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  1. What happened to them being an independent country, LOL
  2. Maaddeey;842515 wrote: ^ Be my guest, but which police?, the I am a member of?. Just keep it up but don't be surprised when the police start knocking on your door
  3. Maaddeey, we will give your details to the police.
  4. Yeah just keep supporting them like you support the Somaliland myth
  5. Xaaji Xunjuf;683001 wrote: Timur but TFG can also never defeat Alshabaab wether they control the port the airport and Vila Somalia Keep dreaming HATER Lol Victorious TFG
  6. Xaaji Xunjuf;837527 wrote: its the news galia its not me u should contact mr Yariisoow The news also reads this: Somaliland still has no recognition from anybody LOL