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  1. Muqdisho(RBC Radio) Madaxweynaha maamulka Galmudug Cabdi Xasan Cawaale Qaybdiid ayaa shaaca ka qaaday iney wadaan qorshe ay ku weerarayaan deegaanada gobolada dhexe ee ay xiligan gacanta ku hayaan xoogaga alshabaab,Madaxweyne Qaybdiid ayaa sheegay iney ka go’an tahay ka saaridda alshabaab guud ahaan gobolada dhexe.


    “5 degmo oo ka tirsan gobolada dhexe dadka ku nool waxaa sharaftooda iyo karaamadooda ku tumanaya kooxda alshabaab,dagaal ayaa looga saarayaa degmooyinka ay ku sugan yihiin si ay u suurta gasho dhisida maamul ay ku mideysan yihiin bulshada ku dhaqan gobolada dhexe” ayuu yiri madaxweynaha Galmudug Cabdi Xasan Cawaale Qaybdiid.


    Cabdi Qaybdiid ayaa sheegay in shacabka ku dhaqan demooyinka gobolada dhexe ee ay alshabaabku maamulaan ay ku hayaan dhibaatooyin fara badan oo ay ka mid yihiin dil dhac iyo barakicin,wuxuuna tilmaamay ineysan arintaasi ahayn mid ay u dulqaadan karaan,wuxuuna carrabka ku adkeeyey iney ka dulqaadi doonaan dhibaatada ay alshabaab badeen dadka ku dhaqan degmooyinka ay ka arimiyaan ee gobolada dhexe sida uu yiri.


    Alshabaab ayaa dhankooda dhawaan kaga dhawaaqay Shir ay ku yeesheen deegaanka Wabxo ee gobolka Galgaduud iney duullaan ku yihiin deegaanada ka maqan gacantooda ee gobolkaas oo ay sheegeen iney ku sugan yihiin dad ay ku tilmaameen Cadow sida ay hadalka u dhigeen,alshabaab ayaa gacanta ku haya degmooyinka ka tirsan gobolada dhexe oo ay ka mid yihiin Ceelbuur Xarardheere iyo Ceeldheer oo ka kala tirsan gobolada Galgaduud iyo Mudug.

  2. ^:D :D


    A question for you Apophis (you seem to be pregnant with a profound thing, this may clarify lol): would you inject same passion in advocating what you perceive to be right for the plight of other communities who just happen to be outside of the regions where your clan reside? For example if federalism or some other notion of governance you care is denied for the people of Hiiraan or Galgaduud would you be there for them (so to speak)?

  3. Rahima;963303 wrote:




    There is a big difference between playful banter and what you write in the politics section. If you believe that being a qabiilist is a repugnant characteristic to have then why act (write) in ways which would suggest that you are? At times your posts are very hateful and whilst i cannot ever know what is your heart, i can make conclusions about your values. To me qabiilism is not to simply to hate another person based on their qabiil but rather encompasses so many other actions/beliefs, such as to only concern yourself with the interests of your qabiil without giving much thought to how it would impact your brothers and sisters who are not of your qabiil. To me qabiilism is to make remarks which denigrate a persons qabiil. You seem to be making light of it but you regularly do all these and more- not to mention that you're always trying to sweep it off as an intellectual debate which is beyond the capability of an emotional young woman with very few neurons (all insults noted BTW). In saying that though Xiin, don't concern yourself with me- worry for yourself and all the young minds you may potentially pollute/ have polluted. If indeed you don't mean to come across as a qabiilist, let me tell you for the umpteenth time YOU DO. For your own sake wax iska badal- you seem to get worse with each passing moment.


    And i do think these discussions are useless- you and i have been going back and forth on the same things with no progress.

    At this point it is fair to say that you are resolved to see me as a qabiiliste :D. Though I am not concern with such a poor judgement of yours against my character, I attempted to educate you about what these discussions may or may not entail. My posts stand for themselves.


    And yes you are young and inexperienced relative to me; surely your hasty conclusions do nothing but attest to such a novice nature of yours (you have not taken the final vows of age:D ). One day you will find out arguing for federalism is not akin to qabiilism, speaking against the looted properties and those who still hold it is the right thing to do, and defending the territorial integrity of Somalia however impractical it may seem is still a good thing to do. But today is not that day , so go on and believe what you may Rahima.

  4. ^^You are one of the source of Rahima's confusion. Politics is the art of influencing the leadership hence the very livelihood of society. It is not necessarily immoral. The question I was trying to answer or explain was whether engaging in politics and its inherent clan retails is a bad thing.


    My answer is no. and I made a distinction to alleviate the obvious confusion. Your assertion that politics in its very nature is amoral, and has no regard to rightness or wrongness is misleading at best. See wax leedahay waryee :D :D

  5. Rahima,


    Good post overall-- though I still sense the sensational 'qabiilist' stuff you seem to have become fond of these days.


    This is not a useless discussion. SOL is where the best, and the brightest of Somalia's intelligentsia converge, where else would you find NGONGE, Nur, Baashi, Abtigiis, Oodweyne, Val, and my favorite of all sister Serenity, and many others who congregate in all sections. SOL is not however a mosque, people take advantage of the anonymity nature of the forum. Some abuse it and express themselves without reserve, and some use the medium to challenge each other, entertain, and socialize etc.


    In my definition, qabiilist (qabali) is by far one of the repugnant character/behavior any Muslim could be inflicted with; it is the idea of hating others because of which qabiil they belong to, it is a bad idea. I blame your age and the obvious emotional state you are in to accuse me with such thing.


    To talk about qabiilis, the history of clans, the literature of Somalis, their wars, politics, poems, and cultures and put it in the context of today's political settings is not a matter of qabaliyah. It is the very beauty of being Somali. You should pay attention here for I am not making a distinction without a difference: I would never hate xaaji habaar, or Abwaan or Liqaye, indeed it is my wish to meet them one day, have a coffee with them, perhaps play chess with them, enjoying their company. In the same token, I would continue to strongly object the notion of separatism, and crack jokes about the three Mother clans. Likewise, I would continue teasing Liqaye with Ceel Buur, donkeys and digir with Abwaan. When Abtigiis and I are not on the same side of that day’s argument, I would not hesitate to tease him about Garawo she-camel and the story of his ilk’s attempt to sweeten the Jubba River with the sugar they looted from the British garrison based on Bardheere at the time.


    Appreciating the distinction I made, however, requires certain intellectual capacity. No matter what Oodweyne says, and how ugly it may sometimes appear, I never lose sight of the fact that Oodweyne means to only expresses his political conviction (though I may not tell him that). If I were to meet him, I am sure he would be best of hosts for me. So sister, you are wrong in your exaggeration of the effect of posts in political section, wrong in your perception of us as bad people intent to spread mischief, and most important you are wrong to put yourself above the fray while your political passion and strong convictions in support of one side of the argument is obvious.


    Still you are great as you are, this exchange will not affect the fact that I hold you in a high regard.


    ps. haddaad will dhasho xiinfaniin u bixi

  6. Shirkii caadiga ahaa ee Golaha Xukuumadda federaalka ah ee Soomaaliya ay Khamiis kasta isugu yimaadaan ayaa maanta lagu shaaciyey Shan Safiir oo loo magacaabey in ay Dowladda uga wakiil ahaadaan qaar kamid ah dalalka Deriska iyo kuwa Qaarada Yurub.


    Gen. Muuse Xassan Cabdulle oo ka mid ahaa Baarlamaanka isla markaana haa mudanaha ugu da’da weyn ee shirguddoominaayey baarlamaanka ka hor inta aan la doooran Afhayeenada Baarlamaanka ayaa lagu xoojiyey in uu Soomaaliya wakiil uga noqdo Xiriirka dalka talyaaniga.


    Axmed Cabdisalaam oo Xukuumaddii raysalwasaare Nuur Cadde ka soo noqdey Wasiir ayaa loo magacaabey Safiirka Soomaaliya u fadhiya dalka Itoobiya, halka Safiirka laga bedalay Itoobiya Siciid Yuusuf Nuur loo magacaabey safiirka cusub ee Tansaaniya u fadhin doona Soomaaliya.


    Golaha Xukuumadda ayaa sido kale isku raacey in Cali Siciid Faqi uu noqdo safiirka cusub ee Dalka Biljamka iyo Midowga Yurub, kuwaas oo uu horey u hayey Nuur Xassan Xuseen (Nuur Cadde9 Safiirka Talyaaniga.


    Safiiradan cusub ayaa la sheegay in ay soo jeedisey Wasaaradda Arrimaha Dibadda.


    Wasaaradda Arrimaha Dibadda iyo Dowladda Xassan Shiikh ayaa lagu eedeeyaa in ay Safiirada Soomaaliya u fadhiya ay ku soo xuleen qaab ka baxsan caddaaladda isla markaana lagu qaybiyey ay eex iyo qabyaalad, iyada oo aan loo eegin aqoonta diblomaasiyiinta iyo qaabka dib u heshiineed ee Soomaali wax ku qaysbaneysey.

  7. Jacaylbaro;963203 wrote:
    But none of the SOLers are here ,,, except maybe that chief of staff one .... show been bay inagu akhriyayeen markay lahaayeen waanu joognaa

    lol@markay lahaayeen waanu joognaa :


    Ragga Abtigiis baa u fulaysan horta. Wallee lays baray, tallaabo dheere goormu Nairobi buste ku huwaday, kulahaa xanuun baan bastay la ahay:D, nuune iigu daran u marqaati furay


    I envy you Jacaylbaro, you are at least inside the country there is always a risk awoowe, but working inside the country is beyond bravery

  8. ^^Malistar2012 advises the president


    malistar2012;963162 wrote:
    Axmed Cabdisalaam Xaaji Aadan oo loo magacaabay danjiraha Soomaaliya ee dalka Itoobiya


    Good move



    There are four ambassadorial posts for Somalia : Kenya, Ethiopia, Dubai, and Turkey plus London.


    Take a look at all four plus London, and it sure depicts a picture of imbalance.


    ps. The US has thus far refused to has a Somalii ambassador, and the UN is ceremonial post.

  9. Rahima,


    'reassess your posts' is not a bad advise. I am always open for reassessment ---without it, I would not be acknowledging the weak nature of human being.


    Are you? If you are look closely at the 'inherited bias' I have referred to.



    ps. Obviously despite your protest , I was not wrong on my assumptions.

  10. ^They will not wipe each other out...this just exacerbates the already bad situation. This kind of infighting will only result in the emergence of more extremist wings, and it decentralizes the organization in a way that will make next to impossible for future negotiations (which will be inevitable in my opinion).

  11. Rahima,


    You are still speaking with a voice cracked with emotions. But I love you for it.


    I only wish you could be more forward thinking in your political outlook. Defending how things were , and clinging to an ideal Somalia in the face of a twenty one year civil war is a mark of cowardice. It is quite interesting certain political communities are opposed to federalism , also interesting that you good Rahima happen to be one their daughter yet instead of admitting the inherit bias, you chose to speak with the language of righteous and prophets and accuse others with different political view points with treason and dishonest , and in my case with qabiilism.


    But we have been there before ...with respect to alshabaab, to Sharif, to the road map, and this xiinfaniin 'qabiilist' somehow has been proved right time and time again. Haddii alle ku nooleeyo, anna waa kaa weynahaye aan sii jiro, I am certain that you would come to appreciate the wisdom we advocate ...