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  1. The young man has a point. The building of better sports facilities is needed. However, Somaliland's needs are many, and there are much bigger priorities that require more urgent attention. Let the misguided fools down south build a stadium in the middle of a city where it's citizens are being massacred left right and center. Let them repaint a wall where destruction and abject poverty reign supreme. The challenges of Somaliland and Somalia are similar if not the same. The difference is in what you do with the little resources you have. We build, where they cheerlead.
  2. The real question is will those MP's live to see the end of the year? Inquiring minds want to know.
  3. So you're content with merely having a digital forum bearing your country's name, whilst your actual country is a hellhole? Good to know you've got your priorities straight
  4. Allah ya raxmu raaxiimiin to a bright light that was extinguished too soon.
  5. Where are the pirates when you need them?
  6. I think this is a positive step. It certainly better represents the people of Somalia more than any "Parliament" or "Government" that has gathered in Muqdisho, since 1969.
  7. It was not the qurbo joog who declared Somaliland's independence, but the Somaliland people that your Somalia tried to wipe of the face of the earth. Unluckily for you folks we fought back and karbaashed your sorry behinds!! Anytime you folks want round two, Somaliland is ready. Be a man and have the courage of your convictions. On a daily basis you insult the entire majority clan of Somaliland, using disgusting terms veiled in such a way that the moderators of this board don't catch on to it. One particular one that you fondly use starts with an "I" and is followed by the word ''door'', and is used as a derogatory term to refer to that clan. Tell me how is that "only referring to Qurbo Joog". Don't be a coward, stand up for your beliefs. We Somalis are taught to hate each other from a young age, so your hatred is only natural. Just be a man about it and dont cower behind bullshit kumbaya rhetoric like Somalinimo and "unity". Instead of spouting your vitriolic hatred towards Somaliland online, pay closer attention to the hellhole that is now your "beloved Somalia".
  8. I personally don't think that is likely the case here. I think this was an organic collaboration between Taiwan and Somaliland, with both parties working off their own accords, to benefit just themselves. The fallout of the deal certainly benefits the US in being able to use it to antogonize the Chinese, but I think that is a byproduct of the deal rather than a motivation for it. I know it is naive to think that anything of global significance happens in a vacuum, but the feeling I get is that this is one of those rare occasions where two countries worked something out on their own.
  9. I will give you credit Tillamooky, you have the courage of your convictions and you say what you mean. Your hatred for Somalilanders is palpable and you don't shy away from telling us that in your every colourful language . That is very unlike the other weaklings here, who though they share your hatred for us, they are too weak to stand behind their convictions. So bravo to you my lad!
  10. Somalilanders reasoned with the Somali community when the SNM annihilated your Faqash fathers. Somaliland is Faqash free now. Any other Somali that wishes to speak with us is free to do so. The final triumphant call for Somalilanders was the last cry your uncle Afweyne screamed, as he shat himself to death in a Nigerian toilet .
  11. Were you sad when your dear old leader's corpse was pulled from the Nigerian toilet where he shat himself to death
  12. Not that low-key. I figured it out within days of coming across his posts.
  13. I came to the same conclusion as Oodweyne. Nothing to do with emotions, but entirely a logical and rational conclusion based on what he posted. No-one who disagrees with a mass murderer would post propaganda that tries to shed a positive light on that mass murderer. Especially not a video of the mass murderer justifying one of his executions. Not only that, in the post underneath yours, that same person pokes fun at people who might have had therapy sessions to deal with the affects of what the Faqash did to them. I know he is just trying to rile Oodweyne up, but the idea of making fun about that alone tells you how this person views it. I know why you'd defend him though. You were laughing along to that joke, which says plenty about you too. It also explains the origins of your Somaliland hatred. The honourable thing you people can do is to have the courage of your convictions and not hide behind politically correct rhetoric. Say what you really think.