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  1. Supreme Court Bolsters Gay Marriage With Two Major Rulings





    WASHINGTON — In a pair of major victories for the gay rights movement, the Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that married same-sex couples were entitled to federal benefits and, by declining to decide a case from California, effectively allowed same-sex marriages there.


    The rulings leave in place laws banning same-sex marriage around the nation, and the court declined to say whether there was a constitutional right to same-sex marriage. But in clearing the way for same-sex marriage in California, the nation’s most populous state, the court effectively increased to 13 the number of states that allow such unions.


    The decision on federal benefits will immediately extend many benefits to couples in the states where same-sex marriage is legal, and it will give the Obama administration the ability to broaden other benefits through executive actions.


    The case concerning California’s ban on same-sex marriage, Proposition 8, was decided on technical grounds, with the majority saying that it was not properly before the court. Because officials in California had declined to appeal a trial court’s decision against them and because the proponents of Proposition 8 were not entitled to step into the state’s shoes to appeal the decision, the court said, it was powerless to issue a decision. That left in place a trial court victory for two same-sex couples who had sought to marry.


    The decision on the federal law was 5 to 4, with Justice Anthony M. Kennedy writing the majority opinion, which the four liberal-leaning justices joined.


    “The federal statute is invalid, for no legitimate purpose overcomes the purpose and effect to disparage and injure those whom the State, by its marriage laws, sought to protect in personhood and dignity,” Justice Kennedy wrote. “By seeking to displace this protection and treating those persons as living in marriages less respected than others, the federal statute is in violation of the Fifth Amendment.”


    Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. was in the minority, as were Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Samuel A. Alito Jr.


    The ruling overturned the Defense of Marriage Act, which passed with bipartisan support and which President Bill Clinton signed.


    The decision will raise a series of major questions for the Obama administration about how aggressively to overhaul references to marriage throughout the many volumes that lay out the laws of the United States.


    The five-member majority in the California case was different from the one in the Defense of Marriage case, in a sign that the California case was less straightforward. Chief Justice Roberts wrote the majority opinion, joined by Justices Scalia, Ginsberg, Breyer and Kagan.


    “In the majority’s telling, this story is black-and-white: Hate your neighbor or come along with us,” Justice Scalia wrote in his dissent in the case on the federal law. “The truth is more complicated.”


    Justice Scalia read from his dissent on the bench, a step justices take in a small share of cases, typically to show that they have especially strong views.


    Justice Kennedy, in his opinion, wrote that the law was “unconstitutional as a deprivation of the equal liberty of persons that is protected by the Fifth Amendment.”


    If California becomes the 13th state to legalize same-sex marriage, about 30 percent of Americans will live in jurisdictions where it is legal. Until last year, when four states voted in favor of same-sex marriage at the ballot box, it had failed — or bans on it had succeeded — every time it had appeared on a statewide initiative.


    Opponents of same-sex marriage have said that they remain hopeful that they can mount a political comeback, much as opponents of abortion used Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision, as a springboard to a more aggressive movement. Brian Brown, the head of the National Organization for Marriage, vowed Wednesday after the rulings to push for a federal constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.


    Gay rights advocates said they would continue pushing to legalize same-sex marriage in new states.


    The case on the federal Defense of Marriage Act of 1996, United States v. Windsor, No. 12-307, considered the part of the law that defines marriage as the union of a man and a woman for purposes of federal benefits. (A different part of the law, allowing states to refuse to recognize same-sex marriages from other states, was not before the court.)


    The case concerned two New York City women, Edith Windsor and Thea Clara Spyer, who married in 2007 in Canada. Ms. Spyer died in 2009, and Ms. Windsor inherited her property. The 1996 law did not allow the Internal Revenue Service to treat Ms. Windsor as a surviving spouse, and she faced a tax bill of about $360,000 that a spouse in an opposite-sex marriage would not have had to pay. Ms. Windsor sued, and last year the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, in New York, struck down the 1996 law.


    Until 2011, the Justice Department defended the law in court, as it typically does all acts of Congress. That year, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. announced that he and President Obama had concluded that the law was unconstitutional and unworthy of defense in court, but that the administration would continue to enforce the law. After the Justice Department stepped aside, House Republicans intervened to defend the law. Although the administration’s position prevailed in the lower courts, the Justice Department filed an appeal to the Supreme Court, saying the final decision should come from the highest court.


    The case on Proposition 8, the 2008 California voter initiative that banned same-sex marriage there, was filed in 2009 by Theodore B. Olson and David Boies on behalf a two same-sex couples who sought to marry. The two lawyers argued on opposite sides in Bush v. Gore, the Supreme Court case that settled the 2000 presidential election.


    A judge in San Francisco struck down Proposition 8 in a broad ruling whose logic would apply to bans around the nation. California officials did not appeal the ruling.


    The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, in San Francisco, ruled that proponents of Proposition 8 had standing to appeal the judgment against the state. The court then affirmed the trial judge’s decision but on a narrower ground, saying voters were not entitled to withdraw a constitutional right once it had been established by the State Supreme Court. That reasoning did not directly threaten bans in other states.


    In their brief in the Supreme Court, supporters of Proposition 8 said that preserving the traditional definition of marriage would “further society’s vital interests in responsible procreation and child rearing.” Those interests would be undermined, they say, by “officially redefining marriage as a genderless institution.” They urged the Supreme Court to proceed with caution in changing the definition of marriage and to respect societal judgments made through the democratic process.


    Supporters of same-sex marriage responded that allowing gay and lesbian couples to wed would not make it any more likely that straight couples would act irresponsibly. They added that courts must protect the fundamental rights of disfavored minorities.


    The Obama administration urged the Supreme Court to strike down Proposition 8, focusing on a ground that it said would apply to California and seven other states. It violates the Constitution’s equal protection clause, the administration’s brief said, to confer all the benefits and burdens of marriage on gay and lesbian couples through robust civil union or domestic partnership laws but withhold the label “marriage.”

  2. ^^Because he slipped at the get go due to a bad counsel surrounding him. He will have to eat his words back, and mend fences with this segment of Somali politics.

  3. Axmed cabdisalaan oo kamid noqday wafdiga dowlada ee la xaajoonaya wafdiga Jubbaland

    June 25, 2013


    War goor dhow nasoo gaadhay ayaa noo xaqiijiyay in safiirkii dhowaan loo magacaabay Ethiopia Axmed cabdisalaan uu kamid yahay wafdiga Xamar ka imaanaya ee wada xaajoodka la galaya wafdiga Jubbaland ee uu horkacay madaxweynaha Juubaland Axmed madoobe.


    Dhanka dowlada waxaa ka socda wasiiro dowlada madaxtooyada Faarax Cabdiqaadir iyo Axmed cabdisalaan halka Jubbaland ay yihiin 3 xubnood oo mid kamida uu yahay madaxweynaha Juabbaland Axmed madoobe.


    Dhaqdhaqaaqa siyaasadeed ee ka socda Addis Ababa kala soco Dhanaan.com

  4. Samatar seems desperate these days ...being all things to all people. hadhow markuu noo yimaado , dhegeysta wuxuu yiraahdo :D


    War ninkan anaga noo daaya :D


    As for the mother clans never holding the top office, it takes certain political infrastructure which these families never had. In politics songs and poems don't win votes , our brothers produced renown poets but they have to yet produce a politician that transcends beyond local politics. Even Mr. Egal failed to harvest the low hanging fruits that Somalia's civil war produced ---the situation was such that conditions at the time procured political fortunes that only the family could leverage. But the sole statesman squandered the opportunity. They blame the 1960 union, while the real blame is their inability to think big and build the neccassary alliance to lead.


    Siilaanyo cannot escape the chains of the past either, it is pity really to see him fight a lost cause.


    But all is not lost, and I do have a confidence in the aspiring politician that is NGONGE. One day Somalia will be led by an Arab/Somali/Burcaawi .

  5. C & C ,


    Actually it was a prepared speech for president's parliament speech. If it was an interview I would have given the president the benefit of the doubt. But to include such an obvious defeatist statement in a prepared remarks is a recipe for losing credibility.


    The president lost credibility and trust among large segment of Somali people because of his actions on Kismayo. He can repair , and he does have a time indeed,but that requires to suppress his ego and eat some words back...

  6. Ra,iisal Wasaarihii Somalia 1964-1967 oo taageerey Doorka Siyaasada Somalia ku wajahayaan Madaxda Puntland,Warbixin..

    June 22, 2013 10:36 pm GMT - Written by Editor - Edited by Editor



    Ra’iisalwasaarihii Xukuumadii Soomaaliya sanadkii 1964-1967 Abdirizak H. Hussein ayaa sheegey inuu waafaqsan yahay wadadii ay mareen Madaxda ay ka mid yihiin Cumar C/rashiid oo Ra,isal wasaare Somalia kasoo noqdey, Madaxweynaha Puntland Dr C/raxmaan Faroole iyo Cabdiwali Cali Gaas oo isna Ra,iisal Wasaare Somalia kasoo noqdey xilligii kala guurka ee laga gudbayey KMG-nimada Somalia.


    Abdirisaq Xaaji XuseenCabdi Risaaq Xaaji Xuseen oo Wareysi siiyey Xarunta Taxliiliinta Siyaasadda iyo Cilmi Baarista ee CFPAR (Center for Policy Analysis and Research, oo ah Hay’ad Somali-American ah, ayuu C/risaaq Xaaji Tilmaamay in Somalia ay suurto gal tahay inay ku laabato Calool xumadii Muqdisho ka dhacay sanadkii 1991-dii .


    Wuxuu tilmaamey inay ahayd taariikhdaasi musiibo weyneed oo aanan waligood hilmaameen ummada Soomaaliyeed, madaama Muqdisho ay ahayd magaaladii ay maalgashteen dhamaan ummada Soomaaliyeed islamarkaana laga soo ceyriyey hantidoodii iyo maalkii ay lahaayeen ayna si fudud ku hanteen ******** aan habeena usoo dhididin hantidaas.


    Mudane C/rasaaq waxa uu tilmaamey inay ahayd natiijadii dhacdaasi ka dhalatey mid aan la dhayalsan karin oo kaliftey in Muqdisho isku rogto mid ay nooshahay hal beel , ayna ahayd sababta dhalisey maamulada ay ka mid tahay Puntland mid ka timid colaadii halkaasi ka dhacdey oo aysan hilmaami doonin dadkii laga soo barakiciyey magaalo Madaxdii Soomaalia.


    Wuxuuna Yiri Isagoo Arrintaas ka hadlay:( this comes from those who affiliate with the ******* clan. It goes back to the grievances of what happened in Mogadishu in 1991. It was a great tragedy that they will never forget; they were expelled from the city that they invested; their properties were looted, and human lives were lost. As a result, unfortunately, Mogadishu has become a place that belongs to one clan. This is why we see the notions of “Puntland and Jubbaland,” and other so-called “lands” that we hear from here and there.)


    Dhanka kale Abdirisaaq waxa uu fariin u direy dadka degan Muqdisho ee ku harey ka dib barakici iyo halaagii dhacay 1991-dii , wuxuuna yiri” Reer Muqdisho, ma garwaaqsana qaladaadkii dhacay…illaa maanta aan kula hadlayana ma maqal weli qof ayaga ka mid ah oo raali gelin buuxda ka bixinaya wixii dhacay 1991-kii. Haddii aynu u baahanahy inaynu Soomaali dib isugu keenno waa in arrintan aynu ahmiyad siinnaa”


    Iyadoona taas bedelkeeda ay u dhigneyd markii uu Ra,iisal wasaarihii horre ee Somalia la hadlayey Reer Muqdisho waxa uu yiri:(On the other hand, my fellow brothers who reside in Mogadishu area, I don’t think they have realized the wrongdoings that happened, and as of today, I have not heard anyone who offered a full and public apology of what happened in 1991. If we want to bring Somalia back together, this issue needs to be prioritized. In my view, if we want to keep Mogadishu as our capital, the constitution must clearly indicate that it must be like Washington DC; a federal city that its borders are known; a federal city that has federal security system; and most importantly every Somali can feel its ownership. That is the only way that Mogadishu can be seen as a capital city for Somalia. We have to be truthful to one another if we want to reach a solution)


    Ugu danbeyntii Waxa uu kula taliyey C/risaaq Xaaji Huseen Dowlada Federalka Somalia in looga fadhiyo soo celinta Somali loo dhan yahay islamarkaana ay daah iska saarto daciifada iyo wadooyinka aan wanaagsaneyn ee ka dhex muuqanaya Madaxda Dowladu inay u haqal taagayaa.


    Xigasho: Wareysigii ay la yeeheesheen C/risaaq Xaaji Xuseen The Center for Policy Analysis and Research

  7. Cabdirisaaq Xaaji Xuseen ” Maamulka Jubaland iyo Ahmed Madoobe sharci ayaa lagu doortay, balse raga kasoo horjeeda Xamar ayaa laga soo diray ”

    June 24, 2013 - Written by admin - Edited byadmin


    Ra’iisul wasaarihii hore ee Soomaaliya Cabdirisaaq Xaaji Xuseen hadda ku dhaw da’da 90-jirka ayaa waxaa uu warbaahinta VOA- Laanteeda Soomaalida la hadasho u sheegay sida uu u arko maamulka Jubaland iyo doorashadii uu kusoo baxay Axmed Madoobe iyo raga kale ee xilkaasi la sheegtay.


    Cabdirisaq Xaaji Xuseen ayaa waxaa uu hadalkiisa ku bilaabay in maamulka Jubaland uu waafaqsan yahay dhismihiisa dastuurka federaalka ah ee dalk Soomaaliya loo sameeyey. Waxaana uu sheegay inay dhisteen maamulkaasi dadka deegaanka oo si sharci ah ugu sameystay maamul wax ka qabta baahidooda maamul.


    Dhinaca kale waxaa uu sheegay in Axmed Madoobe uu yahay madaxweynaha rasmiga ah ee maamulka Jubaland wixii ka soo harana ay yihiin rag fowdo wada oo laga soo abaabulay magaalada Muqdisho, isagoona si gaar ah ugu eedeeyey inay dowlada Soomaaliya ragaasi usoo dirtay inay dhib ka abuuraan Kismaayo iyo maamulkaasi dadku ay dhisteen.


    Cabdirisaaq Xaaji” Axmed Madoobe sharci ayaa lagu doortay, maamulka uu madaxda ka yahayna waa mid waafaqsan oo la jaanqaadaya dastuurka federaalka ah ee dalka u yaal. Marka aan sidaasi leeyahay waxaan soo xiganayaa ragii la tartamayey Axmed Madoobe waxaa ka mid ahaa Shiikh Shakuul oo ah ganacsade aan ka ah Kenya iyo Somaaliya kaasi oo markii uu arkay in awooda doorashada uu kusoo baxayo Axmed Madoobe uu isaga haray doorashada, isagoona taageeray qaabka ninkaasi lagu doortay. Sidaasi darteed ragan kale ee 4-ta ah ee kadib xilka iska sheegtay waa kuwa Muqdisho laga soo diray, rabana inay dhib un ka shaqeeyaan oo dowlada ayaa sidaasi usoo wakiilatay” ayuu yiri Ra’iisul wasaarihii hore ee Soomaaliya Cabdirisaaq Xaaji Xuseen.


    Dowlada Soomaaliya ayuu Cabdirisaaq Xaaji Xuseen ku amaanay dadaalkeeda xirirkii caalamiga ahaa oo ay dib usoo celisay, isagoona sheegay inay dowladan ku fiican tahay marka laga hadalyo arrimaha dibada. Balse waxaa uu sheegay inay dhibaato xoogan ka heysato arrimaha gudaha oo ay ugu horeeyaan ammaanka iyo arrimaha maamul u sameynta Jubooyinka.


    ” Dowlada arrimo lagu ammaano ayey ka sameysay xiriirka dibada , waxaana dhihi karaa guulo la taaban karo ayey ka gaartay intii yareyd oo ay jirtay, balse waxaa heysta guuldaro midii ugu weyneyd oo kasoo wajaheysa gobollada dalka Soomaaliya gaar ahaan Jubaland oo ay ku mashquushay, waliba ay u abaabushay nidaam looga hortegayo oo fowdeysan ” ayuu yiri Cabdirisaaq Xaaji Xuseen Ra’iisul wasaare hore oo Soomaaliyeed.


    Cabdirisaaq Xaaji Xuseen eedeynta uu jeedinayo waxaan isagana ka nabadgelin madaxweynaha Puntland Dr, Abdirahmaan Faroole kaasi oo uu sheegay in qaab beeleed uu ku garabtaagan yahay maamulka Jubaland ee Axmed Madoobe, isagoona arrintaasi ka leh mid siyaasadeed oo uu rabo inuu kusoo galo doorashada Puntland.


    ” Abdirahmaan Faroole waxaa uu sameynayaa nidaam qaldan oo qabyaaladeed. Waxa uu maamulka Axmed Madoobe si cad meel fagaaro ah oo Nairobi uga sheegay inuu taageerayo, isagoo taasi qabiil ahaan ku muujiyey. Siyaasad ayuuna arrintaasi ka leeyahay waana inuu rabo inuu reer Puntland isaga dhigo nin u taagan danta ******* oo ka celiyey qaska laga soo abaabulo Xamar, laakiin taasi lafteeda ayaaba dhib ugu filan dadka wada degan Jubooyinka kuwaasi oo aan ******* un aheyn” ayuu yiri Ra’iisul wasaarihii hore ee Soomaaliya Cabdirisaaq Xaaji Xuseen.


    Cabdirisaaq Xaaji Xuseen ayaa mar uu ka hadlayey xilliga uu ku noqonayo Soomaaliya ayuu sheegay inuu jecel yahay sida ugu dhaqsiyaha badan balse uusan arkin hadda safar uu ku aadi karo Soomaaliya. Waxaana uu intaasi raaciyey in noloshiisa inta ka dhiman uu la jecel yahay Soomaaliya oo nabad ah.


    Hadalka mas’uulkan kasoo mid ahaan jiray madaxdii ugu horeysay Soomaaliya waliba xillii ay dowlada Soomaaliya ugub aheyd ayaa waxaa uu noqonayaa mid miisaan culus leh. Waxaana la ogeyn sida ay wax ugu qaadan doonaan madaxda siyaasadeed ee maanta maamulka Jubaland ku muransan oo ay ugu horeeyaan Dowlada Madaxweyne Xasan Shiikh iyo Maamulka Jubaland ee Axmed Madoobe.


    Warbaahinta Kismaayo24.com kala soco warbixinadii ugu danbeeyey dalka iyo dibada.