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  1. come on my sister you can do better than that. islamically speaking it's forbidden for a woman to govern because we all know how women are soft hearted compared to men and if you're soft then it means you are not doing justice for yourself and the ppl who got you there. somali ladies are known to be the back bone of the household and the decision making nodoubt about that. look at your family now and tell me howmany wise decisions did your mum made for the family? so i think it's unfair especially for somali ladies to think of the so-called faminism coz we always had a respect for our somali ladies, we never raped our women, never tortured them physically so we respect our women more than any nation and ironically it's a woman who taught us to do us our dear mothers so in my opinion somali women always had a very vital role to play in her community be it the decision mAKing or looking after the wellbeing of the family. most of us are raised in a household where the mother played the role of the leader so we can't think like KUFFAARTA and say it's time women became the presiednt it's forbidden and we are muslims so my sister you always had a role to play in your community and i can't see it changing in a near future but it's good to have an educated female than an illetrate male so OUR WOMEN YOU WERE ALWAYS OUR LEADERS WHILE THE WEST IS ONLY BEGINING TO SEE IT NOW. girls it's time you become PROUD OF YOUR SOMALI MALES.
  2. what is the difference between the northern somali, western somali,eastern somali and a southern somali?all i know is that somalis are all the same skinny camel loving temperemental ppl and i don't see any difference so for me to say i prefer the eastern or southern is just a dumb. all our somali queens are the same regardless of wich region they are from and there's no doubt every one will wanna marry who he wants or atleast thinks he has something in common with or should i say falls in love with even though by loving her doesn't mean she's he's the right one so in my opinion we should say we hope we get married to a nice and real lady who is worthy of the title MARWO and same goes with the ladies and being what i just mentioned has got nothing to do with where we came from only ALLAH makes us what we are.
  3. hey shujui_1 waz up bro? i thought we were on the same side here. you bettin' on AC MILAN to win what about my INTER? lol. i agree with you they look a fantasy team and don't forget even REDONDO is back now so yep AC MILAN without a doubt even though i would've prefered INTER to win it if not JUVE then if you know what i mean? baaniyaal thanx for finally admitting that my INTER are a great side and hell yes that final shot had a goal written all over it and to be fair i thought it was gonna end at the back of the net damn that would've been so cruel. lol yo brothers and sisters i wish you all a happy NEW YEAR and let's not forget to pray to ALLAH that our beloved country will have a better 2003. aamiin aamiin aamiin. peace i'm out.
  4. abdulraheem


    nasra it's good point you raised here but i wonder howmany will agree or disagree with you. well in my opinion nomatter wich part of SOMALIA you come from it's rude to call a girl NAYAA period. but it's a different matter if you call your girls NAYAA coz maybe you are their friend or it's a girl thing but i wouldn't call a girl NAYAA be it my sister or not i was raised to respect the LADIES and calling them ABAAYO or MACAANTO is part of respecting them coz after all who's stupid enough to call the chick he wants to seduce a NAYAA?so NASRA in my point of view it's wrong if you're a guy to call a girl a NAYAA.
  5. if i was a gambler i'm sure i would've lost a fortune no doubt about that. i mean i thought my team will lose to PARMA and they even surprised me by winning comfortably away from home 2-1. then i tipped MAN UTD to beat BLACKBURN but they showed them how it's done especially YORK and COLE how i wished they would score the winning goal but still they made their point. yes BAANIYAAL italian teams they don't take ITALIAN CUP as serious as their ENGLISH counterpart and i don't know the reason behind that but i'll try to find out as soon as possible. SHUJUI_1 i know you don't support MAN UTD who's dump enough to support them unless you're mentally challenged. your team ROMA were lucky to win the game against TORINO coz the turin side missed a penalty and they dominated the match. well BAANIYAAL my team is joint league leaders with our bitter rivals AC MILAN and now italian league or SEIRE A will go on a vaccation meaning there will be a winter break till january 12 so what a better position to end the year than being NUMERO UNO. I LOVE MY INTERMILAN.
  6. alimahdi say what? you hate lakers huh? too bad bro coz you haven't seen nothing yet. yeah they might struggle at the moment but come playoffs lakers will be a different ball club trust me on this one. you know what thay say NEVER UNDERSTIMATE THE HEART OF A CHAMPION and LAKERS are world champions. p.s they lost once again to NETS 92-71 can you believe that? damn i don't know what's going on right now but all i know is that they gonna win the championship the fourth consecutive time. :confused:
  7. baaniyaal i have to be honest here i still rate ARSENAL the best team in england and yes i think they gonna win the double this year too however it's gonna be much much closer title race than it was last year. in my oppinion i really find it insulting when you guys compare VIEIRA to anyother midfielder in ENGLAND and yes i have to admit i didn't think MAN UTD will beat ARSENAL i thought tey were gonna win or UTD will get a draw. baaniyaal yes your team had a off day at old trafford howelse could UTD beat you with somany mediocre players. DAMN DAMN DAMN i don't know if you know this but my INTER were dumped out of ITALIAN CUP by lowly BARI believe it or not in SANSIRO last night. the game ended 2-1 in favour of BARI and 3-1 agg. CARLOS GAMARRA that paraguayan defender scored an own goal what a disaster and MOHAMED KALLON was stretched after colliding with a SENEGALESE defender i have to admit it looked scary especially the way he landed after being sandwithched between that portugese winger CONCECIAO and that defender. anyway this weekend we gonna play against PARMA a team i have to admit we never managed to beat especially away and i'm already anticipating a loss there if i get more than that it's a bonus. wish me luck guys.
  8. JAMAAL_11 my brother i see you've done some home works u r on the right track bro keep it up. well guys jamaal_11 is 100% right you can agree or disagree with him but the fact remains he's right. when the queen of ancient egyptian i regret to say that i forgot her name visited the area known as PUNTLAND wich raughly means something like DHULKII UDGOONAA she had no translater no army only ships full of gold coins and food even historians go as far as saying there's still some words found in somali wich are used by our ancestors forexample BARSHIN wich means pillow and we are famous for especially in the BADIYAHA even our ancestors used to call it the same and it had a same meaning as it has today so i agree we have nothing to do with bantus/negro or arabs but so did the PHAROAHS and so did CLEOPATRA whom the west like to imagine as a white lady. she was NUBIAN QUEEN nothing to do with anything white/black nor arab and when i say black i mean the real blacks. legend has it she even visited SOMALIA and had a crush on one lucky nomad but i'm not sure if he's the one said to have somali features. P.S if you didn't know that the ancient egyptian graves had one somali in them you can go and read all about it at www.nationalgeographichannel.com there you gonna see plenty of very intresting details about somalia and many many more countries so i'm sorry to disappoint those fellas who said we are black, i agree some of us got dark skin but we somalis when we say black we all know what we mean right?so we are not niggers period and i really really find it insulting when i see somali brothers calling each other such a name. by the way nice topic but i didn't like when you said THE ARABS CALL US CABIID and you still call him a friend?no matter how strong he was you should atleast let him know that you didn't like to be called slave coz that's exactly what CABIID means my brother and no somali male or female has ever been a SLAVE even in one minute. be proud of who we are and i think i agree with the brother who said we should call ourselves SOMALI.
  9. abdulraheem

    Good Read

    SOPHIST first let me thank you for the great story, correct me if i'm wrong but a couple of weeks back a friend of mine told me a story very much similar to this he even went as far as saying it was even broadcasted through BBC somali service and the lead charachter of your story was at BUSH HOUSE i found it very ammusing but interesting nevertheless, however i personally know a person whom encountered JINNI LADY and it had a very tragic ending far from the one you just told us and it happened in our beloved KISMAAYO CADDEEY, so yes i do believe it's true story and it's not something out of the ordinary. please let me know if your story and the one my friend told me match. i'm out peace.
  10. GUEVARA believe it or not this is my fav poem and i agree with every single line of it. come on brothers and sisters why do i believe you losing the whole plot here? you call him a racist? that's just an american crap coz once they see a person talk about the fact be it the past or the present they so quick to label him. every word of the poet is a fact wether you like it or not you agree or disagree. AMREICA and it's allies are evils while they make you believe to be the angels. let's be honest here and drop the hypocracy crap. AMERICA is responsible for everything that's happening in this world today civil war,femine, drought,poverty,racism,terrorism,aids, you name it so give the brother a credit instead of acting or should i say talking like BUSH clan whom are so good in manipulating the whole concept of the truth.
  11. winger what do you mean by phil neville killed vieira?i thought we were talking about football i mean real football not the kind of football they play in england and mind you without a single doubt patrick vieira is simply the best midfielder that ever played in the premiership and phil neville?hahaha you must be joking. yes and yes lee bowyer is nothing but a useless over rated under achiever evil person honestly i can't find better words to describe him and yeah one more thing he's not good enough to play in the premier lge coz it's plain clear that he's got no talent whatsoever unless you call stamping on genuine ball players a talent. so my dear brother there's a difference between being a loyal and exxagerating and i think you fit the later coz how on earth can you compare brazil to england i honestly find that an insulting to the beautiful game and i'm convinced that you haven't been following this beautiful that long coz if you did i'm sure you wouldn't have posted what you posted but let me tell you one fact..... DID YOU KNOW THAT ENGLAND HAVE NEVER BEATEN BRAZIL IN A WORLD CUP? i guess you forgot that huh?p.s you say they were young now why do i feel i heard that line before my brother? mind you the player who was the man of the match happened to be none other than RONALDINHO GAUCHO and he was only 21 so like they say AGE AIN'T NOTHING BUT A NUMBER and if you good then you're good regardless of your age. i'm out peace.
  12. BAANIYAAL all my best buddies support arsenal and i must admit i have a soft spot for them especially when it comes to domestic league coz to be honest with you i like ARSENAL and CHELSEA coz to me they are the only teams in whole of ENGLAND who play a nice and very attractive CALCIO i hate the english players coz all they know is how to kick you and on top of that still accuse you for diving forexample the guy who plays for LEEDS i don't know his name but i think he wears jersey number 11 i'm talking about the guy who stamped on the head of that MALAGA player the night they gone out of UEFA CUP and still ignorant enough to admit now you can never ever tell me that guy is a talented all he's good at is to kick his opponents instead of the ball and the younger NEVILLE he's a joke and i was pissed the night they were playing against ARSENAL and they voted for him to be the man of the match now that's what i call a real joke. so my brother understand my frustrations when i blaze all the ENGLISH PLAYERS coz for me they are all useless but over rated including BECKHAM and OWEN you can disagree with me but my oppinion will never change and that's why i don't like to watch premier lge. now imagine ARSENAL being without all their foriegn contention what kind of game would they play? think about that. i'm out peace.
  13. guevara i totally understand where you coming from but having said that i feel i have to symphatise with those nomads who don't feel they should stand up and be counted as nomads. as you may know somali papulation is dominated by youth between the age of 19-35 and most of us came to the west in very early ages we left everything behind including our parents very few of us are lucky enough to have thier both parents with them so who guides them? i guess you can only imagine by comparing them to you or anybodyelse you know. when you're young you can easily be influenced by those ppl sorrounding you be it parents or relative but the point remains we shouldn't judge them yet but instead help them see the light and never give up on them coz they all need our help. don't forget we all have to work on for a better tomorrow if not for us then for our future kids just like our ancestors did other wise there won't be no hope. i hate to admit this but when we all go back home if we ever do there will be some rather funny charachters so in order to avoid that i challenge all of you let's work on for a better future otherwise we can all kiss our beloved somalia good bye.
  14. baaniyaal i agree with you we shouldn've conceded 2 goals to leverkusen but don't forget we were missing two international central defenders in CANNAVARO and MATERAZI whom i believe are the back bones of INTER's defence especially AZZURI skipper fabolous FABIO but come to QUARTERS all ITALIANS will be different sides coz that's their nature i don't know if you know this or ever read or heard this or even perhaps seen it THE FURTHER THEY GO THE TOUGHER THEY BECOME and even though it's bitter pill to swallow and painfull to admit yes AC MILAN looks the team wich's gonna end up lifting that coveted trophy but i rather see JUVE win it thaN MILAN if you know what i mean . now did you read or seen the interview of REAL's supremo?you won't believe this but he said their main target for this season is to win the LA LIGA now what a joke?wallaahi that's what he said and MCMANAMAN said it will be a disaster if they don't make it to the QUARTERS now who are we supposed to belive here?i let you guys decide. p.s by the way baaniyaal north london derby you were very very very lucky to come away with a point and can you expalin to me why HENRY pass the responsibility to take the P.K? i think the ARSENAL strikers if not the whole team are suffering from a lack of confidence i'm not sure if you agree with me but anyway that's my take on their situation what do you think?
  15. sister JAWAAHIR thanx for spot on oppinion i really enjoyed reading it. keep up the healthy vision and never loose your wisdom that ALLAH bestowed on you girl after all who knows you might come across the likes of NASRA and you can pass on your wisdom about life in general to her. thanx for giving me hope and making me believe that we still got real queens amongst our nomads.