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    This is great improvement.The land database in Somaliland has been a consistent headache and cause for a lot of troubles including missing files, disputes etc. The introduction of GIS system will greatly simplify while at the same time is more secure and more reliable.
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    I mean lets be honest, following Somaliland is one thing they do well. They just have to remember that it is not a good tactic when we are on opposite sides of a battle
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    The geopolitical significance of Somaliland's coast is the primary reason that made the Somali Republic relevant during the cold war, it appears the world is waking up to this old reality, and Somaliland has been playing a sublime diplomatic game recently. Great to see young intellectuals of Muqdisho refusing to be baited by embittered faqash bigots and supporting their brotherly state of Somaliland; its a win win for all.. well, maybe not the defeated lot but who cares about them anyway
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    Well, not to stereotype, but the Chinese are known to be very industrious people
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    Ilhaan is also with white man now
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    And when they are training our navy and Air force it will be reported as a "Latin American" and an "Eastern European" country respectively
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    Projects that will be finalised This year. 1. Burco - Ceerigaabo Road - 300 km of fully locally funded paved road will be finished in September 2020. This road has already cut the travel time between Burco and Ceerigaabo by half. People now can have their breakfast in Hargeisa and have lunch in Ceerigaabo. A tremendous improvement. 2. Berbera corridor Road - 200km modern highway that will connect Berbera to the trading town of Togwachale will be completed by October this year. 3. Berbera Port expansion - the new 400m Berbera Port Container Terminal will be completed by October this year 4. Berbera International Airport - the newly refurbished with new 4km runway, will be opened later in the year. Projects that will be turning sod in 2020 1. Hargeisa - Burco Road via Oodweine, funded by African Development Bank and Somaliland Government, this 180km hinterland road will cut travel time between Hargeisa and Burco by 1/2. The current road via Berbera is total length 300km. The new road via Oodweine will be 180km. Travellers will be saving over 100km of fuel expense and a lot of time. This road will also help cut time to far Eastern regions i.e. time to reach Ceerigaabo will be further cut. 2. Djibouti - Jigjiga Road via Borama, also Funded by Africa Development Bank, this is 250km Road that will link Djibouti and Jigjiga passing through Borama. 3. Drill babe Drill - The first Oil well of many will get drilled this year. 4. Ceerigaabo - Mait Road - a 30km steep downhill/uphill road that winds down through Daallo Mountains and crosses Tabca Pass. This road will cut travel time to and from coastal communities. 5. Mait Fishing Port - A port that will serve as an economic hub for Sanaag regions to tab into the rich fishing seas on its shore.
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    El-Presidente Mudane Muse Biixi has proven again that he is no-nonsense man. And by that he has won a lot of admirers from around the world and specially in the crucial and important group in the Foreign Policy circles. Africans are watching and learning from Somaliland.
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    Somalida Inta kale wa dad wanaagsan reer jabuutiga reer kilinka shanaad reer nfd. Dhibku wuxu inaga haysta. Somalida amisom gumeysato. oo jecel inay luqontooda tagaan. Iyago duli ah.
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    Taiwan is going to assist upgrading Somaliland coast guard capabilities.
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    We need to transition away from live animal exporting towards a frozen meat trade. The animals would be saved from the suffering of the voyage It’s worth more to the Somaliland economy to process animals in Somaliland, instead of shipping them live (leather). Meat processing facilities would create thousands of jobs. Farmers selling to the frozen meat trade would be exposed to less risk from closed markets or markets disrupted by disasters.
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    Well, looking at things from a broader perspective, one gets the sense that the notion of: "shake the trees and see what falls out of it", can be the apt "truism" that comes to mind in here. And this is what Somaliland has been up to lately at least in terms of her diplomatic engagement with the wider world and with very consequential states in the International Community (IC). And top of that, Mr. Trump, had just signed an all-important "Act of Congress" intending to "safeguard" the independence of Taiwan and all those who are her "friends", and who, in turn, may end up under the cross-hair of the bullying tactics of the PRC. Moreover, I expect the UK will do a similar move, subsequently, in the sense of making a diplomatic open position in regards to "Taiwan and her friends". And in particular, that will be the case, since, UK is already at logger-head with PRC on the Hong-Kong (HK) issue, given that Beijing had reneged on the deal UK had signed with them back in 1984 that was known as the "Sino-British Agreement" in regards to how HK will be administered when it will be returned back to Beijing from 1997 onward. All in all, "Taiwan and her old and new friends" have the "diplomatic wind", behind them, it seems. And we will soon see how the game gets to be played out. This means I shall leave it to the collection of the haggard strugglers around here, who are not any the wiser at all, to determine as to who would fit in, nicely, the alleged "Taiwan's friends" in here, in which the West is passing laws and "diplomatic demarche", in order to just protect their interests and their nation's independence against the bully-boy-tactics of the PRC.
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    Dawning of a new era. Incredible how work continues unabated at the original port at full capacity during the expansion.
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    Hello; Roughly 20 years ago I remember this beggar from Baidoa nearly lost it when President Riyaale expelled from Somaliland a couple of hundred Professional beggars from Baidoa and it seems he’s still bitter about it. Sadly in my absence from SOL no one bothered to set him straight so I will try to play the devils advocate here and break the sad news to him knowing fully well how obstinate beggars are. President Biixi does not chew qaad, smoke or drink. I know your beggers mind can’t and won’t grasp that but it’s a FACT. However I can’t say the same for your Fellow beggars back home in Baidoa and among the few in the diaspora. 75% of the income your folks earn begging in Mogadishu is spent on those 2 vices. both alcohol and qaad have become a favorite pastime in Baidoa enjoyed by many of the locals. Even the former chief beggar Jawari was an alcoholic. Excuse me if I forgot my manners but one can’t but help kick an obtuse beggar once in a while. good to see the old folks who I knew from many many years ago btw.
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    This is not the first (or fifth.. or tenth) time the Dhbayaco regional administration blatantly copied Jamhuuriyadda Barakeysan. We all remember the incredibly hilarious episode where the Dhbayaco council of ministers endorsed the Urban Master Planning policy report released by their Ministry of Public works which later turned out to be entirely plagiarised from Somaliland's own policy "Parliamentarians were surprised that Minister Abdirashid Hirsi Mohamed has failed to present a policy based on a genuine assessment in Puntland regionss. But unfortunately Puntland state, which has existed for 18 years, has resorted to duplicate it from Somaliland. It contained provinces under Somaliland." https://www.garoweonline.com/en/news/puntland/somalia-puntland-minister-slammed-for-releasing-copied-report-from-somaliland The incompetent dhbayaco minister forgot to remove the names of Somaliland regions e.g. Maroodi-jeex, Toghdheer, Awdal...etc
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    Berbera and Zeila, two of the Horn of Africa’s ancient trading cities, have long attracted the interest of global powers because of their strategic location near the Bab el-Mandeb Strait connecting the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea. This location makes Somaliland’s coastal ports among the region’s most valuable real estate and an alternative to Djibouti as a key player in terms of trade, development, energy, and water security for the Red Sea and Horn of Africa. Richard Burton, the British explorer, recognized the importance of Berbera port back in 1896, writing: In the first place, Berbera is the true key of the Red Sea, the centre of East African traffic, and the only safe place for shipping upon the western Eritrean shore, from Suez to Guardafui. Backed by lands capable of cultivation, and by hills covered with pine and other valuable trees, enjoying a comparatively temperate climate, with a regular although thin monsoon, this harbour has been coveted by many a foreign conqueror. Circumstances have thrown it as it were into our arms, and, if we refuse the chance, another and a rival nation will not be so blind. A new geopolitical rivalry in the Red Sea Somaliland’s ports still remain the object of international interest and rivalry today, although the foreign powers involved have changed. On July 1, according to an official statement, Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said Taiwan had agreed to establish ties with Somaliland based on “friendship and a shared commitment to common values of freedom, democracy, justice, and the rule of law." Less than a week later, however, Somalia’s federal government, led by President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, aligned itself with China to prevent a Taiwanese-Somaliland nexus that would have clear geopolitical ramifications for the Horn of Africa. While China and Somalia rebuffed and condemned the new strategic bilateral ties between Somaliland and Taiwan, the U.S. National Security Council has blessed Taiwan’s venture into East Africa, sending a clear message to China that the U.S. stands with Taiwan. This is a significant blow to the Chinese government, which has used its international influence and “development-trap diplomacy” in recent decades to rally support among African and Middle Eastern states for its efforts to suppress Taiwan’s presence in the international sphere. Egypt, Ethiopia, and Somaliland On July 12, a high-level delegation from Egypt traveled to Somaliland. Although an Egyptian delegation had visited in 2019, angering Somalia, this year’s trip comes at a critical time as Ethiopia and Egypt have locked horns in their dispute over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). The Egyptian delegation’s visit prompted protests from the Ethiopian government, and Egypt's growing bilateral ties and cooperation with Somaliland are giving Ethiopia GERD problems of its own — as in gastroesophageal reflux disease. It is important to note that Ethiopia has a 19 percent stake in the port of Berbera, which is managed by the UAE’s DP World with a 51 percent stake, while Somaliland holds 30 percent. In May 2019, Ethiopia signed its first military cooperation agreement with France, which covers joint air cooperation and includes assistance for Ethiopia’s efforts to build up its naval forces — although where the landlocked country plans to dock these naval forces remains unclear. Joking aside, Ethiopia’s naval endeavors are driven by two main factors: first, concerns over the future of Djibouti’s port, which the IMF categorizes as at a “high risk of debt distress,” comparable to the Sri Lankan port of Hambantota, which was built with Chinese financing and which Beijing took control of after Colombo failed to meet its debt obligations; and second, to protect 11 state-owned commercial vessels managed by the Ethiopian Shipping & Logistics Services Enterprise (ESLSE). Scramble for fragile Somaliland Although Somaliland is relatively peaceful compared to Somalia, its lack of international recognition makes it fragile and susceptible to being drawn into regional disputes as it seeks allies, bilateral ties, and eventual recognition. This has been the case with the Gulf states, where it has sided with the UAE and Saudi Arabia. In part as a result of this fragility and desire to secure more allies and improve bilateral ties, Somaliland now finds itself in the middle of multiple disputes among other states, including Ethiopia and Egypt and China and Taiwan. Taken together, the current domestic instability in Ethiopia and its tensions with Egypt over the GERD, combined with the global superpower competition in the Horn of Africa and Red Sea, are a recipe for conflict that could trigger the largest refugee influx in African history. This could destabilize Somaliland and with it key international maritime trade routes, making it vulnerable to insecurity and terrorism that directly affects both Ethiopia and Djibouti, with which it shares its western border. To reduce future geopolitical uncertainty and security risk in the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea, it’s in the best interest of the international community to take the following steps: Consider recognizing Somaliland; Praise Taiwan-Somaliland relations instead of giving in to Chinese pressure and potentially keeping at bay Russia, which also has a keen interest in establishing a military base at Berbera port; and Include Somaliland in the Red Sea Council and help it develop its own navy. Guled Ahmed is a Non-Resident Scholar with MEI, a renewable energy and water infrastructure expert, and an entrepreneur. The views expressed in this piece are his own. https://www.mei.edu/blog/somalilands-ports-horn-africas-most-valuable-real-estate
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    i wouldn't expect you to understand what is currently happening in Somaliland. xalaadu waxay gadhay "star wars" and your feeble mind is incapable of understanding the huge regional ramifications of all this progress.
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    WAJAALE NEWS DAWLADDA ETHIOPIA OO XAFIISKEEDA HARGAYSA GAADHSIINAYSA HEER SAFAARADEED! July 20, 2020 - Written by Editor: Addis Ababa(W,N), Dawladda dalka Ethiopia ayaa xafiiska Arrima Ilaaliyaha (Mission) ee ay ku leedahay Caasimadda Somaliland ee Hargeysa gaadhsiinaysa heer Safaaradeed (Embassy), Sidaana Waxa Arabsiyo Online u sheegay Saraakiil sarsare oo ka tirsan Wasaaradaha Arrimaha Debadda ee Ethiopia iyo Somaliland, kuwaasi oo codsaday in aan la magacaabin. Sida ay Saraakiishani sheegeen, talaabadani ay dawladda Ethiopia qaadayso, waxay ka dambaysay ka dib markii ay todobaadkani dhexdiisa wada hadalo dhinaca Telefoonka ahi dhexmareen masuuliyiinta Somaliland iyo kuwa Ethiopia. Wada hadaladani ayaa la sheegay inay salka ku hayeen, ka dib markii ay dawladda Ethiopia ka shakiday ujeedada Wefti heer sare ah oo booqasho dhawr maalmood qaadatay ku yimid Somaliland. Wasiir ku xigeenka Wasaaradda Arrimaha Debada ee Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland Liibaan Yuusuf Cismaan oo waraysi arrintani la xidhiidha siiyay Wargeyska Daily News Egypt oo ah maalinle madax banaan oo ka soo baxa dalka Masar, waxa uu sheegay inay Somaliland iyo Masar isla soo qaadeen sidii ay iskaga kaashan lahaayeen is-dhexgalka dhinaca ganacsiga, gaar ahaana xoolaha iyo Beeraaha. https://dailynewsegypt.com/2020/07/18/somaliland-says-keen-on-stronger-ties-with-egypt/ Sidoo kale Mr. Liibaan Yuusuf Cismaan, Wasiir KU xigeenka Arrimaha Debada iyo Iskaashiga Caalamiga ah ee Wasaaradda Arrimaha D ebada ee Jamhuuriyadda Somaliland, waxa kale oo uu ka jawaabaay su’aalo la xidhiidha in imaatinka weftiga Masar ee Hargeysa ay cabasho ka muujisay dawladda Ethiopia, waxaanu isaga oo arrintaasi ka hadlaya yidhi. “waxaanu wada xaajood la geli karnaa dal kasta oo aanu danahayaga kala hadli karnaa, taasi waa shaqadayada’” ayuu y idhi, Wasiir ku x ixgeenku. Waxaanu intaasi ku daray oo uu yidhi. “Xidhiidhkayaga Masar wax dhaawac ah u geysn maayo, xidhiidhka aanu la leenahay Ethiopia, waxaananu ugu baaqaynaa labada dhinac ee Ethiopia iyo Masar in khilaafkooda dhinaca Biyo XIdheenka Ethiopia inay wada hadal ku dhamaystaan, haddii loo baahdana annaga laf ahaantayadu waanu dhex-dhexaadin karnaa, maadaama oo aanu khibrad u leenahay xalinta khilaafaadka” . Hase yeeshee, dawladda Ethiopia ayaa sida ay wararku sheegeen waxa ay bilawday sidii ay kor ugu qaadi lahayd xidhiidhka saaxiibtinimo ee ay la l eedahay Somaliland, tan iyo markii ay Jamhuuriyadda SOmalilanad Madax Banaanideeda kala soo noqotay dalka sannadkii 1991-kii oo ay ahayd d awladda keli ah ee iyadu goob joogga ka ahayd goobtii lagaga dhawaaqay madax banaanida Somaliland ee magaalada Burco, halka ay dawladda Masar oo waqtigaasi doonaysay inay wefti u soo d irtana la sheegayy in loo diidday saababo la xidhiidha taageero military oo ay siin jireen d awladdii hore ee Maxamed SIyaad Barre oo xasuuq baahsan ku haysay dadweynaha Somaliland sannadihii sideetamadii.. Maamulkii xilligaasi ee dalka Massar waxa uu talaabadaasi kaga jawaabay inuu u ololeeyo go’aamo go’doomin ah oo ka dhan ah madax banaanida Somaliland oo uu ka ansixiyay ururkii midnimada Afrika iyo Jaamacadda Carabtaba, aakhirkiina Qaramada Midoobay. Isku soo duuboo, khubarada caalamiga ah ee ka faaloodda arrimaha GObolku waxa ay ku sheegeen xidhiiddhka Cusub ee Somaliland Iyo Masar, mid ay ku doonayso inay noqoto dal samaysanaya saaxiibo cusub, isla markaana aan luminaayn saaxiibadiisii hore.
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    There also needs to be an urgent solution to the huge problem we have regarding fruit and vegetable production. Every year our farmers produce a lot of fresh organic fruits and vegetables in some of the seasons and the the markets get flooded with cheap produce in those seasons only therefore not making enough profits for the hardworking farmers. The government should implement a similar scheme for fruit and vegetable farmers whereby the government buys the excess produce and converts it into long shelf life foods. These processed foods can then be sold back in the markets recovering the initial cost of production and at the same time keeping our shops well stocked with cheap quality food. This is also the best way we can stop the sub-standard often expired food our traders import from the UAE, China, and other places.
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    Agricultural development in Laascaanood:
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    Suldaanka, Yep, I agree with Ms. Ayan Canshur. It's full speed ahead when it comes to Somaliland's new diplomatic relationship with Taiwan. And that means, this new move will also "incentivize" others to jump-in into the Somaliland's diplomatic water. Given that it's rather warm water and decently free of any "social toxin" or of any "moral pollution" carried on by any of those "lesser breeds without the law" sort of clique they have teeming in down south to us in Somalia. And that is the fact pertaining to Somaliland, since she is a law-abiding State, where your corporate investment if you so choose to invest in her will be "protected by law" and by the "innate ethics" of the people there, given that we in Somaliland are not card-carrying collection of "looters incorporated" or that of "high-seas robbers", like they are in some part of the Somali peninsula. Moreover, there are no Jihadi misfits (with a martyrdom's obsession lodged in their addled-brain) running amok in our land, like they are in Somalia. And most decisively of all, we are not a wretched and miserable failed state that can't get its act together after trying repeatedly and failing repeatedly in almost 30 years, like they are, again, in Somalia. Consequently, the tragic and the cumulative end result of that long failed political reality is the fact of now "witnessing" in Somalia that the whole place has really been reduced to nothing but a "glorified UN-administering Trusteeship sort of satrapy fiefdom", masquerading itself, ever so absurdly, as a legitimate government of the Somali Republic. Hence, it was right for her to argued that, at the final analysis of the situation, Somalia is not in any meaningful position to stop Somaliland from having any kind of diplomatic relationship with anyone she so chooses to take up with such "friendship" based on her interest. And that in effect means, Somaliland, would earnestly look after her interest (diplomatic and economical) by searching a suitable international partners for that endeavor.
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    Suldaanka, The US had seen enough about the reality of the Somali issue, and they come to the conclusion that both parties - Somalia and Somaliland - are far apart as possible. Hence, this is their way of first acknowledging the reality on the ground and how Somaliland is within its right to establish a diplomatic relationship with Taipei with the tacit approval from them. Secondly, it tells every country in the world that it's okay to establish a similar kind of diplomatic deal with Somaliland, and even if they proceed to recognize her, the US will not be put off by that act. or take an exception to it Third, it means now we are going to be driving 100 miles per hour in our diplomatic car in order to collect "friends and partners" across the world, so that they will be given us a "bilateral diplomatic relationship" (and even a bilateral legal recognition in which both parties extend to each other), as well as trying to win over their investment, particularly from those with deep pockets. Fourth, it also means, the US wouldn't be terribly so aversed to the idea of having the likes of Taiwan actually establishing a "naval presence" in Somaliland, like the manner PRC is in Djibouti, particularly, if Somaliland and Taiwan were to reach such Geostrategical and defense-related deal. All in all, we had stepped into the major league time of a "diplomatic breakthrough" sort of reality with this one. Hence, it's incumbent on us to go on to make a methodical and deeply sophisticated approach when it comes our dealing with the various countries around the world. Particularly, those who will now be happy to take our relationship to another level on the back of this US's diplomatic blessing.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if Dr. Faratoon (aka Dr. Furre Doon) next destination is Washington DC. It is within the realms of possibility holding talks with both the Pentagon and the White House.
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    Well, it's a very interesting play. For we are now playing with an astute card. Hence, let's have more of those silly arguments from our "SOL's glorified janitor" (or was it the SOL's maid?), who really thought that this new "diplomatic relationship" between Somaliland and Taiwain was a "colossal blunder," according to that fleece-like brain of his.
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    Kenya's Raila Odinga is expected to arrive in Hargeisa soon. There are political movements in Nairobi in support for Somaliland. Mr. Raila Odinga is a strong supporter of Somaliland.
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    Even what you have suggested, as wild a move as they are, doesn't amount to much at all. Probably the publicity this whole thing has generated so far for Somaliland, if quantified in dollar terms, is more benefiticial than anything China can do to harm Somaliland. From the outset, I can say that China, the country, the system, the way they do business or even engage others, is not compatible with Somaliland's. They are pro-dictatorship, they do not encourage civil liberty, accountability, free press etc. The things that are dear to anyone who has a thinking mind and cherishes freedom. Whereas, Taiwan is the polar opposite to the China-Way. The Taiwan Model is about openness, liberty, freedom, democracy, free press etc. All the things I want Somaliland to be and learn. The intangible benefits of this relationship is enormous. Just consider, Taiwan sending its election observers to Somaliland. That is in itself a benefit that China cannot provide. More over, I think Israel comes to mind of a country that has successfully reserved the trend. If in the 1970s, 80s countries were all severing diplomatic ties with the Jewish state, today it is different. Many African countries are reestablishing links with Israel. Even some Arab countries are openly or covertly doing so. Hence, this new relationship between Somaliland and Taiwan is much more deeper than many have grasped. It is a win-win relationship. Taiwan is selling its model and Somaliland is the perfect place to help create a reality of that model. A strong selling point for Taiwan to other countries, of what they are missing out. Hopefully reversing the trend.
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    Suldaanka, He will get back to you when he finishes in "consulting" in his sleep with the "voices in his head", who, in his stricken delusional miasma, come across to him, as if they are his "confidential sources". So, bare with him at the moment, I am sure of it that he will be with us in here in a jiffy.
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    The Mandarin bit of what the guy is writing could be "they are not the pirates".
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    Suldaanka, He will be remembered as second coming of late Dr Fagadhe of Sool (AUN), who was also a tireless foreign Minister of Somaliland from mid to late 1990s. And the beauty of his diplomatic approaches is this sort of "quite diplomacy", with no frills been observed, or for that matter without indulging any kind of a "megaphone pronouncement" on his part. And this way, we, of course, will line up other nations and various states for our cause.
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    Timacadde, I know what you are saying, bro. These addled-brain collection of wretches, are an old hands around here. And I have been collecting their scalps for so long as a sport that I even developed a soft spot for them. After all, try as they might, they could never amount much around here, especially when I am around and when it comes to any debate of any kind other than trolling us or to regurgitate one liner ad-hominem talks about sewages and whatnot. But, you know what, I would say that still the beauty of it is that he really believes all that you have said about him. Poor lad. It seems that he still seeing "ghost" in his head from the daily concussion he usually used to get, verbally, around here, particularly when he naturally gets disrobed so spectacularly, with verbal punches of the sort that nominally floors him. So bare with him and let him investigate to his heart's content. After all, as may not know it yet, but I will have you know that his real "emotionally satisfying vocation" around here is that of being a "glorified maid" (as Suldaanka had aptly named him). And since it's the lot of the hired maids the world over to seek after every minuscule of dust in which they could find it, wherever the nooks and crannies it may be hiding in it may be, then, I say, let him tire his eyes and his hands in the pursuit of that sort of a fool's errands of an alleged investigation, I say.
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    You are waffling The constitution you are clutching at is not adhered to by Puntland in the first place, in what world is it ok for them to now invoke it and feign outrage? The fact that the best argument you can cobble together goes against the very foundation of your regional statelet shows how tough your situation is, you really are out of plays here. The question really is: are you willing to sacrifice your claimed clan borders and limit your regional statelet to Bari and Nugaal only, in order to have better constitutional footing in this debate? Very difficult position
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    Why is this senile old pirate still in politics? Is he the best the pirates can do? I for one celebrated the lessening of their “power” in Somalia with the incoming 13 senators. They have always been given much more credit than they are worth or deserve. Pirateland is a desert wasteland with no useful resource and sparsely populated, were it not for them stealing the elections in the 60s they would have had no relevance in Somali history except as foot soldiers for the Italians. It is high time their wings were clipped.
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    Ina Amina Boqor, Dont get emotional, we call the above qosol gariir. I am merely pointing out the inherent contradiction in your calaacal. You keep invoking the constitution, the same constitution that rejects the borders you claim for your Dhbyaco-land regional statelet All I am saying is, if you want the bad boys of Mogadishu to stop treating you like Mudane Douglas treated Amina Boqor, then you need to drop the constitution chat and come up with a better argument, that or accept the constitution in full, and with it the notion that "Federal Member State boundaries shall be based on the boundaries of the administrative regions as they existed before 1991". You are in a pinch, maybe send a few Amina-Boqor-like deal makers to Mogadishu to gain the favour of your USC tormentors? You've always been good at that
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    @galbeedi Somaliland Wins: 1. Somaliland demanded that for the talks to go ahead, they should not be left to Somalis alone in a meeting room. Rather, the IC community needs to be there as mediators and guarantors of the agreements. This has been checked [tick] 2. Somaliland demanded the talks be held as equals Somaliland and Somalia This has been checked [tick] 3. Somaliland demanded the talks must be between representatives of Somalia (what used to be Ex-Italians Somalia) and Somaliland. Checked [Ticked] -------------------------------- The following are still being discussed ... 4. Implement of previous agreements Somaliland says all the previous agreements need to be implemented before any serious talks can be opened about other more important issues. Somalia wants preconditions for those agreements. The mediators are on the side of Somaliland. As also tweeted by Turkish Ambassador, when he questioned about the faith of previous agreements. 5. Agreement on debt relief and World Bank/IMF new loans Somaliland is aware how the agreement between Somaliland/Somalia regarding the Airspace was one of the reasons why the UN ICAO handed over the Airspace back to Somali hands. However the Somalia Government backtracked from implementing the agreement. Considering that history of dishonesty from Mogadishu, any agreement with regards to WorldBank/IMF etc, will strong concessions on Mogadishu side attached to it. Whether Mogadishu walks away or not, that is not our issue.
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    Photoshop wey dhaaftay markaan. Muuse Muqayil inay tuuji dhexda yaalo camal ku fadhiisiyaan ayee keeneen. Eebboow adigaa heybad dad siiyo wretched secessionist bilaa xishoodka u astur isku xaarkooda.
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    M0ooryan are those who left Baidoa to squat outside Mogadisho and who are cheap maids for hire whether by Farmajo or Alshabab to harm reer Mogadishu and their interests. I call on the above chief squatter to focus on his home and stop eyeing Xamar. Xamar belongs to reer xamar and not reer aflqaldan.
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    Somaliland has the best case in africa legally really. It's just that lack of economic interest from western powers is the problem. But it has shown the world that Somaliland is here to stay and that no one in Somalia can change that. Deep inside most of the koonfurians know this to the 2 countries. Have been to seperate countries for almost 3 decades this will surpass the short lived union of 20 years. In the later half of afweyne reign somaliland was at war with Somalia. In the end runtay tegeysa.
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    I love it when Somaliland is making the rest of us look like either we do not know the seriousness of the situation or we have no clue what to do where to start. We can't even brag about herd immunity since we are cowards. May Allah (swt) help the poor nomad. As for Somaliland, thank you for making the Somali part of the world.
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    "Progress" is still on after a year of nothingness. Meantime, the reality and fact is: However, in marqaan marfishes from Muuse Muqayil and his little trolls: 1991 will certainly be a very interesting year. 1992 will certainly be a very interesting year. 1993 will certainly be a very interesting year. 1994 will certainly be a very interesting year. 1995 will certainly be a very interesting year. 1996 will certainly be a very interesting year. 1997 will certainly be a very interesting year. 1998 will certainly be a very interesting year. ..... And more than 20 years later, still: 2020 will certainly be a very interesting year. 2021 will certainly be a very interesting year.
  43. 3 points
    Galbeedi, Suldaanka, iyo Xerta kale, Markaan Xamar joogey ee aan jaamacadda lafoole ku jirey ayaan dharka waxaan ka meydhan jirey nin beesha "Unukaa-leh-goofley-Abgaal-ah", oo dharka gacanta ku meydhi jirey. Gaar ahaan ardeyda lafoole ku jirtey oo jamaacadda agteeda ayuu ku lahaa doobi lacag uu ka qaadan jirey oo dharka ayuu kuu meydhi jirey halkaas, dabadeedna wuu feerayn jirey, sida surwaaladda iyo shaadhadhka. Markaas kuwayaga reer waqooyiga ah ee jaamacadda lafoole ku jirey ayuu lacag ka urursan jirey oo ka fara-qabsan jirey, ileyn dadka kale ee magaaladda Xamar deganaa ee Jaamacadda ku jirey ee ay guryahooduna ay ku yaaleen magaaladda, dharkooda halkaas ayey ku soo meydhan jireene. Maalin maal-maha ka mid ah ayaan ugu imid "doobigisii" aniga oo dhar badan jiidaya si aan u idhaahdo dharkan ii maydh oo dabadeedna ii feeree, qiimo fiicana iigu samee, mar hadaan ahay iskaabulo (i.e, soolane) jaamacad ku jira. Markaas ayaan arkey isaga oo "shirib" ku heeleynaya oo shaqada iyo dharka uu meydhayey ku wada heeladaas. Markaas ayaan ku idhi waa maxay waxan aad akhrineyso ee aad ku dhawaaqeyso. Markaas ayuu yidhi: "Arey Qaldaan Aheeydaa, Mugoo Ma Fahmin Miyaa?" Markaas baan ku idhi waar yaahe waxan aad ku hadleyso garan maaye ii sheeg waxa aad ku daldalmeyso waxa ay yihiin. Markaas ayuu yidhi, "shirib" aa la dhahaa kan. Dabadeedna waxa aan idhi dee waayehee tafsiirkiisa isii. Markaas buu yidhi kan waxa la dhahaa: "Xamar-na Xisaab, Xaradheera-na Xoog". Dabadeedna waxa aan ku idhi ii macnee oo ii sheeg naxwaxa iyo waxa loola jeedo. Markaasu ayuu yidhi, Xamar dowlad baa ka dhisan (oo markaas waxa ay ku beegan tahay badhtamihii 1980s) oo xisaab iyo kala bax sharci ayaa yaala. Xaradheera-na wixii yidhi waa meel xoog lagu kala baxo. Markaas ayaan idhi yaa Xaradheere dega, reero ahaan. Dabadeedna wuxuu yidhi, "unuka iyo ILjeex" aa daga. Taas "midhaha" ah ee "shiribkiisii" ku jirey ee ahaa: "Xamar-na Xisaab, Xaradheera-na Xoog" ayaan soo xusuustaa markasta oo aan arko beesha Iljeex (i.e., HG) iyo ciyaartooda siyaasadeed ee aan dhamaadka laheyn. Sababta oo ah waa niman geesiyiin ah oo "Xoog" iyo muruq laba-quwadle ah ku kalabaxa. Mana jecla in aad "Xisaab" aad ula timaado. Waxaana dhici kartaba in ay adiga shaadhka ay kaa soo furtaan haddii aad xisaab ula timaado. Oo waliba ku darsoo adiga oo maqsuud ah, mar hadaan kabahiiba lagaala soo hadhin, ayaad kasoo tageysaa dhulka ay degaan haddii ay wax dan ahi ay kaa soo galaan halkaas. Taas oo ah sida "dhaqanka" laga yaqaano Xaradheere iyo gobollada ay degaan Markaas, xaajigan, afar-qooble ee Kheyre la yidhaahdo, shaadhkii iyo suitkii uu Norway kala yimid iyo wixii lacag ahaa ee uu Qatar ka helay ayey kasoo furteen. Ama waa ay kasoo furan doonaan hadii uu la sii joogo in muddo ah oo dambe. Oo ila-meereyso cajiib ah, oo aan dhamaad laheyn ayey u dhigayaan. Laakiin waxa aanba qabaa in ay ka xishoodeen oo ay tix-galiyeen shakhsiyadiisa, mar hadii aaney ku sameyn sidii ay yeeleen 1991 ee ay ku sameeyeen beeshiisa Deyniile dagta. Taas oo aheyd in "beesha" ay gabi ahaanteedba ay dhacaan oo ay Kuwait u bixiyaan. Maadaama Kuwait aheyd dal qanni ah oo si dhakhso ah oo fudud Saddam Xuseen ku qabsadey oo uu dhacay sanadkii 1990 bishiisii August. Markaas nimankan Iljeexda ee Galmudug degga, shaadhkaaga ka ilaasho, dowlad aad u dhisto hakuu dambeyse.
  44. 3 points
    Khayre has failed. Even a child knows that this Sufi outlaw was hungry for power. He knew his rule was over if elections took place in Galmudug. Farmaajo is also pushing a well known " Budhcad Badeed" named Qoor Qoor as the future leader. The best option is for Khayre and company to swallow their pride, accept defeat and keep Xaaf to rule until a real reconciliation takes place in Galmudug. If he keep insisting on his failed policy, Khayre will create three presidents within the three main sub clans of GAlmudug. Nin Saaxiibkay ah ayaa yidhi isagoo kaftamaya, " Reer Dayniile ayaa maamul HG u Samaynaya waxay ahayd riyo beena".
  45. 3 points
    This guy is history he surrenders and is going to retire and live his life. The mountain operation is over and Somaliland a usual and its people are united. No body can damage Somaliland.
  46. 3 points
  47. 3 points
    The cutting and biting "irony" of seeing a man who his teeming kith and kin from Bay and Bakool regions who were known throughout the Somali peninsula as the hapless denizens of the "street-beggars" sort, talking about other folks being "rubbish" (or being acquainted with rubbish), is really a mighty sight to behold, really. After all, the "very definition" of "street begging" is someone who is very familiar with, or at least is comfortable with the "contemptible idea" of "making a living" (by way of seeking alms) from any "detritus-strewn-streets", or from any "rubbish-piled alleyways" of any city the world over in which you can think of it. Hence, as Somalis says: "Nin waliba wuxuu yahay ayuu ku moodaa". Taasna intaas ayaan ka odhanayaa. As for others "Neo-Kacaanist" (or as I like to call them, the old "defeated lot" of the Somali peninsula) are concern. In particularly like this Mr Culey chap and the other fellow by the name of Mr Ciyaar-jecel, all one can say to them is that it's pity that is all they are capable of doing it in here. Which in essence is very similar to what the then legendary Mr Salaan Carabey once said it to a particular Ina-Gumeed sort of a fellow of their kind of ilk. And what he said was: "......Hadaad hiil hinaastey aadse itaal u weydey, ma afkaad ku ciil-bixi, ileyn cidlaad ka hanjabeysaaye....." *************** I see that Ina-Gumeed sniffling ninny like you is still at it in waffling with odious gibberish at their worse of it around in here of SOL. Pity really. Given that you have not much improved with time. Well, as they say, a "cowardly low-born non-entities" like you are not only a "dime-dozen" in the Somali peninsula. But they are "destined" to be so that way. Hence, I shan't expect to see much better fist of an effort from the likes of you from here on out, I am afraid. So, carry on kiddo. ************ Suldaanka And Barwaaqo, Ilmaadeerayaal, salaan-sare. Midda kale sidaad aragteen hadhaagii f-aqashta ayaa ciil iyo cadho heysa darteed isku qarinaya qiiq iyo hadal tiris ay isleeyihiin ceebta heysata saaqidkii siyaasadda Soomaaliya ee Ina-Farmaajo, dadka reer-Muqdishu kaga sii jeediya. Markaas, waa naxli hadlayaan.
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    It won't do much for the average Somali. All it does is allow Somalia's corrupt government to borrow more money so that corrupt politicians can finally get very rich. It is a gimmick.
  49. 3 points
    This is what happens when you talk to the mirror. Breaking news from the horn by a man in the barren cold and isolated lands of canada. Give me a break.
  50. 3 points

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