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  1. Evil overweight wahabis!
  2. Let's all do "the Ostrich" and put our collective heads in the sand and ignore this story and the pain of our sisters that are being raped. On to the next story, I want to read about who built the newest tacky looking hotel. Or better yet lets discuss the government's plan to rebuild statues. You know, important stories.
  3. Hey folks, I have recently been following the situation in Syria. Yesterday during the Friday khutba the Imam at the local masjid went on a tirade about Assad and the evils of the regime. To be honest I felt uncomfortable with it because while Assad is a bad dude, these FSA guys are no angels. In fact they seem to be a bunch of nuts bent on killing as many Shia's and Christians. What do you all think of this disaster in Syria?
  4. Dont intend to be a hater but that looks like a gravel/dusty road. I was hoping for something more serious.
  5. These Keydmedia goons need to be arrested in whatever country they are in. Clearly whoever filmed these propaganda pieces was on the front lines of the massacres despite what the heavily edited videos try to tell you. Bottom line is that the USC went on a killing and raping spree. No amount of poorly edited Youtube videos will vindicate the Somali Interahamwe.
  6. A little off subject, but I wonder what the murder rate has been in Mogadishu since 1990. Even to this day you can get shot and killed with little chance of your killer ever being caught.
  7. Timur;881934 wrote: The clan system may spell the source of all problems for you, but it's the sole engine that has kept Somalis on the planet this long, I was getting noxious as I read your admittedly well written screed, then I got to the above line and the nausea overtook me and I just threw up. Qabils, and its evil twin Qabilnimo, is "the sole engine that has kept Somalis on this planet"? Say that to the countless women who've been raped by morayaan, and the many many thousands of our brethren that were killed by this qabil or that qabil.
  8. Apophis;878230 wrote: ^^ No one is ashamed of our African brothers helping us against mullahs. +1
  9. The people of Venezuela love this guy. The documentary about the coup attempt against him is a must see. Its called "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised".
  10. From what Ive seen on YouTube it looks impressive. This is amazing given the fact that this is how it looked a mere 17 years after that terrible genocide. Will Mogadishu look this decent soon?
  11. Blackflash;878245 wrote: I agree with BoldNewSomali. Somalis have a tendency to look down on certain jobs. Even in famine stricken Somalia, you have employ Bantu Somalis in labour intensive construction jobs. My father is a perfect example, having turned down several job opportunities over the years, choosing instead to remain on social assistance until he finally received an office job. There is honor in all jobs, Somalis need to realize that. Unemployment shouldn't even be an option but its a decision. Apophis I agree the sample is small, but are you telling me that there isnt an unemployment epidemic in the Somali community in the UK?
  12. Apophis;878096 wrote: I've shown your comments to be inaccurate so to gain sympathy you tout your relative in an effort to make me seem like as*? I dont see how you disproved anything. All I got from you was that there are a bunch of educated unemployed types in London.
  13. Gosh I never thought Id say this, but I'm all for smaller government in Somalia. Things like the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, etc can wait for a while, I'm just saying.
  14. Apophis;877899 wrote: So it appears, while the (surveyed) Somalis in London are unemployed they're more academically qualified than (surveyed) Somalis in Minneapolis who do menial jobs, lol Show us pics of your lorry BNS:D Total surveyed <200 people. What a joke. Hey its just a study that I felt would be interesting to share, I totally see your concern about the sample of those that were in the study group being miniscule. However I take it that your comment about me driving a bus was intended to be an ad hominem that I'm supposed to get upset about. While I am not a bus driver, I do do have a relative that is a municipal bus driver, he is very hard working, and while he may not have a PhD, he at least works for his money. This is unlike the situation of so many able bodied Somalis in the UK who sit around and wait for the state to provide for their needs. What's higher education when you live on the largess of the dowlaad?