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  1. Ganacsiga waddanka marna uma fariisan ammaan xumo. Waxa bannaan in lagu doodo dowladdu in ay xannibaysay horumarka ganacsiga waddanka. Xorriyad ballaaran oo ay helaan ganacsatadu waa sida keliya ee uu waddanku horumar fiican ku gaari karo.
  2. Anyone who like to know the truth about our tribal systems I will recommend reading the book "Somalia: Nation in Search of a State" by Professor Said Samatar. In one of the chapters, the book argues that the Somali tribal forefathers (but any qabiil name here) are myth. By the way, the famous CIA country profile available on the net is based on this book for their somali sections. Many parts of the book is controversial. If you have an open mind, this book may change your perceptions.
  3. I would say to guys here: get involved in developping your country. Plan to go back to Somalia. In good old days, folks who left for abroad would come back with good money, education, and plenty of skills. Loose the snow, the credit cards, and loan collectors and come home. Should you go back, be ready two answer yes to one of these questions: "Hanti ma soo shaqaysatay?" or "Wax ma soo baratay?" Otherwise you are a looser to us. Sorry I didn't read the whole thread od discussion; just my two scents.
  4. Ardaagan oo waxa iigu dambeeyey afsoomaaliga laga dacwoodo... Maasha Allah, sow tan gole dhan loo sameeyey Qoob baa igu taagan oo fadhi iima yaallee, akhyaarey waa la idin salaamay.
  5. Thanks you guys for the welcome. I hope you be as generous with money too Og_girl, sis you are allready out Asraa, I thought my offer was very sweet. Imagine all the shopping and different eatery to discover and fun. Position is taken; you weren't fast enough to grap. Hello Nafisa, long time no see huh? I am just catching up all that I missed. It seems nothing has been changed since last time I was here. How do say this There is not that many adult conversation going on here. I guess "dadka laga yaabay" put a little colour to the place. In the end it is all good Stpaulchick, walaal thanks for welcome. I left as fairly new, just in time to earn my title Illmatic... Geelii oo dhan reerkiinnaa dhacay!
  6. MMA, nice to see you again man! Sxb sawirradaadii lamaba arko Shineemo Shuun inaan arko waaban rabay say ku dambaysay. Shuut aan ku moodi jiray mo'agtahay
  7. Thanks Opinionated. Barwaaqo, waa Ilaahay mahaddii. Wax Caasho iyo Cabdi ahba kaama dambayn Kolley idinku xero ayuun baad ku oodan tihiine, anigu dee waligayba waxaan ahaa FREE SPIRIT Xafsaay, heedhe. Show afsoomaaliga ma taqaan Waxaagu digniin ka wayne, walaal farta waaweyn wax iigu dhig. SOL show waanadu waa iska taaltaal! Nuune, Nuune! Gamaca da'igana in lagaa labeddo yaawe. How about wa'oowe Dance ku lahaa. Yaa kula ciyaaraaya adiga, Ellein Bennet from Sienfield? Darbaa ka dhacday ma istiri! Ilhaam, how are you yourself? You are very kind as allways. Asraa, you are tired and bored and at work? You should join us. We will make you work 60 hr/week non stop and you wouldn't even notice the time. We are close to a mall and movie theatre. Og_girl is Og_sister huh? How interesting :cool: No wonder the guy took up painting. Sister you came like yesterday and you allready posted 500+. Mizz-Unique, when I see you around with that name you used to make me blush Nice going everyone. It is allways great to see you all again. Thanks for the really warm welcome
  8. Thanks Kaafi. If I am not mistaken that dancing baby had a different handle That much I can remember. Asraa, lol.. where have you seen a sis looking like this ==> I remember while back oldtimers used to complain when new guy posts something they might have discussed earlier. I guess newbies rule now! Way to go I guess Nuune finally found avatar he is comfortable no more changing things around. Og_Moti is still putting out those movies. That is cool bro. I didn't know there was Mss Moti too. Congratulations. And who else got hitched. Aaway akhyaartii carriga? Hablihii waxaan u maleeyey magaca diricii oo kaley ka dhigeen. Maalinba mid baa lala soo shir tagaa Soo barya
  9. Hi all! After being away sometime SOL seems very different. Somehow, I can't figure out the crowd who is who! Must be the long trip. To everybody, I just want to say Salaan Macaan!
  10. I have read the work of Dr Mohamed Gandi (profesor at University of France and anthropologist) and Dr Said Samatar (another Professor of history) on the subject of Somali tribes and they both agree that these forefathers never existed in the first place! They are myth, made up names, and should you be interested academically try reading them. I am sure you might be able to find their works at any good university library. In his latest novel, Secrets, Nuruddin Farah goes even further by disqualifying the 'abtirsiimo" alltogether saying that you are not sure 100% if your father is your real father thus the adage "hooyadaa la isku hubaa" I avoided joining this thread for I didn't wanted to upset nomads who take their tribal identity seriously. I guess you found a loophole Just don't try to argue academically about the existance of this mythical people. I just can't watch that :eek:
  11. Originally posted by Nubian-Queen: "IF LOVING IS WRONG (I DONT WANNA BE RIGHT) from Al green There is a verse that goes like this Your friends tell you there's no future in loving a married man If I can't see you when I want to I'll see you when I can If loving you is wrong I don't wanna be right Auch! You can't be serious :eek: This is old school, and I hope you misunderstood the question.
  12. Sophist ...Are you trying to portray socialists as greedy, ambitious, and wealthy? This is unconventional. try to make your writing more conventional btw. Continue please
  13. Originally posted by Aaliyah#10: Maybe this is our chance to proof to yall brotherz that we ARE SOMETHING and we can do other things then COOK and CLEAN ... of course kick yall aZZ'z too... Aaliyah and Hodan... I like your spirit and competitiveness. But aren't you girls coming out here saying we kick your azzes! Are you talking soccer or "Gariir"? Cheers!
  14. Darman... Don't you worry that little Xalimo will ultimately find the strength to pick up the pieces and move on. In return she will blame all Faaraxs for what you did, and will make another guy pay for it. The buck doesn't stop there; yet another Xaliimo in here will find you so sensitive, so sweet and fall for your teary eyes! And once you dump her she will continue the cycle by taking revenge on all the guys she will meet in the future. These are the solutions, make your pick 1. We should put you in a solitary confinement for good and throw out the keys; Or Four or five Nomads will track you down and beat the crap out of you. Just to make you pay. 2. You go back to that young lady and apologize to her to avert such an outcome. This is not about you or her anymore. You do it for us (The Faaraxs). Chances are this young lady will play us too or god forbid cut us off. Good luck
  15. Taqwa ... I been asking where is the men's corner when I registered here. Great initiative and topic. I would like to ask you... what is your qualifications on the subject of Islam? Issues regarding men? Somali culture? Moderating a forum?