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  1. nuune;962792 wrote:

    Glad to know one of our Solers
    the Chief of Staff for Somalia's government.

    That explains why our posts in SOL always ended up countered by the president , particularly as it regards to Kismayo :D


    If SOL discussions drive actual policy in Mogadishu we should be very careful in our active support for certain developments in Garoowe and Kismayo

  2. Abtigiis is uncharacteristically dodging the argument I presented to him with respect to Puntand's allegation. He also seems to have been consumed with a peculiar antagonism towards Puntland leadership. Wallaahi I read his write up with at most attention, and I came away empty handed. Ahmed chance lama siin buu leeyahay , hadana asaga iyo Hassan waa isku mid buu leeyahay, dastuurkii waa la bedelay buu leeyahay , hadana puntlan meel ha fariisato oo dadkeeda haka mid noqotuu leeyahay ...



    Kugu wareeray , and this time I mean it :D

  3. Nonsense.


    No one opposes Somali government , it is so called Somali government that is opposing the establishment of Jubbaland state. untill Hassan Sheekh reverses his infamous speech of 'marna ma qoonsanayno wixii kasoo baxa shirka Kismayo', Ahmed and his men are justified.


    As for the gangs that are disrupting the peace in the city, it will be over soon insha allaah. It is one thing to avoid clan animosity and needless conflict, it is however another to allow leaders to be targeted in a broad day light. From what I have heard, this is chapter will be closed soon insha allah

  4. Abtigiis;962720 wrote:
    Gabbal dayanimadu haday tahay sax iyo qalad ba qofkaan coloowno ama aan wax ka tabanayno ha lagu tuuloo oo yaan loo aaba yeelin waan ahay gabbal daye!

    Gabaldaye inaad tahay haddaad yeeshay anna kuma qaldani inuu kuugu yeero!


    Abtigiis;962720 wrote:

    Adigu se waad qafiiftay baryahan oo arintan Kismaayo maradaa kaaga dhacdaye isdaji ninyahoow. Xassan inuu dalka dib ugu celiyo 90 kii oo qabiil qabiil la isu haysto waa arin xun oo in la dhaleeceeyo u baahan. Laakiin taas macnaheedu ma aha Axmed Madoobe Addis Ababa u dacwo tago ama wax walba oo eedeeyn ah oo xassan loo soo jeediyo aan u riyaaqno. I think we should be principled and that means he we supported today on some issues we can denounce him the next minute based on the issue at hand. Sadly, we call that flipflippoing in this forum.

    Firstly, ma khafiifin. That you think inaan khafiifay is a poor judgment call.


    Secondly, I am not sure president Hassan wishes the repeat of the Somali civil war. I do however think he is genuinely opposed to the concept of federalism. I also think his understanding of the Somali conflict and his appreciation of the effect of the civil war is lacking. Thusly given those two observations, Ahmed and other regional leaders are justified to peacefully oppose him and halt him from reversing the gains of road map process. In that context, Ahmed is not wrong to travel to the capitals of neighboring countries where major bodies of regional and international stakeholders are based. So I do not share with your concern about Ahmed’s trip to Addis Ababa.



    Abtigiis;962720 wrote:
    The constitution is not CHANGED; a committe tasked to finalize few outstanding details did its job; it is upto the Somali parliament to either accept the recommendations or to reject it! That is the fact i shared with you. Puntland and Kismaayo ha la waydiiyo kuma qorna dastuurka; anigu se waxba kama qabo hadii la waydiiyo si dadku u heshiiyo. Marka fadlan let us function outside our political predilictions. The other day Baashe was also saying Abtigiis is a crowd pleaser simply because i did not share his hardline position on kismaayo. War hede reerku suu wax u wada? Qofku miyuuna fikirkiisa xor u ahayn?!

    A major stakeholder in Somali politics (Puntland) has alleged that the constitution has been changed. It has requested audience with the key international community representatives to share evidence regarding the alleged modification of the constitution. Puntland also published the articles that it says have been changed. So far the government has been tightlipped in responding to Puntland’s charges. Today’s press release from the office of the president only does one thing and one thing only, it confirms Puntland's allegation, namely that the constitution has been modified. The question is was it changed in a legal way?


    It is my understanding provincial constitution could be only changed by referendum. Parliamentarian guidelines, advisory clarification on certain clauses, mind you, do not change the text of the constitutional ordinance. It only clarifies. And that is (in my understanding) the role of current parliament.


    By asserting that the constitution has not been changed in your individual capacity, you are decidedly voicing a strong support for one side of this argument ---the government. As such you are the epitome of the very partisan you angrily complained--though you may not be aware of it.




    Abtigiis;962720 wrote:
    I don't like President Hassan's fixation on Kismaayo and honestly I believe he is beholden to hardlinere within his community ( which is bad fo somalia), but also I don't like Axmed Madoobe and his ilk running to foreign capitals and working against the national interest! I think that is treason.

    This is neither here nor there.


    Abtigiis;962720 wrote:
    Xinn, I can go to philiplines or west africa and earn salary too. I have no interest in the misery of Somalia. If at all, i am contributing to its revival. That was a cheap line.

    Here you are wasting ink, responding to what should be considered as a friendly remark. Considering you are man of humor, who has developed a reputation in writing great satiric pieces, I am struggling to find a reasonable explanation as to why you are bothered by my innocent UN remark.


    Abtigiis;962720 wrote:
    Laakiin, baryahan waad qafiiftoo, waan kuu dul qaadanayaa.

    Again, that you think inaan khafiifay is a poor judgment call of yours.


    Abtigiis;962720 wrote:
    Danta big foot iyo cid kale waxay ku jirtaa danta guud ee Somaliyeed; wax reer gaar ah helo oo xal waara keenaya majiro, markaa danta Somaaliyeed yaan loo baab'in dan reereed. This also applies to Xassan who seems to think it is the end of the world if the D block dominate Jubbaland. Kan leh intuu D qabsan lahaa jubooyin ha la isdilo iyo kan leh intuu H arintaa naga hor istaagi lahaa, ha lagu kal tago meesha ama Itoobiya iyo Kenya ayaan u galayaa waa isku mid!!! Qaladka ugu weyn se Xassan baa leh oo isagaa masuuliyada weyn saaran tahay!

    Here you are speaking with muffled voice. Why? Perhaps Baashi was right—you are a crowd appeaser.

  5. lol @ 500 people at gun point and force them to vote for your mamul headed by a man from Ethiopia


    What you appear not to know is the history of this region. The man you are characterizing as an Ethiopian has a close cousins of his buried at Habaasweyne. His great uncles the defeated the grand clan at Garisa 150 years ago. Qabri baa meesha ku yaal , waxaa ku aasan odey caan ahaa oo boqol sano la dilay asagoo abaan duule ah, wiil uu awoow u yahay baa inta duulay soo dilay kii dilay , labadii xiniinyood , iyo kii ka sarreeyey ba soo gooyey oo qabrigii ku xabaalay buu yiri: Awoowe ku wardi


    waa raggi ragga bahasha dhistay awoowe, digtoonow waryaa yaan xaggaa iyo danood lagaa soo geline :D

  6. ^^Abtigiis is a UN man who milks the misery of Somali people --- he can never be righ. Besides when it comes to politics and its intricacy , he composes after my style , the family has a division of labor you know GAROODI, Abtigiis waa gabyaa , anaguna bahashaan karinaa :D


    Saa u fahan.


    The change in the constitution and Puntland's objection has hit Hassan Sheekh where it hurts the most, in the diplomatic circles. Yariisow was dismissive before why he is talking about it today , it tells you a lot.


    Faroole has taken a vacation , while his stir in the political water generated a beautiful ripple effect that is even reaching Hargeysa :D


    when asked the suffering he caused , he procured his response in the tradition of poets:


    Intee niri dagaal waa xunyee , nabad inoo daaya

    Intii niri dal iinaan lahayn dawlad ku ahaada

  7. Abtigiis, it appears you either do not understand what the issues are or you are resorting to your old habit of being Gabal-Daye


    Garoodi, welcome back bro --you've been missed in these boards


    ps. Constitution has been signed in Nairobi ---until the referendum in 2016 , it is not supposed to be altered. Meelo istifsaal u baahan baa jira, laakiin beddel ala Warlord den/Mogadishu style are not acceptable to Kismayo and Garowe---and quite frankly it should not be acceptable to any region

  8. Kismaayo–18 Juun,2013–Puntlandi.com– Malayshiyaadkii dhawaca u geystey Yaasiin Raadaar ayaa weerarkoodu ahaa mid qorsheysan oo lagasoo abaabuley meelo Magaalada ka baxsan, Yaasiin Radaar ayaa maanta isku dayay inuu ciidan dhowra oo jidgooyo sameyey ayna isaga isku hayb yihiin uu lasoo hadlo, markuu u tagay wax yar ka dib waxaa dhinaca gadaale uga yimid laba nin óo isla maleeshiyaadka ahaa oo meel ku gabanayay waxayna rasaas ooda uga qaadeen Yaasiin Radaar iyo ilaaladiisii ka dibna way kala yaaceen, waxaana halkaas ku dhawacmey Yaasiin radaar oo laba xabo Madaxa uga dhaceen.

    Kooxdii falka geystey waxay markiiba bilaabeen iney dib isu urursadaan waxayna ka dul dhaceen koox kale oo ay U shegeen kana dhaadhiciyeen in Yaasiin Raadaar la diley oo ay dileen Ciidanka Raaskambooni, Waxayna markiiba bilaabeen iney si qarsoodi ah isu urusadaan, ka dibna waxay isugu tageen guri ay horey usii calaamadsadeen, iyagoo aminsan in Yasiin Radaar geeriyoodey.


    Dhawacii Yaasiin radaar waxaa markiib loo cararay Dhinaca Garoonka Diyaaradaha oo uu kuyaal Isbitaal gaara oo Amsiom leeyihiin, Madaxweyne Xigeenka Jubaland Mudane Cabdullaahi Fartaag wuxuu durbadiiba isugu yeerey Saraakiisha Ciidanka wuxuuna Amar ku bixiyey in isaga loo daayo soo qabashada nimankaan falka geystey, waxaana Nimanka xabada ridey aqoonsadey mid kamid ah ilaaladii Raadaar.


    Xero Ciidan oo ku taal Magaalada ayaa markiiba Madaxweyne Xigeenku war galiyey wuxuuna amrey in lasoo qabto maleeshiyaadka falka geystey dhamaantood sida ugu dhakhsaha badan.


    Ciidanka Xerada oo u tabaabusheysanaya iney bilaabaan howlgalkii ay kusoo qaban lahaayeen Maleeshiyaadka ayaa waxyar ka dib waxaa Xeradii is qabsadey sawaxan, ka dib markii ay Xerada soo galeen Baabuur gaaraya sadex oo Maleeshiyo ka buuxdo kuwasoo ku dhawaaqaya “Raadaar Waxaa diley Raaskaambooniyiintii” Waxaa durba la gartey in Sadexda Baabuur ay saaran yihiin Ragii Dhawaca u geystey Radaar ee ciidanku ay doonayeen iney soo qabtaan, waxaana markiiba la isku hareereeyey Baabuurtii, ka dib markii ciidanku ay Xabado digniin ah kor u rideen.


    Kooxda dhawacdey Yaasiin Radaar waxay Xerada usoo aadeen iney Marin habaabiyaan Ciidanka ku xereysnaa oo ay iyaga,Yasiin Radaar iyo Ciidankuba ay halbeel wada yihiin ayna uga dhaadhiciyaan in Yasaain radaar ay dileen Beel kale oo magaalada degta, si iyadoon wax la hubsan Xabad la isugu bilaabo.


    Nasiib wanaag Ciidankla Xerada waxay durba heleen Warka Rasmiga ah, waxayna haysteen amar kasoo baxay Madaxweyne Xigeenka amarkasoo oranaya waa in ragaas la soo qabtaa Nolol ama dhimasho, intii loo tabaabusheysanayay sidii lagusoo qaban lahaa ayay iyagii iskeeneen, sidaasaana lagu qabtey Ragii ka dambeyey isku dayga, waxaana hada ku socda Baaritaan ku aadan Cida ka dambeysey Weerarkaan qorshaysan.


    durba waxaa xerada soo gaarey Madaxweyne xigeenka iyo Saraakiisha Ciidanka Jubaland waxaana markii loo waramay loogana sheekeeyey qisadii dhacdey la ogaadey in Arintu ay ahayd mid qorsheysan Yasiin Radaarna la doonayay in la khaarajiyo si Dagaal iyo Qas magaalada looga abuuro.


    Yasiin Radaar hada waxaa lagu daweynayaa Isbitaal ku yaal Nairobi, oo goor dhawayd la geeyey, kala soco Puntlandi oo xaaladiisa caafimaad la socda, wixii soo kordha.

  9. AMISOM oo Raadaar dawayneysa

    18 Jun 18, 2013 - 9:07:25 AM

    Magaalada Kismayo ayaa laga soo sheegayaa in xaalada caafimaad ee Yaasiin Nuur Raadaar ay wanaagsantahay oo ka mida saraakiisha maamulka Jubaland ka dib markii saaka uu ku dhaawacay magaalada nin ay isku hayb yihiin oo ka tirsan ciidanka.


    Isbitalka ciidanka Kenya ee garoonka diyaaradaha ayaa lagu dawaynayaa ,waxana ka socda magaalada baaritaanka ninkii falkan gaystay oo la aqoonsaday ,iyadoo ay sheegeen masuuliyiinta Jubaland dhowaan inay gacanta ku soo dhigi doonaan.


    Raadaar ayaa ka mid ahaa saraakiisha Raaskambooni ee qaybta ka ahaa hawgalkii Al-shabaab looga xoreeyay Jubooyinka ,isagoona ka dib gudoomiye ku xigeen u ahaa Shiikh Axmed Madoobe ka hor intaan la isla dhex marin in kursiga wasiirka arrimaha gudaha Jubaland loo wado,waxana ilaa iyo haatan aan la ogayn sababta ka danbeysay in askariga uu rasaas ku furay masuulkiisa.


    Dalka Kenya ayaa la filayaa in loo qaado berito hadii ay dhakhaatiirtu ku taliyaan oo wax looga qaban kari waayo Isbitalka AMISOM ee Kismayo.


    DF Somalia ayaa horey madaxda iyo masuuliyiinta Jubaland ugu edeeyeen inay ka hurinayso gobollada Jubooyinka colaad beeleedyo ,iyadoona dadka wada dega goboladaasi hub iskugu dhiibtay sida la sheegay.