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  1. 1) Made u look (nas) 2) In da club (50) 3) Luv u betta (LL) 4) Whats the word? (nas) 5) Soldier life mentality (dead prez)
  2. 1) Made u look (nas) 2) In da club (50) 3) Luv u betta (LL) 4) Whats the word? (nas) 5) Soldier life mentality (dead prez)
  3. 1) Made u look (nas) 2) In da club (50) 3) Luv u betta (LL) 4) Whats the word? (nas) 5) Soldier life mentality (dead prez)
  4. basically, these rulers have been in power for many a year. they have gotten used to their ways and provided the legal framework to make it difficult or illegal for any democracy to be achieved!
  5. seria a, seria blah, but were these guys underated? i thought they were all very well known and got their just rave reviews etc!
  6. who remembers zvonimir boban?? a top player, very underated, especially with all he has been thru. And that other milan player at the same time, savicavic. come on guys, i'm the only one searching the archives in my brain! or is it that u just dont know a good player when u see one!he he
  7. yo yo yo, know 1 can beat me on pro-evo2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good idea winger! just had a gr8 game with some pakistani bros, bruised up shins, dont like wearing pads. I was there with my ronaldo shirt controlling the midfield, from right to left, up and down. Scored some quality teams goals, and u know what? i will be doing the same on fri!!somalis are too much hassle up here, plus i need to get fit, colool baa iga so dacaday! ps i wasnt comparing totti and veira, just wanna see what totti can do with big patrick around cos he didnt do nothing last time! as for kliuvert, hes aight, he needs to leave barca to get anywhere!
  8. lets see what that totti does against viera!!!
  9. there goes the saying, propoganda wins wars not ppl!
  10. i heard that the N Korean pilots locked on to the radar of the reconesance of the amaericans. This shows that they aint scared of them. i once saw this prograame on tv, about a month ago, iwas about a guy,white, goin to n korea for a month. Very interesting!
  11. about the first bit of news, come on mate its america, nothing surprises me in that place!
  12. memories are important to all us folk, without the memories we have, how can have an identity, whether it be for family values, work, rest or play. memories from young to adolescent to the present, all of them will have a significant impact on the way we conduct our selves now and in the future. a person with more good memories than bad is considered to be calm and observant, wise for their age and is determined in what they want to achieve and vise versa! just a saying!
  13. another very underated player is Hidatoshi Nakata-parma and japan. I have rated that player since his roma days. I remember when he shot from 25 yards against juventus in the second to last game of the season. Van Der Sar spat it out only for Bati Gol to score and secure a 2-2 draw. That draw helped them on their way to the scudetto. he needs to come to Liverpool and show them how to play the damn game!
  14. shujul: are u sure about playing cannavaro in the middle, i think he and nesta should swap, i personally think my team will run riot!!!!!!!!
  15. lol@baaniyal-re: ronaldo - 10 pounds, he is looking overweight at the moment yeah but still doing the bizz, did anyone see his hatrick at the weekend even though it was only alaves! ps working on my all time 11! coming soon!
  16. Bro beast, just let them at it, as soon their desired man comes along they will change their beliefs for sure. We have been hearing this for years and it will never end, So just let them!
  17. winger, this is a versatile team with no ristritions in their play, they can play 3-5-2, 4-4-2, 4-3-3! Free roles for zizou and ronaldino, henry on the left coming inside, carlos over lapping, ronaldo doin the bizz! ps do u know when the champ league final tickets will be goin on sale anyone, i know it may still be early!
  18. anyhing by jodeci and joe is fine by me, i'm not really an rnb type but i'm feeling one song at the mo, its called baby i promise my Jagged Edge (i think)
  19. Very interesting! ok here goes! 1)Oliver Khan- B Munich- Germany 2)Cannavaro- Inter- Italy 3)R Carlos 4)S Hyypia- Liverpool- Finland 5)Maldini 6)Edgar Davids 7)Zidane 8)P Viera 9)Thiery Henry 10)Ronaldo 11)Ronaldino TOP TEAM!!!!!
  20. brother beast, yr prob just like all those ppl who believe the hype about Totti, like i said he is good but not that good, what has he achieved apart from winnin 1 scudetto??? You guys go on about seria a like it's a fantastic league, yr still stuck in the early 90s mate, if theres one league that has it all, then its la liga, hand down! Juve my team in seria a cos of R Bagio back when channel4 started showing italian football in 92,93 season, now is toti even close to what baggio was when he was his age, nah now were near. i dont rate becks, owen i a class player and would walk into any seria a 1st team. I hav only just started watchin seria a, after along break of maybe 3 years, so i may no be up t date on the plyers but i stand by the totti point!
  21. lol@winger u mean u would posted all the pics from the match if united won!
  22. Well i'm not very smart, Normal Intelligence infact and Wow! my love life is *****in what ever that means??? many of them are trick q's and i was tricked more than a few times i must admit!