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  1. Oh my days! It's been so long since I logged on here. I think last I logged in was like last year! Selayahai mala faya? What's new with you all? Hope u all been in good health n happy.
  2. You wanna know what's awkward heading to the showers after a swim and seeing all these asian hairy women standing there showering. Nightmare! They bring all their soaps/shampoos..Duh! It's just for a rinse not take a freaking bath. :rolleyes: Awkward +vent (edit: with swim clothes on, I don't want anyone thinking people shower all naked).
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    Showqi thanks a lot for that link. It was quite useful. Redsea yea its red has a soft sandy texture to it.
  4. Haatu this guy is hella dodgy. He pretends to b a chick. I think thats totally crazy.
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    InshaAllah I hope you've all been well. Can those of you who are familiar with 'Diinsi' please tell me the uses/benefits of this Somali medical herb and the English name for it? Tnx
  6. MashaAllah Congratulations Zeynab:) Where can we get the book?
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    My list of..

    Dislikes: Mean spirited, jealous people Messy places Dark gloomy days People who stare shamelessly Angry people Fatty foods Likes: Sunshine Desserts Chocolate Shoes Photography Ice cream Malawax
  8. This is a sign from Allah. It doesnt really surprise me as previous nations have had a similar fate. May Allah have mercy up on us ameen.
  9. Wyre You are missing the point. When she says 'I don't like him that way''. Shes basically sending u an indirect invitation to make a move on her. ur wlc:p
  10. OdaySomali;921341 wrote: :eek: She's very beautiful I agree MashaAllah... But this is how she looks today after she's been wed n poped a baby:p
  11. I think these pills are an excellent option for people who lead fast-paced lifestyles and hardly get their 5 a days and all the nutrition from eating. As for those who already get the vitamins from food there's no point taking pills.
  12. Inalilahi wa ina ileyhi rajauun. May Allah Allah accept the sheikh as a shaheed and unite those who loved him in Jannah and grant them sabr to bear this tragic loss ameen. What an honorable noble way to die. In sajud. I feel so saddened that now our shuyuk ulama are being slaughtered in sujud.
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    ^xarow? Did u just say what I think u did:/ Coofle Mabrook to ur upcoming marriage. May Allah increase the love between u n shower his mercy upon u both ameen.
  14. Those unfortunate qualities you mention are the characteristics of the Munafiqeen. A practising pious muslim wouldn't do that.
  15. OdaySomali welcome back. How u been bro? Ur advice is always appreciated.
  16. QansaxMeygaag;917149 wrote: Khaadka ruuga kulahaa; stop the af lagaado. I said straight up I DONT munch like a cow... Lol...
  17. You are definitely normal... It's nice to be unique so don't worry about wat ur friends say. I'm sure they admire you.
  18. He doesn't look Somali. SubahanAllah. Look at the size of that man, he could have easily killed that filth with one slap. And he was a slave, and subjected to such horrendous abuse.
  19. Well said Sister blessed. Oba edab malihit. You are the biggest troll on this forum, nothing is off limits for you, now you are turning against our deen and Muslim women. What's your point? Those women in those 60's picture are probably mothers/grandmothers today and probably wear the Jilbab.
  20. Narniah

    Wearing white

    GaroweGal;915023 wrote: I find it funny how you you can comment on my private life when you hardly know me, this just proves how shallow minded and ****** woman you truly are. oops.. didnt realise I hit a raw nerve but I cant help exposing the Ajanabi-loving somali-hating like you. I wasn't commenting on your private life but was giving you a lil taste of your own medicine. Lil bitter n low character isn't it? You started with the personal insults, so don't get all emotional now. You know how to dish it out but you don't seem to take the same so well, lil hypocritical me thinks. Talking of hitting a nerve n whatnot..Hmm, I'm not the one who's throwing all her senses out the window. Again you show your shallow-mindedness, this has to be the dumbest statement I have ever heard.. what a contradictory and callous statement. I am sure no self-respecting Somali would ever contemplate marrying Ajanabi. That's your delusional closed minded xenophobic belief. Doesn't mean that it holds much truth or importance. lol I always wondered why are some Dhoocilo like you self-hating. I probably think the Somali brothers can see your ugly character, personality, and low grade intelligence therefore your only hope of ever getting married is to try your luck with a former criminal who has recently converted. I recall one of the brothers on this forum, I think it was you Che once saying that it is always the ugly Somali chicks who end up marrying outside their race, the reason being they are rejects and left-overs, so I have no doubt you fall into this category quite perfectly. This further underscores and underlines why you so vigorously, viciously and shamelessly advocating for the Ajanabi-loving anti-Somali agenda. I don't have much to prove to a bitter, ignorant, judgmental person such as yourself. It's pretty obvious you feel threatened and measure your own somalinimo by telling yourself every sista who marries out the race is either ugly, or she must be with a convict. I'm sure this adds meaning to your pathetic life as you seem to be so occupied by the lives others lead. I honestly believe the reason you are hating so much on such a personal level is cause you are a masking your own insecurities. If anything I pity you n wish you a speedy recovery.
  21. Never wanted a BB even when it first came out I didn't like it nor do I now with all it's malfunctions. Samsung Galaxy all the way!
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    Wearing white

    GaroweGal;914309 wrote: I’m beginning to suspect that the likes of Aaaliyah and Narniah are in the closet waiting for a convert who will most likely be a convicted criminal. Girls go ahead and jump in bed with buuryoqab by all means but please stop projecting and promoting your twisted views, ajanabi-loving anti-somali agenda as a model and something to aspire for. Lol you sound like one bitter woman who got some deep issues. Jump in bed? You sound disturbed and somewhat jealous. Why do you care if they are in bed with their husbands? I'm sure your safely tucked in with your khat chewing 3 times divorced, deadbeat dad taxi driving Somali husband, no? See we all can be ignorant, dumb n throw a few generalizations around but thank god some of us aren't that thick. I just asked someone what buryoqab means hehe. Maybe you don't know this but a lot of Non-Muslims are circumcised by birth because of their religion too and some even do it for their sons because of requirement of health as it's beneficial hygienically. Btw It's also perfectly possible to love your people/culture and marry an ajnabie. Won't make them less of Somalis. Just because you have af deer doesn't mean you are any better than them. So get off your high horse. When you die and your laid in your grave, Allah will not ask you about your Somalinomo but was your af deer safe from other Muslims n his creations? Nope. Maybe you should work on that before you stick ur nose where it doesn't belong? Just a suggestion. I have third generation Indians and Arabs as friends and they would never contemplate marrying outside their own race. In contrast the self-hating Halimos have no hesitation in jumping the convert’s bandwagon and have no qualms in joining the Somali bashing brigade. It appears many Somali sisters on this forum cannot fathom this and would rather prefer that we sugar coat the truth and bury this issue under the carpet, however that’s not me and I say it like I see it, to some this may sound harsh laakiin Rabigeen runtuu jecelyahay. No one bashed Somalis. We can criticize our people, they aren't Immune from imperfections just like any other community out there. Doesn't mean we hate them or wish them harm. Quit patting urself on ur back. You didn't say anything of value or intelligence. You just threw a few insults around and barked. Let other people be. If you decide to marry a Somali man or already are that's your choice but to wish upon me that I will marry a convict shows you are a bitter evil spirited woman. Maybe you aren't happy with yourself that's why you spread hate. Maybe I will marry a highly educated loving righteous man who Is a revert, or Maybe Allah can inflict upon you that wish upon people. Allah is most just. There's no need for you to say I'm a closet 'revert lover' I have always said I'm totally open to the idea on this forum so It's no secret. I don't see anything wrong with it and vice versa. I also noticed that many of the brothers have their eyes wide open and can see this double standards and disturbing phenomenon and have no problem in calling it like it is. See I don't care what these brothers think or you. But I see you care, Good luck.
  23. My adeers kids are my ilmo adeer My eedo (dads sista) kids are my ilmo apti n ilmo edo. Cause my dad is their apti n their mom is my edo.
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    Wearing white

    Che the proof is in Page 1n 2...Voila. Wadani I think I did probably misunderstand you. I.apologize.