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    A newly formed rebel alliance led by the Tigray People's Liberation Front is within striking distance of Addis Ababa. A failed state could displace millions of people and stoke more ethnic violence.

    The Liberal west media  continue their propaganda. They are talking about war on terror and Somalia. So you can say they are against Abiya vision. The people in the region must to prove them wrong.

  2. They trying to pressure Abiya. They did not have problem to convince Mingest leave. Abiya have public support  and Ethiopians will not forgive him if he leaves now.

    The real issue is Abiya refused to accept the Dam deal.

    He befriended Farmaajo and stoped the Somalia interference. 

    He have to win the war and force negotiation, otherwise the Oromo and economy will eventually lead his lost.

  3. Khadafi

    The issue is not the mistakes Abiya did, is not Ethiopia, Amhara, Oromo and TPLF. It is all about geopolitics and this geopolitical game is design for all the east African regions. it is all about what to come and the probability if Abiya can survive this. It is now different boll game. 

    There are indeed some similarities what happened Xamar in 1991 and what is going on Ethiopia today. In1990 all the financial support going to Somalia was stopped. Arabs was told not provide Siyad Barre any financial support. Somali was relied on the support they got from Saudi Arabia, UAE and United states and all was stopped. There were no hard currency coming moqdisho anymore. The rest is history. Same thing is happening in Ethiopia. I do not think Blinken is right person for this. He probably think east Africa is extension of the middle east.

    The Ethiopians are saying the TPLF was defeated, there leaders was either captured or killed. Now, they  are getting even satellite and communication support. For any outcome Ethiopia is doomed and it effect Somalia and Somalis big time.

    The Oromo is weakest link but also most dangerous group. You right about their similarities with Somalis. If they are not managed right. They will destroy the whole thing and they will come to Jigjiga for sure.  Blinken will not able to manage Ethiopia.

  4. Che

    Ethiopians are not similar to Somalis. Even Tigray everything is working. There is no looting taking place. In fact with all the propaganda few civilian was killed for all the parties. Even OLA just replaced leaders of the villages they captured if needed. There is long way to go before we see the moment of changes in ethiopia.


    Although situation is not good for Abiya. He is not done and his last move was very clever. This is a western campaign to overthrow Abiya rather the  strength of TPLF and other resistant. But I also agree Abiya needs foreign support and only Turkey can help but Turkey has their lira problem and do not want to make their situation worst. There are also rumors that turkey started providing Abiya a small military support. The Oromo is most problematic for Abiya but West is with TPLF. This may give Abiya a second chance


  5. Back to topic

    A this point  I do support Cagjar. He is in a liking  ship and there is nothing he can do, other than to stay loyal to his master. A majority of his tribal men are more worry about  Kismaanyo and  hoping a speeded Abiya departure. But the fact is the changes in Ethiopia started long time ago when the same groups  helped the  removal of Melazawi regime. Maybe the same tactics will be successful again but Ethiopia will never be same. I see the refugee coming and overwhelm Somalia and not only other ethnic groups but people from Somalis region. Than we will see if garoowe and Hargeysa welcome them.

  6. Yusuf should run for president. He is someone with principle. He came out and let the world know they did not follow the rules in book. Western led institution are alway political.

    1 hour ago, maakhiri1 said:

    These issues are too complex and Somalis lack knowledge,  the judgement was too technical and few understood it

    War meel cidla iyo dhac baynu la dabaaldegeeyney?


    Yeelkeeda, with Somalia very week,  it could have been worse.  Intaas aynu iimaansano,  and judgement is final 

    Not really. The line is visually clear where it is going to.  
    Kenya and their friends understood the rules and they played the Somalis. The MOU was problematic which led Somalia going to the court.  Somalia  had everything in place. The colonial agreement in 1936. Italian and British  sea border which Somalia inherit. The  Somalia of the law of sea which somalia declared in 1977 and the geography  of Somali border with Kenya . Somalia does not have those advantage in the Red Sea. Yemen  will win the biggest share.

  7. I do totally agree with him. There were no many Somalis talking about the problem that Yusuf was talking about.  Somalia are not detailed oriented people. Yusuf from Eyl is one the true hereo. 
    The  new line in many ways is similar the one Kenya was claiming. after the line passes the disputed area it gives more and more sea to Kenya. They never suppose to be fair to us.

  8. 28 minutes ago, maakhiri1 said:

    SOMALIS have a very short memory,  I really don't know who he was but I  remember before anyone there was a guy who went crazy about this issue in Somalitalk. Who everyday was writing about this issue and made most Somalis aware.

    If you are out there,  I want say thank you. 

    I do remember that guy. He was the one who actually educated me on this issue.

  9. Somalia may won 75% of disputed area but losing big after line go father beyond 200NM. The court did not follow the law of the sea, they just did xeer jajab. I was reading months ago the result they published. Kenya received  little bit less what Somalis politicians promised for Kenya in the area oil was found but gain more overall. In fact Kenya is gaining more sea as line goes to open sea. Somalia and Tanzania lines may  never meet now. Kenya has now open sea.


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    Waxaa Haawanaya Meherada kala duwan ee Farsamada gacanta , kuwaa oo samayn jirey Qalabka , Guryaha , Xafiisyada ,meheradaha , ganacsiga , Dawaarlayaasha , dhismaha iwm

    Waxaa Haawanaya Meherada kala duwan ee Farsamada gacanta , kuwaa oo samayn jirey Qalabka , Guryaha , Xafiisyada ,meheradaha , ganacsiga , Dawaarlayaasha , dhismaha iwm .

    Waxaa laga kaxaystay dhamaan shaqaalihii u shaqeyn jirey , iyadoo shaqooyinkaasi gebi ahaanba ay ka shaqyn jireen dadkii magaalada Laga Tarxiley.

    Shirkada Dhismaha guryaha , Farasamada gacanta , Kuwa Dharka Tola , kuwa Baabuurta hagaajiya iwm ayaa d

  11. In many ways Laascaanood has became a small moqdisho. There are small warlords and clan Malesia in bed with Somaliland. Their bigger goals is the control of city and the region. They also have support from geopolitical actors. The majority of the people who lived and worked in laascaanood are not from south west somalia. The south west business people are expert in retail business, specially selling cloth and shoes.  Lascanod had the largest Bantu population in the region after Gaalkacayo. They had a lot of shops and making all kind of home made product. They are also high skilled builders. The Bantu population are high spenders, the restrounts and tea shops dependent on them. Local people do not have these skills and if they do, they are very expensive. Now they are talking about replacing the Bantu population  and export SNM people. Liberating Laascaanod is important never before to restore Somalia back


  12. This has nothing to do the local people. In fact Lasanod has benefited the new comers, it has become  a fast growing non expensive city to live it. After the  86 person was killed the local people created a group elders to investigate. The killers are locals hired Somaliland.  Biixi and his local gangs felt losing control and started this evil thing. They only removed or scared small numbers of southern population, majority of people are still there. The good local people in Laascaanood have to stand up, otherwise everybody from Laascaanood must to be deported from everywhere from Somalia.




  13. 18 minutes ago, Che -Guevara said:

    I don't know if this is fake or not, but it become clear Roble was gunning for the treasury. Hiring Mr. 30:30 did not help his case.

    Treasury and security apparatus to humiliate Farmaajo team. He may had little bit  success when Fahad Yasin was out of country. Deni/Sharrif Ahmed  team did not like his Emirate plans and left him in the sand.