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"Rhyme Or Reason...Lyrics off da dome"

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ay yo waz up ppl...

1st of all i wanna 9ive a swwdout 2geeljier

4 openin dis spot 4all MCs so they can do ther thin9, good lookin out ni99a (4real).

anyways am da ghost writer (aka) 1 double "O"

out da (612) mini $ide...

(("INTRO" 2 ya world.))



guess who stepin all up on ur face/

not ji99a/

aint roc-a-falla/

but i'll rock a ni99a

?who u know dat got flows dat be hella sicker

?who u know dat ll kick a flow slow or quiker

...& i aint even rhymin /

am just speakin

internationl icon whit 1plan 2get dat figher

& oh yeah i got a army,

so there wouldn't be need 4my tri99a

MR: All Good (aka) ghost writer ni99a/

u get da pictuer/

if not then heres a fin9er/

stick it where it fits ya/


ni99az figther/ho's biter/

U go against me Ur nick slayterd/

am da king of dis $#!T u just a co-pilot/

in other words stay silent/

homie u dont wanna see me violent/

.....(so lets do dis).

i got da braine just bring me a paper & a pen

& i'll spit U pain/

aint ya glad i came/






U ain't gotta "luv" me

but please respect me.

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aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.........i doooo .......this dowg frm mini side......but that ain't enough....aiiiiiiight.....



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refugeees are blind from the whole worldd..




"alert" flight 13ssss//

yo have been fake ed/

ther are phony fellowss/

wit fake pastport/

leadin u to hell fire//

never notice what is like/

nomadicly blind/

ain't doin u theng//

but hardin yo feelin//

"alert"...never..................will continue...


am in hurry..aight..piisss



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Faiza, what is the problem. For me, I love poetry and I am not sure why it would bother you that these guys are writing their poetry here or practicing their writing abilities for that matter? I think it is alot better than what many others write about. It is just my opinion. We need positivity here on these boards. This is Somalia Online afterall and not Somalinet. I think we should not put down each other just because we don't like the topic. Let these guys express themselves and certainly let them do it through poetry -- that is just being a true nomad.



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Testie are we/

were them lines supposed to scare me/lol

But your a good girl/

A real dime a pearl/

The only cats i like in here is the Light and the propain honey/

To me the rest of y'all are straight dummies/

Ain't said shyt like them mummmies/

COz y'all flows are in the basement/

I come harder then the pavement/

SLice 3 is a permanent engravement/

Leaving you mind f@cked like enslavement/

Battelling me wondering where the day went/

Like star said this is my house so niggaz so niggaz pay rent/////////¨¨



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MAny claim to be the teachers/

Da professors the mic destroyers/

Chill duke i'm that lyrical slaya/

Put yo flow to sleep/

Rip your throat out so your heart don't beat/

Who wanna test me-----/

Believe me i'm claiming to be the baddest chick/

The official Femcee/

Storm this page like a cannoisseur/

Swallow shook ones like a dinosour/

Ya flows extinct----I rock hot/

You riggomortis---dusted off like fozziled rocks/

But let me ask you a question though/

WHy everything gotta be violence gotta be steele/

Embelish this flow baby like it is your last meal/

I got words of thunder stronger the fists/

You can't resist i'm at the top of your list/

Your number one/ and i won't be outdone/

I'll make your heart flutter/

your mouth stutter/

I'm smoother then butter/ and there will never be another/

ORIGINAL DIVA/no one meaner/NO flow cleaner/

You know why coz you can't see her/

Peeps i know it ain't fair/

you batteling me is like a mouse versus a bear/

no come on now......

Propain i liked your last one...haterz huh




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Yo, Seen Enuff, Hear enuff,..Rhyme or reason

Sun's tyme to shine like summer season.

Yo,My fingers itch i wana battle with Propain.

Hana,Learn to respect, Or I'll be ya Pimp.




It's time I flow like knives slicin throats so is you fightin soldja?/

"Hana" b!tch couldn't witness mine if i was writin like jahova/

I toldja hold up I throw up flows so you know it sick/

so sick Aids asked for my outograph kid/

You still couldn't 'cum out hard' if you was 'rollin with dick'/

Which you prolly is, you pop fizz while I pop 'sickle' and 'sell' spit/

The way my speech is heated U prolly thinks i live in hells pit/

I'll capsize ya 'boat' an battle flow ya whole fellow'ship'/

You's a 'yellow' belly yellin b!tch withcha soft 'Mellow' spit/

Sunset level pricks like U with such ease I do as I please/

I dont beat just one MC, ya see, I do it by threes/

This aint a casualty this is me smashin U gradually/

Casually lost ya 'handle' leave the 'e' off that so I can 'hand' you 'L'/

How many times i tell you when its dark not to scream my name/

if i was your slave in chains i still say you cant beat Sunset/

I'll squeeze throats, close ya breathin, take your 'beef' and let you 'meat' your grave/

I beat this same lame Propainer more than twice so this is like part-five/

My ill flowin could reach threw modems and blow up ya hard-drive/

Smart guy my keyboard is metal, i could show you the hard 'type'/

Its like if your dick hung 'right' you still couldn't come 'correct'/

Even if we was face to face you still speak indirect/

I should dial you up so you can see me beat you collect//

Check it, respect this or ya best get out of these leagues/

I'll leave you fatigued, maggot, thats me sayin U is a faggot//

Ask 'em. He could stand on the basket, but Could He Score?/

Naw.. I think you should head back to the Rookie Boards/

I'm like Osama Bin Laden On the mic' Chord/

Millions witness and say we heard/

Vocabs so clear it turned ya visions blurred/

Phuck It>><>I'm Phuckin borred///




I'm where it endz...

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WOw sunset:::::::


When i type a ryhme "BOY" i take some time and type it with precision/

Thought of my mind turn to lines that hittin never missin/

I'm not a buster nor a hustler i'm staying focused on my mission/

Dropping grooves that make you move and improve my position/

Ya styles shakin when sturred/

So picture your thoughts after my lyrical blizzard accured/

U herb/ u beating me with exhausted lyrics are obsurd/

I'll detach you from family members born in third generations/

U get pissed out like burning sensations/

Not because you r hot but you are 1 parasite i don't caught/

Ya styles bought i payed in advance/

No WHERE is my Change since i gave you a dollar/ 99 cents should still remain/

I'll have u embarrassed like dogs trying to cover there brain/

U didn't wanna battle me now you are in a lyrical catastrophy/

Ur second best/ that is somethin9 i don't test/

U may can get a life out of them emcees/

But not a second look from this lyrical vet/

Nuff respect to the bythch that bited the cards you were dealt/

Your birth was unfelt/ doesnt that make your heart melt/

See new age of fighting got american peeps nervous and frightened/

Since i stand alone my hits damage your facils.

While keeping my thought percise/

who do u think tought BIN LADEN the price of life/

In exchange he tought me to tarnish the cost of pain/

So when i see crashed planes it brings out a happiness i can't explain/

It is like sun with rain/ something that boogles the brain/

Dont try to understand i was birthed from holys land/

Didn't say i was evil/

But don't crowd me with ignorant ppl/

Thats why i conteract the worm/

bring pain that crys through storm/

I never wanted to get it down like this son/

But it figures the fruit don't fall that far FROM/

I didn't know you had it in you son/

Ya moms never told you ur not the only one/

I disowned sibble whacknes from birth/

I tried to claim you /

But you act like them damn jews/ you can't handle the truth/////////



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Hana, You simply though you harmed me?/

You hardly alarmed me/

When you remind me of Barney/<>**you like "Humbty Dumbty"<>First get humbed than get dumbed<>Ha ha

The battle was 4 Propain(B!tch),

But you took it,Hope ya can handle ma'Venom""

So get laid,In yo own bed...




Beatin that whore Hana is gonna be "Simp.-son" like "Bart"/

cuz you couldnt "spit phat" if your "saliva was lard"/

slut you'll never be "hard" like a dick without nuts/

You remind me of an "elf givin head" cuz yo "(w)rappin sucks"/

Either you on "crack" or you cant get yo "ass beat E-nuff"/

must be "crappin on cards" cuz yo "sh!t is a bluff"/

you couldnt spit or sh!t "raw" if you ate

Ethiopian Angela or japenese food for a month/

Even though you're an "angry cunt" youll never be "mad tight"/

Are you "havin sex wit a skunk" cuz you "****in stink", you know im right/

the idea of battlin me is like "broken light bulbs", itz "not too bright"/

make you depart in fright you know your just runnin scared/

its like you "battlin steak" cuz "beatin me is rare"/

not even on yo (comp) can you (comp)are/

you could wear Jordan's Victoria secerets n' still wouldnt be "prep"ared/

Itz declared that I "em-bare-ass" you until your naked/

your like a faggot wit no asshole cuz this assbeatin you cant "take it"/

B1tch, You illitrate/

Stupidity "got ya ship wreck"/




I am where it all Endz...

Holla Back<>

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Well SUNSET that just shows how ignorant and childish you are using ***** and whoe...well talk intelegent or should i translate that word for ya????????


Fake nigga i make a retire with out gettin a pension/

I spit shyt and relax on tha rap to release my tension/

Most cats can't even f@ck with me coz their brains is dense SON/

Your just dump and don't know shit like HOMER SIMPSON/

SO run nigga like your hurring late/

Go carry ya fate and bury ya face/

It is a scary disgrace/

I just wipped you in an intelegent way/

all the shit you wrote was hear say/

Yeah i talk big but my actions speak louder then my words/

I'm damaging you coz i only spit deadly verbs/

I fix the silence/

spit the science/

Live with giants/

and yankee,knicks,and Rangers/

type of kids to throw sticks and stones at strangers/

Break bones with words though/

atleast break your spirit/

But listen you acne covered pincushion/

with that weak shyt you will forever be pen-pushin/

You can't even spit a hard eight/

Your rhymes are feather weight/

me hate...come on son i wipe your ass out like eraser mate/

take your rhymes-....take your lines to the doc so he can resuscitate/

Bring them to life what you spitting is dead/

Stay of RN and just flow from the head/

YOu just killed me with this cutting and pasting/

By the time you do that i got ten other shit just waiting/

before you finish verses i deminish verses/

hit your explorer key and continue your searches/

replenish your limited your fake my man/

all rhymes you ever posted was writtin by your man/

let me see something you wrote/


your whole life is ajoke/

reading your shyt is f@cking obsurd/

Your infantile structure needs a new technique/

SInce these juvenile tactics are really getting weak/

you never could match my peak/why can't ya see/

You are nothing when you try to fucc with Haniiii/

You think that you are a TOp dog/

Coz ya flying on empty and about to hit the coast/

Sink to the bottom of the ocean floor/

Because you came at me with bullshit and couldn't give me more/

Go swim with the fishes coz you making me sick/

Next time you wanna battle me.......BRING YA BALLZ NOT YA MANS DICC/




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