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  1. ^^Aaheey


    Your comprehension is failing you, Dabrow. SC clearly endorsed the provincial constitution as it is. This interim nonsense will only derail Somali government, the sooner they realize this Kismayo thing is hard to reverse and move on, the better their chances in governing the country will be. But again some folks have never had an interest in governance ...

  2. The members of the Security Council underlined their support for the development of an effective federal system of government, in line with the Provisional Constitution and in respect of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somalia, in order to ensure a constructive and sincere partnership between the Federal Government of Somalia and local and regional administrations. In this context the members of the Security Council look forward to a broad, inclusive, constitutional review process.


    This is the right direction...

  3. Xaaji Xunjuf;961725 wrote:
    ^^ You are wrong no one feeds Somaliland , Somalilanders see the UN not as a friend the UN was never a friend of SL

    Ingriiska waxa aad u sheegtey idinka isku khuukhiyaa wax nin reer SL tiriye maha. Waxaas idinka tiiriyey. ila yawma na hatha waan raadiya gabayga cidi tirisay aw jamac marka la weydiiyey wuxu yidhi wa nin reer hargeisa. Magacisa wu diiday inu inoo sheego:D



    The pirates are angry because , Somaliland shows that they dont need any one but themselves, war xiiniyo isu yeela oo dalkina dhista ,oo dadkan afrikaanka ka marmaa. Somaliland cali lahayn eh,

    In the face of a bad news , xaaji xunjuf loses his marbles , complaining about a particularly biting verse in historic poem :D

  4. warsamaale;961700 wrote:
    its non other than xiin, the arch qabylaadisti who concoted this elders of HAG fraud.

    warsamaale waa igu kacsanyahay :D


    For your information , (and perhaps for your health) xiinfaniin does not believe the existence of this HAG nonsense. It is a fadhi-ku-dirir gone too far. There is no HAG , you heard it from me. But there is a USC, a murderous organization responsible for the killings and displacements of millions of Somalis from Mogadishu and South, responsible for the destruction of the capital , the looting of public and private properties, the trampling of national monuments etc...

  5. His Mandate per Security Counsel, includes :


    "...support for peace and reconciliation efforts, assisting the Government and the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) with peace-building and state-building endeavours, helping the Government build human rights and rule of law capacities, human rights investigating and reporting, and coordinating international support..."


    coordinating international support is a critical portfolio ...

  6. ^^Awoowe, anigu, unlike you, have a center. Bal inoo sharax waxaad hoos ku xar xarriiqday


    Abtigiis;961675 wrote:
    For it is too early to accept Jubbaland as a permanent Regional State. At best, it needs to be given an "INTERIM" Regional Status, until conditions are favourable to do an intention survey on the ground.

    I missed this one.


    What is your angle , Abtigiis? :D :D. I have few minutes to spare , so come out of it once and for all.

  7. ^^VERY wrong is a quite hasty of a charge, Abtigiis. But I am afraid you are not reading what I wrote. I SAID this law cannot apply to Jubbaland. But it will help the government answer the charge that they are not doing anything in advancing federal laws to facilitate the establishment of federal states.


    Anyways, I am not getting you for you do not appear to be saying anything different that I what I am saying. To say the government is not honest is neither here nor there as it were awoowe

  8. This man today delivered the truth of Somalia's political trajectory to our excitable brothers in the North. If initial reports are true, the separatist administration loudly protested, huffed and puffed. But we have predicted the eventuality of xaaji xunjuf's poor political scheme

  9. Abtigiis;961671 wrote:
    I don't know where Xinn's optimism is coming from. As if the Kismaayo conflict is a constitutional one!


    This law is rushed. Naturally, it will not solve the current problem. I fear it may even become a problem in the short run.


    They rather would have waited a bit longer until trust is back, or until the Federal Government is in a position to enforce this law should people like Ahmed Madoobe refuse to back down.


    Hada sida xaaladu u muuqato waa uun sharci looga hortagayo sheekada ah 'shuruucdii Federal ka lagu dhisi lahaa ma qeexnee, maamul goboleed ayaan intaa sii ahaanaynaa".


    May or may not work. But the key thing is to wait and see the commissioners. We all know Somalis judge things when they see faces.

    Kismayo's conflict is beyond constitutional discussion, it is a reality that must be dealt with as it is. I was speaking in general terms.


    EDIT: this law if effectively advanced will help the government facilitate other federal states. My guess is Hassan and his inner circle initially thought that they could oppose federalism as proposed in the constitution or quietly delay its implementation till 2016. The establishment of Jubbaland state forced their hands. This law is not going to be hep them in Jubbaland but it will help them avoid another Jubbaland.

  10. ^^Baashi nothing changed. There will be a conference in Mogadishu to help the government step back from this political conflict. The Jubbaland administration will attend it as a legitimate entity produced by close to a year conference and democratic deliberation. Today's announcement was to set the delegate expectation in Kismayo and to ensure the government's agenda does not deviate from what was understood in Nairobi meeting.


    The government will have a facilitation role in parliament formation , and leaders of Jubba are willing to work with her on security and revenue issues. But a federal state has been formed and there is no going back on that.