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What A Real Man Would Do For His Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Check this quick one!


The poem! pay the due respect!


You know I love you so deeply, so lately,

You smile at me while making my tetly.

I call you e'day, tho I didn't today,

You make me lough, tho you're not funny,

I think of you every second, ur my dollie,

Now i think of you more, coz ur my blondie.

I wrote this poem for you, many more to come,

Thats if the food is ready, every time i come.

I wonna dance you slow, on every space and floor,

You words are music to ears, even when u snore.

The flowers i planted for, are dripping with dew,

Many women don't get a beauty rose, only few.


Oh! ...i will finish this some other time ... enjoy

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who' can't get over there grl who cheated on them and dumped them? yeaah thats them


who got left with nothing..she took the house and they whining about there luck<< thats them


who can't get a descent job after they split with they grl <<,thats them






TOO MUCH IS TOO MUCH day he will stop doing some of the stuff on that list LIKE BUYING STUFF FOR YOU and then you gonnna turn yo back on him....LOVE IS ALL MATERIAL THANGS...get over it


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lol @ Tenacious_J

Gentle_Hather The Type of guy you are talking about, later in life turns in to a wife beater and an obsessive compulsive freak (you know the type who wants to know what your every move is, who wants to know who you talking to, who wants to know who was the stranger you was smiling at). We see this type on talk shows such as Jenny Jones, Ricki and Maury everyday!

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Zo many guys would want to Xpress their love in the most romantic ways, but in somehow, they are killing their love.


Anyways, take love, put it in a frying pan, and fry it in the fire. If it survives, it is the best.


If it does not, it is a FAKE.

Forget it!!!!

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i wonder where men like that exist..not in the world that i live in (MINIFAB ..LOL)...i only see that kind of luv in romantic movies and novels but not in reality ...



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Am actually suprised that all yall agreed that this dude is "MA-something"-he has to be definetlty GAY or a white man!..well then again half white men are gays or potential


Anywyzz> Barwaaqada>..classic woman..dont want a nice man..if yu was to get him, and do all this?..MARAACI LAHEED?


Indhos>, see camal hee?..xariifko alla kusii waa laga yaaba mugoo inaa yaah..


Honesita..yaah? has this kinda men,,they live in san


Soul> The YOUNG AND THE HEADLESS?(or restless-who cares! will drive yu off a click

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PPL CHILL!!!!!!!!! I'm not saying a guy has to do all of the above....just some. Ladies, don't even deny it, you'ld love some of this kind of treatment.


Magnoona-grl: I agree w/you however, the guys need to give themselves a break and take a few of the above tips. ;)


Legend of Zu: Nothing should be too hard if you're in love and wanna pls your girl.


Jamal: :D You got me cracking up for a min.


Thunder: Honesty is good but w/out rudeness.


Barwaaqo: :D Girl, you sure are a tough one for the guys. Keep it up!




:rolleyes: right......sorry, I don't agree w/that. Used to gold diggers?


Lady-Vi: believe me, me is gonna take my dacas and run(and fast) at the first signs of psychotic bahaviour. ;)


Peace out till next time.

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Whoa>>>Who is that Advise for"SLAVES"

Yes master, You might as well put a collar on my neck and call me "KUNTA"lol

Seriously, though be real, Who'z that for"REAL MEN" Or ???

Come on what real men do you know will drool like that,>>None---that i know of,



I Agree with Tenacious_J--->

The guys that are that Over effectionate

Are most likely to fall over bridge, commit suicide.

O.k I'll give you a sample, very well known man

Mr.Cilmi Bondheri, Died of grief, too over effectionate, Died at the age 32.


To be honest, Never exagerate love more than it is.

Is best to keep it hidden, or else it's a excuse

to ruin your life, or excuse your patner to take



Only My Opinion smile.gif

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Hey not all girls are after that "lovey dovey" stuff...infact the mere thought of some of that stuff, quite honestly made me CRINGE!


Erm..My idea of the perfect bloke would probably be... The more normal he is the better! smile.gif


You're allowed to have arguements now and again...without them a relationship wouldn't seem so right! (i'd be worried) :confused:

Anyways then there's the whole "making up" issue to look forward too ;)


And as for laughing at my jokes...erm i'd rather laugh at his...coz I want to be entertained for a change! icon_razz.gif


But frankly if my bloke was that sweet...then the words (CHI CHI MAN) would come to mind! :D

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Tell me ladies: what would a brotha get in return for fulfiling all these rituals? Be honest smile.gif


Originally posted by Gentle_Hather:

Here are a few tips for some of the nomads.


What A Real Man Would Do For His Girl!


1. Call her everyday.

2. Always laugh at her jokes.

3. Tell her (TRUTHFULLY) that you can`t wait to see her.

4. Offer her a back rub... without asking for one in return.

5. Call her just to say you were thinking of her.

6. Bring her a teddy bear and chicken soup when she is sick.

7.Write her a poem.

8. Slow dance with her (not only on a dance floor).

9. Bring her flowers for no reason.

10. Send her a (hand written) letter just to say hello.

11. Always remember your anniversaries and bring her something sweet.

12. Kiss her in the middle of a sentence.

13. Take her for a walk at sunset and stay to watch the stars.

14. Tell her something about you that no one else knows.

15. Remind her that you still think she is beautiful.

16. Take a bubble bath together (only if married).

17. Watch a sappy movie with her.

18. Surprise her with a candle light dinner.

19. Never stop trying to impress her.

20. Tell her you love her... don`t exspect her to know.

21. Never forget how much she means to you.

22. Give her a great big hughs for no reason.

23. Kiss her because she wants you to SOOO bad.


Follow these and maybe the honnies won't complain as much.
Good luck and hope it is useful. Take care.

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Although what you tipped was nice Gentle-Hather, but the best advice you could give would have been " Be yourself".. I am 110% sure everyman is compassionate, romantic and giving naturally. but alas, many go great extends to disguise that, and in the process they loose it unintentionally. :(:(


PLEASE FELLAS ITS OK TO SHOW CARE! It doesnot make you any less of a man than you ALREADY are. :D:D:D:D

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The most improtant thing a men can do to empress a women is respecting her. Someone can do all that mention above and be very disrepectfull to her and it wldn't mean a thing.

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loooooooooooooooooooooooooooool....yo' some of those things mentioned are just a lil over the top... Hold up... forget if there is a brotha out there who can do all these things.. ma question is there a sista outhere who is willing to plz her man like dat.. if so den i think we'll talk about making the house chores 50/50 .. lol..kiddin






~Some thoughts are better kept unsaid, some feelings are better kept to urself, because love has its way of expressing itself despite the silence.~

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