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Abwaan would suggest the new PM should limit his cabinet to just 9 ministers what do you think?

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Interior & Information


Foreign Affairs & Diaspora

Finance, Commerce & Planning

Telecommunications, Transportation & Energy

Agriculture & Fisheries

Education, Youth & Sports

Environment & Tourism

Justice & Family Affairs.

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Current cabinet


Minister of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Defence

Minister of Planning & International Co-operation

Minister of Justice & Religious Issues

Minister of Interior Affairs & National Security

Minister of Finance & Treasury

Minister of Women & Family Affairs

Minister of Agriculture & Livestock

Minister of Health

Minister of Information, Posts & Telecommunication

Minister of Employment, Youth & Sports

Minister of Fisheries

Minister of Transport & Ports

Minister of Federal Constitution & Reconciliation

Minister of General Affairs, Housing & Reconstruction

Minister of Water,Minerals & Energy

Minister of Education & Culture

Minister of Trade & Industry

12 is good as in 1960.


These should be state ministers


Federal Constitution & Reconciliation

International Coorporation


General Affairs




Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

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14 cabinet members will be perfect Somalia is a big country lots of things needs to be done 14 technocrats


1Minister of Foreign Affairs

2Minister of Planning & International Co-operation

3Minister of Justice & Religious Issues

4Minister of Health

5Minister of Education & Culture

6Minister of Transport & Ports Fisheries

7Minister of Finance & Treasury

8Minister of Water,Minerals & Energy

9Minister of trade tourism and industry

10Minister of information post and telecommunications

11Minister of sports youth and Employment

12Minister of interior affairs and national security

13Minister of Agriculture & Livestock

14Minister of Women & Family Affairs



now 14 wasaradood 4ta beelood iyo nuska u qeybi

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Gosh I never thought Id say this, but I'm all for smaller government in Somalia. Things like the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, etc can wait for a while, I'm just saying.

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Only one minister difference! Thank you PM Saacid Shirdon for considering my suggestion.:D Congratulations to the new cabinet and May Allah guide you all.

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Walaahay Abwaan si fiican buu ula haleelay. Gacan iyo Lug aan kuu taagay:D


Sxb siyaasi iska naqo dadka meela ka qalqelinjiray sida Yariisoo, Tarzaan, Cawaale, (i knw kuligood inaad taqaanid ) ayaaba safiiro iyo meelo ka waawayn loodhiibaye.


Abwan for the next PM :cool:

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