you that desprate for an attention? i ain't mad at you but i don't envy you either but i wonder what would your parents say if i knew you talk like this? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa!!
  5. PALTALK, even worse nick than mine, talk is cheap and quit lookin' for a ratin' in this thread and be a real! what have you done for America? did you go to a war for America? did you help America get richer? did you fought against crime in america? when you do all of these things and many many more then come back to me and we will have a nice chat about what it means to be an american is all about not a wanna be!
  8. Originally posted by Shyhem: [,METTALLICA.........I got invited to a such concert by my classmate and i said nope... a brother doesn't like to be in the 10:00 o'oclock news coz some sick whites guys dragged his body in a pick up,!LOOOOOOOL. . Come on, it's not that bad to go to a Rock concert! i've been to a couple of them but strictly for the free bootie nothing else! you should try to go the farewell tour of OZZY OSBOURNE! .
  9. 10 Things Men Won't Say 1-Sex is overrated. 2-I don't want to go too far on the first date. 3-Yes, I did notice your sister's breasts are bigger than yours. 4-There is nothing I like better than crawling into bed with a good book. 5-I'm glad I don't have a large pen!s. 6-My hips are too big. 7-Aw, can't we watch Oprah? 8-Does this suit make me look fat? 9-I'll never get tired listening to Celine Dion. 10-Your Friend looks sexy!