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  1. well i was born in the city of LOVE Barbara than moved to hargaysa.
  2. mis_Nasima

    Would you?

    Originally posted by Bambina: [QB] Salam Alaykum, I think women should initiate the dating process for a change, that would make things easy for the brothas ,lol. I was actually thinking the same thing recently not to make things easy for men thou but for as women so we can choose who we want to approach instead of ppl u don't want approaching u. But as long as there are guys like Nin-yabaan it ain't gonna happen. So i say why not let the men do the work and for as to just sit a select.
  3. Great idea sis, diamond princess - What I find extremely relaxing is going steam once a week for two hrs it works all the tension of everyday live just goes away and its also good for ur skin
  4. NO! not that I am racist or anything I really don’t have anything against ppl who marry good muslims that aren’t Somalis as long as they are happy with their choice but cus me as a individual igumabay baxdeen maybe cus they just don’t have that little thing only faraxiintu have and the fact that i am typical Somaliyad
  5. How about jumping off a cliff :rolleyes: Seriously thou why on earth wld u need to convince someone ur love if they not interested than its all good just give it to someone who is why go throu all the headaches . there is always that one person who wld be more tha happy to recieve ur love with open arms.
  6. I definitely agree x_quizit how is it possible that u can love a complete ***** I mean the person has to have the right characteristics for u to fell in love with in the first place.
  7. hahahah if the biological clock starts clicking than I'll stop some how even if i have to break the bloody clock :rolleyes:
  8. Most Somali guys that get themselves in these kinda situations usually marry their one night stand or whatever it might be. I knew couples who were going out for long time and planing to get married as soon as possible but the guy all over sudden married some other women. After he married the women than had the guts to ask the girl he was supposedly inlove with to marry him too since he only married this women bc she was pregnant by him.
  9. Anyone that says looks don't matter is lying!
  10. Perhaps this whole "war" had been started by a frustrated Jaamac who was lagu soo daadiye one night and then writing his whole disgruntlement ordeal on the net. looooool i so agree with that, ijabo sis i blve the only Somali men who talk too much about how Somali women are this and that are those who can't get any somali women therefore they end up hating somali women full stop.
  11. Dhokh baa jira and the girl is got the right to say u not my type. If they guy ain't getting the message then why laed him on its best that u let him now sooner rather than later that he ain't ur type sis.
  12. looooooooooooool alaaa maxaan wax kasta aaragnay. I really feel sorry for the one asking u to call her parents shiiiiiiidh faraxiintii way ilbaxeeen :confused:
  13. Alaaaa ma southall........ufffffffffffff sorry meshu war urtaaa
  14. nasima is only 14 years old and has hopes of marrying her boyfriend if = and when she gets out of prison Acuuuuuuudu mesha miyaa la isku habarayaaaa :confused: