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  1. I don't know you that much but whatever character people show here is 85% real. Being decent is not something you can pretend. Good Luck to you walaal.
  2. looool. I am never bored because I work with three comedians and one ugly creature. We never run out of things to say about her....loooooooooool
  3. loool. I have an exciting job bro. I shave sheep all day. love it.
  4. I don't think anyone should even think about closing this topic. Brothers are having a good debate without insulting each other. Nomad democracy I say. Keep this thread open forever. I like the discussion. BTW, MJ, did you know that anyone can use your name and say it was you who wrote it?
  5. Jaber, you are always a pro...huh. Thats why I still call you and libaax senior nomads. Cadnaan, don't ever give me your number because I won't call you. If I am interested I will give you mine. If I ask for yours, then you are in trouble. Thats just me.
  6. Alla, ba'ayeey, Qawdhan, you must be the funniest dude ever. looooooooool. I can still picture her. looooooooool@qawdhan. Boss, that was sad babe. You didn't get the job...huh...daamn.
  7. American, I hope you didn't take what Hibo said seriously. She said that with a tongue on her cheek. She is much nicer or civilized than what you might think. If anything, she want this topic to be debated in a civilized way. You are welcome here and can post anything you want. Listen and debate with the others who have so far given you positive opinions. We nomads here welcome anyone who wants to be a NOMAD...free, respectful, and proud. Cheers...
  8. Daacuud

    Hot Girls

    Well, nice to know you are all checking our pages. I am already there and I won't tell you because I don't want you all adding face to my little annonimity here. I like it to stay that way. But N-Eways, EID MUBARAK to all the nomads.
  9. No need for a girl not to be a virgin unless she is married. I think every girl out there should have some self-control unless she makes that choice in which she will have to live with it without a single complaint.
  10. I don't know if He is a traitor, but I think he is a young devout muslim who was not there to attack America. He was invited by the Taliban and he joined them. He should be treated as a POW and not a war criminal.