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    Muqdisho (Caasimada Online) – Madaxweynayaasha shanta maamul goboleed ee Soomaaliya ayaa war-murtiyeed wadajir ah kasoo

    These men are winners of this round.

    Rooble and his Damaljadiid gambled and lost big time here.  Now these men will take over the election processes and Rooble is not even invited next meeting. In addition  8/22/21 agreement  is no more disputed. These men can basically also select the lower house members by technicality. 

    Farmaajo may survived and end up the strong man.







  2. UK is pro Kenya. This point everyone is

    56 minutes ago, Che -Guevara said:


    Somalis are uneducated about the country draft constitutions. This is what he tells the street people. Somalia is a Republic and Federal now.  The president or acting president is the most powerful person, flowed by the law makers. The president has the emergency powers although he did not mentioned his degree. Foreigners will clearly understand Farmaajo degree. Rooble was simply hit hard, it will be hard for him to remove anyone for now on and that  was the intention of the degree.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Dalmar1 said:



    No Somalia state news broadcast is mentioning this except the Ethiopia state news, perhaps farmaajo should move to Ethiopia with his deluded authority he claims.


    It is everywhere. Radio moqdisho and SNT TV are still the hands of clan Malesia that accupied 1991. They just got paid from the goverment.

  4. Rooble is fool and he will remember the worst PM Somalia ever had. The man got political golden opportunity as gift but mismanaged  so badly that left  him with nothing. Hours after removal of  his old friends are not rush for his support because he was just their tool to damage president Farmaajo as much possible before the election. The Rooble supporters are wrong to compare 2008 to 2021. It seems Rooble is disarmed and road to election will be more peaceful what many people are imagining.

  5. 46 minutes ago, Dalmar1 said:

    Lol, I usually ignore your ignorant emotional rants, but I must reply to you this time.

    When you say coup, you should understand coup is usually done on an sitting mandated legitimate President like what's happening in Guinea, what we have in Somalia is an ex-president with no mandate overreaching his none existing power and failed in every corner.

    In short, for a coup to happen there has to be an legitimate President in the country which your Abo Farmaajo isn't.

    If Farmaajo is ex-president where is the current president? Now  it is time for Isbaaro right? that is what important for some people. 

  6. I already told you Rooble is motivated for dirty money. He will do everything in his power to get rich before the election.  His friends are many but have one common goal which is to stop Farmaajo reelected any price. At this point Rooble is scaring everybody and that will show the ballot boxes, areal ******** at work.

    It is very clear now that this saga will continue until the election takes place. In the end Rooble degree and orders will not have effect. He may target ministers from other parts of countries but will back fire because no one will trust. Rooble and his friends when it is time for election. Rooble will also shadow the opposition unless they clearly distance from him. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Tillamook said:

    You are indeed a funny curious creature. 😁

    But why should I be surprised: Like a cornered wretched vermin in a dark alley,  it is typical for a delusional N&N supporter such as yourself to try to change the topic at hand by using a futile array of pointless evasion and obfuscation to hide the increasingly untenable and absurd situation that Useless Farmaajo finds him in. 😆

    Saaxiib, when will you see Useless Farmaajo for what he truly is?


    Both of us are very old now but I am still hopeful to see useful others. . Other than "Useless Farmaajo" This was your other sometime coded massage  but often clearly stated again and again since last 2 years. "Farmaajo will not be allowed to run again" am I wrong?

  8. 19 minutes ago, Dhagaxtuur said:

    Hahaha.  Sheekada waa bilow. 

    30 jir, 30 milyan.

    Moqdisho getting more peaceful, more open for business scares people like 30 jir, 30 milyan. He can not have the monopoly he needs to continue hugely profit insecurity. Rooble is calculated what he is doing by taking advise from these people. The end game is to bring Farmaajo down sooner rather later which they share with others including foreigners. They already talking about attacking NISA building tonight.

  9. 2 minutes ago, Tillamook said:

    You are right to some degree.

    The disappearance of the girl is indeed a criminal matter, but it is Useless Farmaajo who politicized the issue by attempting to give political cover to the main suspect in the case.

    I pity the fools who are desperately optimistic about the future political prospects of the Expired cheese in Villa Somalia.😆


    Did not you tell us that Farmaajo will not be allowed to run again? This is probably the game, blaming the victims. Do not try to change your colors, everybody is wearing sun glasses. 


    Xasaradda Siyaasadeed, ee uu abuuray Taliyihii hore ee Hay’adda Nabad-sugidda iyo Sirdoonka Qaranka Fahad Yaasiin, isla-markaana uu sii huriyay Madaxweynihii hore Farmaajo, ayaa sababi karta in...

    We do not have any bigger national problem than this. These few clan melesia driving the national army trucks are real problem. This is what Xasan skeikh left and they want to maintain the status que. it is like being the yuhuudii soomali.

  11. I have different point of few. Rooble is motivated by money. Before he was appointed Rooble had small shop in Kenya. He was a little poor man with many children's. He hoped to be rich soon like anybody in Moqdish. That did not happened. The government does not have money but Bayle is still able to buy the salaries. He just panicked knowing he may not come back. He started working with Farmaajo oppositions to fill his empty bag. First the Kenya deal did not worked as well, than the Cairo visit did not brought any money either, Sisi never met him. He tried Saudi Arabia and it did not work either. Finally Ikram case was the last opportunity and it may worked well for him for the money he was after. Fahad was probably able to bring a  check some how.

    If this is settled the way media reported. It  is going to be big win for Farmaajo team and big lost for the old group. The old group that was benefiting the system for the last 22 years, see their role and advantage diminish as long Farmaajo around and they gone fight him every way possible. From the elites of SSDF to clan Malesia in south west accupying the farm land are afraid as their role continue diminish as others make gains. This is very much battle of resources for those who got most of it and others who want their share.

  12. it does not have to be Alshabaab taking advantage. As other mentions they are not Taliban rather gangs who collects money to support themselves. However, without salary not paid the cause will start day one. If the foreign cash support dries and SNA will not be paid things could change rapidly. The west already stopped any direct money going to Somali government 12 months ago with Farmaajo disagreement. Thanks Turkey 30 millions cash flow and Bayle tricks the salary is paid now. the local revenue which is about 40% of government budgets is simply not enough for the currupted ministers alone. The reason of rapid Taliban advance was due, the government soldiers did not get paid for months. The west decided to leave for many reasons but was hoping a civil war in Afghanistan  but it back fired. The new taliban will be able secure Aghanistan even without foreign assistant that scenario scares the west.  Siyaad Barre government collapsed for same reason. After fall of soviet union, the west and golf countries were not sending any more money to moqdisho and with new leader in UAE, the biggest donor by time, things ended badly. Somalia state will not survive without creating local revenue enough for paying salary either today or tomorrow. This issue the colonial powers were talking about in 1950 and 1960 when SYL was fighting for independent Somali. Unfortunately Somali politicians disappointed Somali people again and again going easy route asking foreigners for donations in return to offer Somalia strategic potion. Going forward somali government must create local revenue enough for paying salaries at least. Bayle is right person to lead that direction but no one will listen as corruption is a culture in Somalia.