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  1. Amiiiin, may Allah have mercy on her. and may Allah protect us all, living alone aint bad, as long as u stay in touch with your family,friends and community (somalian and other) i dont mingle with mali's, but walahi, every step i take is reported to ma family.
  2. lolzzzzzzzz, i fell for every lil trick u put up!
  3. there is no place like home.......for me thats the UK,,,,but i might go to Holland or another europian country,,,,,if not ,,,,im happy with the Uk!
  4. ok,,,guy, im all for learning the somali ways, and gogaalaysi is a big part and a great game they play, soo y dont u list the ones that u know;; please!!!!!!!!
  5.,,,,,,u got it right,,,but that was my imaginary family! here is the real 1, lol 4get it,,,,,u passed and did your home work!
  6. guys,,,this is serious,,,and also personal. the other day my friend went to do her height, weight and body mass, well, they told her that for her hieght she's 2stones under weight. i've known her long, she aint aneraxic, and she looks normal but 2 stones over-weight doesnt sound as bad as 2 stones under-weight,,,,this has freaked me out! if you had to choose to be under or over,,,,what would you choose? which is better and y?
  7. note2self: daahirso and pray note2self:eat!!!! note2self:get out the UK,,before ma auntie arrives! note2self:eat!!!! note2self:stop wasting soo much time on SOL! note2self:eat!!!!
  8. lets have a group hug! im feeling love in this room!
  9. i totally agree 100% with the girl above me on the solutions. fear Allah wherever you and remember that pre-maritial sex is haraam and Allah is all-seeing, all-hearing, and He is watching you i mean, didnt u guys ever hear the hadith, of the black ant, on a black stone in a black night? ..Allah can see it!!!!!
  10. somali...waryaaa,,lol,,,,u sick git! uuf ,,,guys and their nasty minds!!!
  11. SOUL....that soo well said,, and its true, if he is the right guy, and he is here to day, he will be here 2morrow. pray to Allah and b patient sis. parents might seem as though they make rules without reason, but trust me , they have your best interest at heart, they know what is best, so listen to them!
  12. i talk to my male friends and cousins and when i see them with a nice girl, i ask ,,,ooh is it serious?...and they would say noo she is *some-one to pass time with *marriage material, *she is obsessed with me so im just giving her a chance, *i wouldnt marry her, i already slept with her, *i heard she is good in bed, and im trying her out, *she is not really my type, *i can do better than her. well if u guys think like this, i would like to know,,,,, how we meant know that u love us when u say u do? how are we meant to know we aint being played and wasting our time? and y are you with a girl, if u aint planning to stay with her? ooh and any girls that do this to guys,,,,ansa me aswell!!! (i seriously feel that i cant trust a guy)
  13. O_G..LOL CLOWN,,,,anytime...dont do ma sister wrong! raywaana,,, the typical shiekh guy: *works 5 days a week, *goes mosque after work, *goes mosque on sundays- then visits famillies *goes mosque on saturdays- then plays football remind me y we was in a relationship? so i can sit home with 6 kids (shiekhs love making kids)!
  14. Ya Allah. Ya Rahmaan, Ya Rahiim, Ya Malik , Ya gudoos, Ya salaam...ooh Allah have mercy on me for you are the most merciful, Allah help me out and i will b the best muslim i can be, Allah help me and i will stop playing with my prayers, Allah give me a chance, Yaa Allah soon as i sence trouble i think of Allah, i know that no1 else can help me like Him. ooh, and when going home and i fear getting into trouble,,i would say hasbunaAllahi wanimal wakiin over and over and over again, it has always worked and Allah has always come through for me. Alhamdulillah
  15. well,,,,make it 2 of us, the zab wlcm thing, i think u celebrating becoming a normad,,,,,iguu daar partiga dee ninyow.
  16. modest,,,,MashaAllah,,,,thanx sis,,,i'll remember that and complex ..jazakAllah sis
  17. nuuuuuuuuuune,,,,,my ansa was 18 and im still waiting for your reply walaalo!!!!!!!!!
  18. well,,,,to be honest,,,,if i died ,,,i know they will cry, but i dont think i would really be missed by those that matter--my mother and real brothers and sister because,,,,i dont know them, never met them, and only spoke to my mother twice/three times on the phone, and that was like 2 years a go. the only person that will really miss me is ma lil sister surraiya (my aunties daughter) we where baught up 2gether, went through thick and thin 2gether, and even though her somalian ass is being burned somwhere in Yemen, i wish she could find the time to read this and know i love her! hey,,,Surraiya,,,i know u come online,,,just incase u happen to check out this site and this topic,,,muuuah, u the best!!!
  19. hey, all i know are: deqdeer diin iyo dacawoo [ B]xabaar dugaag[/b] (when all the animals got together?) suul xawro
  20. kow, jow, tow, abow, what else can i add to my limited somali vocabe?. in fact i think i just made that all up because of libaax anyways, i wouldnt mind seeing the old topics, as i never had my say,,,,i'd like to put my finger print,,,so bring them back, ooh,,,,and i know it stimulates my brain-cells to read somali...but please,,,keep it simple,,,dont use words u guys read from the dictionary!
  21. nuune,,,,,well that was a long time ago, then a friend told me that a bee can sting u even after u kill it, well now, i see a bee and i run!!! and asfore the heartless guy b4me ....well what can i say ,,heartless is an understatement, because, its not the fact the chicken died, its the way in which it died, cruelty to xayawaan is xaraam!!!!
  22. listen ,,, we talk to work things out, we talk to releif our stress, we talk to show love, we talk to here your views, we talk to show our views, we talk to understand that which we dont, we talk to show understanding, we talk to pass time, we talk to express we content, we talk to express anger, we talk to express pleasure, we talk to express we depressed, we talk, we talk, we talk, we talk, we talk to show we care, the day we stop talking, we stopped caring! we talk to u so we could hear u talk back!!
  23. please hit the gym,,,, and please dont work out the top half and forget the bottom, i hate brothers that go gym, and end up with a big chest and no legs, work the whole body.a guy has to look attractive. well to be totally honest most of us somali girls would end up with a somali guy, so wether your skinny or fat is not an issue, its how you carry yourself, and the way u handle your bizz.
  24. hey,,,, CHICKEN ABUSER I want a mac...coss u nearly mad me cry!!! well,,,,the times i cried are uncountable, infact i wanna cry thinking about them, the most memorable and the 1 i cried the most: 1- when my grandad died. i left him when i was 3 in somlia, he didnt want me to go, and i remember him more than i remember my own parents. infact i only remember him out of all my family. well,,,,i locked ma self in the toilet for 3 hours and cried. me and my sister used to share a room, and nearly everynight i used to cry (i felt that i should have stayed with him) my sister used to sometimes ask if i was crying and i used to fake being asleep, and other times i knew she was awake, but she used to let me cry and not interupt. when my dad died, i cried for 5mins, i remember feeling quilty and Questioning my love for him, but then i dont remember him, just what ppl tell me about him(and that thought makes me cry). i would cry now, because i dont want another member of my family(especially my mother) to pass away without me seeing them. and i get this feeling that i won't meet my mother. if your Question was the time i cried for an animal, well, i was 5/6, in london, well, i killed a bumble-bee by accident,i cried, i burried it, and i cried some more, my sister helped me burry it.