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  1. Originally posted by Thoth: My question is where do you really want to live? I read so many of the posts in here, and all I ever really see is the critism of the countries and leaders that protect you and your rights. So where is it? If you aren't there now, why not? I would love to live in a contry that is not targeted by zioniests like Paul Wolfwitz and Richard Perle.
  2. This is a video clip for the most amazing artist (work of art) I am yet to see.. only those who appreciate art will recognize the skills of this dude.. http://vares.ircnet.ee/_klipid/sand_sicaf2003.wmv
  3. MVP.. good job saxib.. and may alaah accept your hajj and make it easy for your stay on the right path..
  4. Rudy.. thanks for stopping by sxib..i would hold off if i was you Rudy.. now is defiantly not the right time to buy a car for the mentioned reasons.. Another tip.. if you have a mechanical problem and you took your car to a mechanic make sure to get a second and third opinion with a repair estimate. most mechanics rip their customers off (specially the ladies) so ask a lot of questions and pretend to know what’s wrong with your car. So the rat wont dare and try to rip ya off.. One more:--- All cable and cell phone companies have some retention specials that will only be offered once you request to disconnect your service.. so if you call them up and tell em you want to disconnect your service because you got a better deal with another company. They might throw you two months of free service or at least upgrade you with new free services just to retain you Note:- do not try that on your power company Guys lets interact with each other for the benefit of everybody : )
  5. By law car towing companies cannot screw your credit. So don’t believe them when they tell you they will screw your credit or put your paycheck on hold if you don’t pay whatever you owe them .. they are just trying to scare you so they could cash the most amount of money out of you.. and yeah.. if you haggle they will accept your offer.. Got your fat tax return check and planning on buying a car? Well now is probably not the best time to buy a car since over 200 million people got paid too and are in the market looking for cars.. so used cars prices are little hiked up now… wait until june… that’s when everybody is selling their cars for the summer.. you can find the best deals for used cars in the southern states. Like Tennessee and Ohio where cars are really cheap. BTW my cuousin just bought a 2001 VolksWagon Jetta for as low as $4,400 from Nashville, TN.. good deal “init” Car insurance is lot cheaper when bought from small towns. Simply because people are less likely to get into accidents in smaller towns than in big cities. So if you live in a big city check the insurance agents in the nearest small town to you.. and don’t tell him you live in a big city or he will charge you the big city premium.. give him a phoney address in the small town and ask him to forward the bill to your address please share ANY piece of information you think will be useful to SOL nomads.. Love ya all
  6. Here is another story from the same website that all MSP nomads can relate to funny indeed thanks Libaax
  7. i brought this up for the new nomads to share their 2 cents
  8. Originally posted by LANDER: Jiidawy, saxiib I'm glad the Saudi's are finally taking responsibility and changing the accomodations at Hajj which they predict should take 20yrs, but I feel it is long overdue. They've had more than ample ressources and financing to have made changes in the past. I notice some nomads here are replying with nothing more than the indoctrination they received at a young age, but please people stop the ignorance and use your brains instead of just repeating what you have been told. Yes, "People die at a time that is pre-ordained by Allah", we all know that and no need to repeat if that is all you have to say. Now if you have different ideas from what I have already said, I'm more than welcome to here it, but stating the obvious in this situation is somewhat moronic. Brother Lander let me start off by asking you this.. how many drivers have put their seat belts on, drove carefully, never exceeded the speed limit and ended up in a fatal accident because some dude who was speeding has crashed on em? Now do we blame the police who evidently put all kinds of signs concerning the speed limit and patrolled the highway to enforced them? Probably not.. same thing here.. the saudi’s made all kinds of improvements on the Mashaacir (the holy area’s) to prevent crowding and congestion but shit do happen no matter how careful you are.. I shall have you know that a multi million dollar project was approved last week by the Highest Commission for Hajj to build a ramp-like Jamaraat (pictured above) which will be capable of hosting up to 625,000 Hajiis/Hour. Construction will start in less than 2 month and should be completed before next Hajj season. Source Now even with that project in place accident will happen because they are dealing with inept 60+ year old Hajiis who came from rustic Africa or South East Asia. Saxib a vile criticism and bitter resentments against a muslim brother who is striving to help another Muslim fulfill his religious obligations will only cause hatred and destroy the coherence of the Ummah. The Jews are constantly conspiring to aggravate the disunity and dissension among the Muslim Ummah and what is a better way of doing that than putting the news of the dead Hajiis on a heavy rotation to aggrevate us and put the blame the Saudis for this calamity. Having said that let me assure you that I am not a shill for the saudi’s who is trying to swindle peoples hearts into believing that Saudi “Government and Royal family” are sheer angles.. I as well as everybody here know how people are oppressed in Saudi Arabia.. but that’s a different issue and has nothing to do with the devoutness of the Saudis interms of Hajj and Hajiis…
  9. Originally posted by LANDER: I understand it was their time to dye and nobody can refut that fact, and you can even say there is no better of dying then while performing the holy pilgrimage. But it is irritating when people say "their was nothing we could do about it". That is the type of mentality the muslim uumah has come to accept, and it is our greatest flaw. This isn't the first time this happened, nor will it be the last time it will happen if something is not done quickly. Brother Lander, as a man who had a first hand experience in Hajj as a Hajii when 240 Hajis were killed and and as an employee working for the ministry of Hajj let me assure you that the Saudis are doing everything they can to make the Hajj as safe and easy as possible. Accidents happen every year mainly because := 1) millions of unaccounted for Hajiis show up for Hajj, these Hajiis normally smuggle their way thru to Makkah causing unnecessary crowding. 2) Most Hajis are vulnerable elder people 3) Most Hajiis don’t know how to perform Hajj and throw big stones at the Jumurat which normally land on the Hajiis in the front lines and evidently cause panic and stampede. 4) The Jumurat area (where the hajiis were killed) is merely as big as one football court. Now imagine 3 million people throwing stones in an area that small. 5) Hajiis from south east Asia, who by the way make the majority of the dead each year, cannot hold up (when in a stampede) against Hajiis from west Africa who are physically bigger. So accidents do happen, and that is Qadaa wa Qadar, but we cant deny the improvements and expansions the suadi government did to the Mashaacir (the holy areas) and the efforts they spend in making Hajj a safe experience for everyone because of the Hajiis inaptitude of following the regulations set for their saftry. Waxa la yiri Galka dill Gartiisana sii and Mau allah bless the dead.. (Al-shuhdaa and Al-shahiidat)


    Alaahu Akbar.. Alaaahu Akbaar... Well put walaahi.. thank you so much for sharing this piece sista hibo
  11. Look at these jew soldiers forcibly removing the hijaab of some palstainian ladies…
  12. Jazaak alaah khayr sister muna...
  13. If I was the judge in this teenagers case, and the guilt was proven on Ali’s part beyond reasonable doubt, I would have defiantly sent him to jail for an extended period of time and ordered his black *** be lashed 200 times in a public place. On the other hand, I have always wondered how come there aren’t much rape crimes in Somalia.. does this mean it don’t happen that often or girls choose not to confront the predator in fear of disgrace??
  14. Originally posted by Lakkad: -------------------- Am glad i learnt something!/THNX BUULKA..err yea so lets stone the gaalos Brother Lakkad.. bless your heart saxib.. we are all learning about our diin.. so may allah help guide us to whats right.. Waay to go saxib..