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  1. Dear SOL Nomads from Minnesota, We would like to invite you to Generation-for-Change's 3rd Annual Event to be held on October 4th, 2008. It is Saturday evening - just 3 days after Ramadhan. Please come join us for a night filled with great entertainment and cultural activities i.e Poetry, Comedy, Talent Show, Folklore Songs etc You can also buy souvenirs such as flags, traditional/Cultural Pictures, T-shirts with GCG Logo Also, Recognitions will be awarded to this year's three STARs (This Generation's STAR Award) Entrance Fee: $20 Proceeds will go to the organizations fundraising kitty. Place: International Institute of Minnesota Date: Oct, 4th 2008 Time: 5:00- 10:00 pm For more information CLICK: www.thegcg.org
  2. INNA LILAAHI WA INNAA ILEYHI RAAJICUUN ..We are saddened and shocked by the death of brother Noor K. My sincere condolences go out to his family and friends.
  3. Good Morning all, my target weight loss for last week was 2 pounds; so far i lost 1 pound. i have been eating right and worked out 4 times since last friday. i have been doing some weight training and might have gained some muscle..they say muscle weights more than fat. Scorpion...am proud of u girl. keep doing what u have been doing.
  4. KK...i'm back at a different Bally's and they have a few xaax personal trainers here 2..)
  5. FYI: tomorrow is friday and your progress report is due guys.
  6. i believe the name of the movie is Swades.
  7. I second that MS DD...i will be sharing my progress and pounds lost and not my actual weight..sorry guys. my target weight loss for this caming week is 2 pounds. keep up the good work Cadaan and Scorpion. you each deserve a small treat this weekend..).
  8. "Pardesi, pardesi jaana nahii"... alaa macaa heestaas la heesay ..Raja Hindustani was a super hit back then.. Nuune- u r way behind and Bollywood has produced realy nice movies since then.
  9. Hello Scorpion- so finally i got to see AAJA NACHLE and it was great..in south Asia we would say " it was 1st class" lol. i loved the title song. i also love the songs from Jaanat and the song "Pehli Nazar" from Race... people in my office will soon start complaing coz i have been listening to this song for 8 hrs each day. Adam Zayla- If you liked Jodha Akbar,you might also like Mughal-e-azam. the movie is loosely based on the life of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir. look for the one that is in color that was made some time in the 60's.
  10. Having a support system is very important when trying to loose weight. I’m glad that you started this thread and hope you receive some useful advice from the SOL community. I have struggled with weight problems for as long as I could remember. I have also tried every diet out there; from weight watchers to South Beach and L.A weight loss (this one was pricy). It took me 25 yrs to realize that diets don’t work but what works is life style change. Diets help you loose the first 10- 20 pounds and make you feel like you’re in control. It takes a few weeks before you start rebelling against the diet and start cheating. I have decided 2008 is my year to make some life style changes. I started out with small changes such as eliminating sugar (I use Splenda) and white flour from my diet and incorporating more veggies and white meat. I’m also locked in a 18 month contract at bally total fitness and have been working out there couple of times a week with a friend. It’s slow progress but who said you could loose weight overnight. So, my advice to you is start out with small changes and find some time to work out few times a week. Men tend to loose weight much faster than women. Keep us posted on your progress and I hope the rest of the SOL Biggest Looser Group do the same…). KK- Do you remember a day few yrs ago, when certain 2 people worked out, had a meal and decided to walk home? What a bad choice that was lol. Scorpion- count me in.
  11. Wellcome droid19..hope you enjoy your stay here.
  12. General Duke- i dont think you need a ticket to get in. last time he was at the target center, we stood in line for almost 3 hrs before we got in..am not sure i want to repeat that...)
  13. i live and work 5 mins from the xcel Energy Center and have been debating wether i should go see Obama tonight or not..i heard people have been getting in line since this morning.
  14. you look familiar. what happened to the afro and the ookiyaalo?