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  1. rudy: we don't "like" islam coz of maids bro. The girl was just giving an example of a twisted point. ya heard?
  2. Girls. Stop it. You think god only created good looking women? Please, I dump three of you every day. If you haven't met the right one then keep looking and stop making fun of others.
  3. Damn that's so true. Every point applies. I try my best to take my little nephews out and teach them how to play....I mean really play outside. What's this topic doing in the women's section though? :confused:
  4. Whow people,,,,,hold on to your hormones there! It must be the hot weather that's got ya'll excited.
  5. lol. yeah poor jaamac thought he was gonna get promoted hehe
  6. 2real


    OG-Girl, dayouth in arabic = dayuus in Somali. Same meaning too. Haven't you heard some one say dayuus yaho ever? By the way peeps, I used to have a partner that used to get turned on whenever I got jealous!!!!
  7. I agree with Shujui-1 But I'd like to add that commitment leads to marriage and marriage leads to parent hood. What scares me the most is being a father. Once you become a father there's no turning back. You will have kids that are totally dependent on you. No more travelling by yourself on vacations, you can't quit work just coz "you don't like it" anymore because you have responsibilities.
  8. THE PERFECT EMPLOYEE! 1 Jaamac Abdule, my assistant programmer, can always be found 2 hard at work at his desk. He works independently, without 3 wasting company time talking to colleagues. Jaamac never 4 thinks twice about assisting fellow employees, and always 5 finishes given assignments on time. Often he takes extended 6 measures to complete his work, sometimes skipping coffee 7 breaks. Jaamac is a dedicated individual who has absolutely no 8 vanity in spite of his high accomplishments and profound 9 knowledge in his field. I firmly believe that Jaamac can be 10 classed as an asset employee, the type which cannot be 11 dispensed with. Consequently, I duly recommend that Jaamac be 12 promoted to executive management, and a proposal will be 13 executed as soon as possible. Addendum: That immigrant was standing over my shoulder while I wrote the report sent to you earlier today. Kindly re-read only the odd numbered lines.
  9. shyhem, you're talking about the Ambassador bridge? LOL! I cross that bridge every damn day to go to work. Next time you're trying to sneak into canada just mention my name "2real" and they'll hook you up. I'm a scarbarian maself. An eastsider. Eventhough they renamed Scarborough as Sarsborough these dayz....me no like dat!
  10. I guess this did not work out to be an exclusive "male only" thread afterall. Aint that what the title says?
  11. Good question! I guess my biggest fear would be to fall in luv with someone that doesn't luv me. That happens alot to people and judging by what I've seen, it's not a very nice experience na/mean.
  12. hahaha, yalahwee she goes!! I love it when i go home coz they always rent musalsalaat masriya on video tapes and I end up glued to the TV all the time.
  13. I really don't see all this fascination about having kids!! Don't you know that this "kid" is gonna grow out of his/her cuteness and become an adult some day? And eventually be tested for what good and bad he/she did? Don't you know that every human being you bring into this world has a very good chance(jugding by today's numbers) of being burned in Jahanam? I say minimize the number of kids you have so that you would be able to pay enough attention to raise them under the shade of Islam and guide each and every one of them to be admitted to Janantul Na'iim. The more kids you have, the less chance you'll have in doing that. Man, I come from a family of 9!! And I'm the youngest. So I ended up being raised by my older brothers and sisters rather than my parents. Wake up my somali brotheren, and stop having so many kids.
  14. 5. She says.... hey meet my friend, he is new in town, i will have to show him around so our date this weekend is canceled is that ok babe? bro I'll do more than just give him a "look". I would kill him and let her tell stories about it. And ofcourse, slap her unconcious. It's not that I'm a sour loser,,,,,I just don't like to be disrespected. If it's over then the girl should say it to my face. Besides, I believe no respectful man should go after a taken girl. If that rule was ever followed, you would've seen a serious reduction of murders all around the world. This is an all "guy" thread right? :rolleyes:
  15. I didn't get to talk to your friend LadyFatima but that song she quoted took me back memory lanes! I'll quote another line from that same boodheri song "inu yahay bir caashaqu been ban u haystay"...I never understood that until I grew up & found out!!!