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  1. Eyo i think we need a ref lets do a quick election a ref who do you want! Jamal-11 Libaax sanka taabte Leamante mobb deep ( or anyone else you have in mind) I just spit those names out, cuz they tha ones that posted here an there....u know, an we need to do this shit propa'. we need rules like: If you wanna call out a name..say Callin out = ( any mc'z name) then post your rhymez diss'in that mc if that mc doesnt respond with in 24hrs, he/she punked out...that is a clear TKO! lets say tha mc responded' then u have 3 ROUNDS, meaning each post is a round' and if you dont reply to a post with in 24hrs, you got knocked on that round.(we dont want too much posts an nonsense) and the total time the battle will take is a week...example , u called out on wednesday' the last day to throw punches is the followin wednesday' then tha followin three days..peeps vote! The ref's job is to catch any foul remarks, like someone postin things other than rhymes, mc'ez job is to Post " rhymez only" while battlin, the rest can comment! also..da ref has to be able to weigh "metaphors" and "punch lines" after each round, an tell us how it is goin so far' i thought libaax did a good job of that one time. And know that i have further explained the rules, i hope the ref that got the most votes will know what to do' so we can battle properly..aight Ps* dont take this shit personally ya'all' if you lose to someone is aight, u keep on battlin it only makes u betta' you can call out that person,after when they battled at least ONE other person. an oh vote goes toward all tha ref' dont matter to me!
  2. I am feelin that idea' we might just make it happen! I am volunteerin to be the first Mc to be On "Battle of the week" ( ProPain vs WeakMc) lol.kiddin' where you choose a winner weekly or sumthing' that is an idea~
  3. pain and love cannot be compared and if u try you might as well be visually impaired because love ends with pain and you say it comes after how can u love after one hurts you, that u must explain once you feel pain, it will stay with you forever you can fall inlove with someone, but not love them forever and the scars will show, if u have pain you will know it will give you power' while love consumes your every hour pain and love cannot be compared because there is a difference in the way they are shared Some one with pain you will know the extent of how they feel but you approach one in love and you dont even know if they love is real of course there is place for pain why do you think they say no pain no gain pain makes you stronger' makes your heart last longer because in pain there is no need for heart breaking it is like you are a burnt out fuse' and you have nothing to lose now tell what would be real, if pain wasnt part of the deal pain! the only thing to blame the only scape from shame to conquer it gives you name pain! with roots so deep makes even grown man weep Pain! it can happen to you, it can happen to me it is only fair to say it is stronger than love- an everyone agree Pain- all u can do is feel me
  4. Sup peeps, i just felt like writting, didnt know what' so here it goes! I am pain tell me how many can indure my name i am pain the force to reassure your flame i am pain be your friend when you got nothing to gain i am pain just point at me, if you got nothing to blame i am pain deeper than tha ones you usually feel, stronger than tha ones you can heal i am pain I am with you when you are sick on ya bed an you know no one will even come to see you dead i am pain the kind that brings neva ending migrane i am what u feel right after u step infront of a train or right after u had a bullet fired on ya lane i am pain i am with you when you loose your fiance to your bestman or brother or u see some one in front of your eyes rapping your mother I am pain the kind that leaves ur body confused with out answer like when u sufferin from cancer an u loosing all of your hair the kind of pain u feel when u get on an electrical chair I am pain I am when you hear some one dissin your people an your people hold you back, an tell you we aint really equal i am pain tha kind that is so dark makes you numb all over like when u catch your wife cheatin with tha man u chose as a chauffer or when u find out tha man you hate tha most is actually your son's lover I am pain u feel me when your husband abuses you, and brings da mistress to the house an u see her in your room happily wearing your blouse I am pain, i do exist in your everyday lives bet you only thought i come from only fire an knives I am pain tell me how many can indure my name i am pain the force to reassure your flame i am pain just point at me, if you got nothing to blame i am pain be your friend when you got nothing to gain i am pain do you know my name?
  5. Once again i am disappointed' leamante really hyped u up' at least sectioner showed some livelihood b4 i killed him' you ..YOU BARELY RHYMING!!! damn let alone using metaphors. WHen I Rhyme IM all bout it bout it The whole d@mn place gets surrounded and crowded ANd aint NO D@mn thang you can do about it! And when I finish you off wit my rhymes and the peeps all clappin for my bad a$$ rappin You just sittin SCRATCHIN, ya head, "how'd it happen??" All wit me can do to you when I catch you nappin "bout it bout it" u borrowin ur style from weak ass master P? aint no thing u can do about it???? u think u rhyming or is this kindergarden shit man. all i gotta say is take those rhymes to back to Somalinet' U dont belong hea! Oh wait..dey kicked u i see why. anyways, One Luv to all da Mc'z who participated...ama Be back when i get sum reaL challenge out hea' untill then, Ama act as da ref fo any body who wanna call OUT namez' an to all da mc'ez i murdered..god forgive me fo my sins..stay dead HOLLA
  6. weak mc's no respect fo tha game, if a nigga better than u..just admit it..You will get there some day, you aint got to hate, shit. if you seen sumbody copying an pastin, they probably stole that shit from me,you dont know who i am , nigga i am da don coleono of this shit.i can take your rhymes, an make em better, and then turn em against you, ya'all think i am all talk? watch how i destroy this nigga with his own shit! This is what he wrote~~~~ -------------------------------------------------------------------- Man! Did I VisioliZe a copy n' paste // somewhere..I know I seen that somewhere lol..Its aight..You can't think str8 regardless foe ..hahaha Landfill rapper spittin garbage disaster Ma Vortex engine gonna outline yo like corvette battle me n ya next screen name gon-b strippin like colgate Son you can't rap-at-all ---------------------------------------------------------------------- reply: When I put text-in-dis-page I clean garbage rhymes up faster than a mexican maid/ bring your foe an ya friends/ Cant nobody hold me down like puffy n mase / u think i copy-an paste , cuz i got the best rhyme in this place/ To me you are like johny an no blaze, you flow was neva hot, so stop lying to ya face/you cant rap-at-all , alter calls is the only time u might be bless'n da stage, nigga keep test'n the rage, I'll shoot u in da rib so u can relate to stress in da cage (rib cage),u wanna be underground, fine!, i will leave ya body parts rest'n in graves. make your screen name romeo cuz i am stagin your death, you kneel down (private eyeing) when u saving your breath (savin private ryan)...fagget ass nigga u need to change ur whole mouth, forget da colgate / your engine aint corvette more like hyundi/ battle me from tha start you knew u will soon die/ a tragic death event, a neva ending disaster / i made u ghost like casper, when u bring your weak rhymes, guess who they gonna call--pain aka tha rhyme-busta ----------------------------------------------------------------------- smash ya face with a mace Then pull on your head til I rip ya torso off ya waist pumpin slugs while I take dis Twins baseball bat n sock-in-ya-mind cuz ya body rockin da pine casket ya destination I just cock ed the nine Ima come at you like a d.u.i walkin the line crooked n talkin rewind find dat impossible but of me infront right content ya It's not even ova yet n ya already chalkin ya lines like ya'd name ya self OHHPAIN n people will follow ok, my boy propaine dub got people, holla holla ya raps like sluts takin three inductions at once, hard to swalla ya flow allright but ya come soft, like rue paul in a pink impala braids in ya hair n a fresh manucure screamin balla balla ---------------------------------------------------------------------- reply: How you gonna front like you sicker than mine/ b*tch nigga u couldnt bust if u had cock-in-ya-mind /you talkin senseless, so now i am robbin u blind/ plus i see your helpless when i am bombin ur rhyme/ I hold play press stop then make you rewind / I make ur whole style rock backwards like a dick on a butt /I can tell how u sound your whole generation was sluts , your great grandma use to say suky suky licky licky fo a dolla / you cant take tha pain, so u put it in ya mouth an is hard to swalla / choke in ur rhymes, u need to work on it cuz they sound cheap like made in guatamala/nigga if you were Jarule screamin holla holla , i will still murder your ink/ you tha weaker link i will make u sink further than u think/ cock your girl an make her be tha mother my Twins / you be like damn how did it ever get to this place/Look in my face , you couldnt smashit, even if you had gun in your case/ you would just stutter sweatin like a victum of a d.u.i / cuz you would know i be the last person to see you die! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- reply: I let ya'all figure tha last one: endin ya life wont be a task Im da real Malis prodigy fulfillin prophecy VICIoUS vs WHO: Ima win without even givin it all of me ya toddla to me up in dis posts like ya lovin sodomy n ya minds so pu$$y afta I drop heat on ya brain ya call a gynochologist to perform the ladotomy nigga ya must be smokin chronic cuz I neva seen a thug wid lee nails n a bonet ya about as thug as SISQO, a @itch hoe wid blonde hair n a pinto thinkin ya the sh*t though I speak n ya sit hoe I dont hit yo? this battles like i'm poppin quarters down ya throat! --------------------------------------------------------------------- reply: I know u addicted to the dildo u a fokin dike, a sisqo look alike grab a mic an i shove it down in ya throat/ choke your fukin growth, make ur spirit float till u able to see malakul mawt/here is a mental note/ if every one took vote u would see i am tha fokin g.o.a.t/greatest of all time/ read my biography/ i kill mc'ez mentally first, den break em down physicly, i call it street psychology/takin ova with words, my verbs are monopoly/ now pardon me, i know u hooked on phonics/ u weak with out ebonics/ you hatin on my wordplay, cuz it is smokin you like chronic/ puffin you like smoke, nigga you aint a bad boy/ Bat-man must been smart, cuz he sent me da bat-boy He knew i would kill him! he knew~~~ ____________________________________________________________________ I am done with dis fool!
  7. This is my last post fo you weak mc's, visious i am givin you this one, cuz you posted after me' here is an eye opener..cuz this kid doesnt get it! check it* I know you'll hate this, but you gotta FEEL ME like forced sex my spits be morbid, got Vicious trapped in my vortex ya verses always get ignored, yet you wanna write more text??? I blow backs out, like mines, trapped inside spines ya not ILL, hit the RE-WIND, ya healths fine vicious is like SOLDIERS at war, all he do is FRONT LINES Listen ProPain will break ya body down to a street science you couldn't be a BIGGER P*ssy than an OBESE-LIONS somebody sound the police sirens, I bring more heat than arson and street violence// keep your silence, or I'm gonna waste u lil b*tch disgrace this kid, he couldn't get the BEST OF ME, even if I released an album of my greatest hits // i will make him so scared of this/ he will stay inside the house till he dont even know who his neighbor is// I know i can beat you at my convenience, poison you intravenous// like picture painted by RETARDS you ain't a STROKE OF genius// I hope you seeing this, you don't wanna fight kid// you could tell by all the replies you ain't got no hype list// your like army lieutenants, always looking down at privates//(cock sucker) open ya eyelids, check da mic , in other words you known to SUCK COCK// you couldn't wrap wit me, even if you worked at gift shops// (((Verbal DominatioN)))
  8. If we had anybody judgin this, This battle would of been ova along time ago....but what can i say i came here to bring tha pain! eyo hold up, what you think I can't take both of you cats at once/ I'll smoke both of you faster than a crack-head with 2 blunts/ Y'all niggas is p*ssy, actually you 2 cunts/ section sixer is crazy, thinking I leave his last call/ He still f*ckin with Vicious, won't leave his asshole/ listen fags, the only way you get close to killin someone lyricly is if you killed each other/ cuz you both weak, I drown you children like those 4 kids an a mother/ and if you want victory just go and watch Puff's old joints/ Your flows are like clean driver's licenses, you have no points/ If you think either of you are winning, you silly/ The 2 of you should stick to faking it like Milli Vanilli/ go ahead an team up i will still murder the both of you /call an warn each other COLLECT, it might save yah a buck or two /no matter what u do, who eva comes first ...i will still buckle you /it aint even funny/ i will burn this kids fast like tanks and gas money// who you supposed to be, opposing me, supposably, spitting them hot lines// wit ya weak lines, you ain't the talk of the town, like MUTE MIMES// an all of a sudden, you heard pain got da venum, an u think u can test this' punk ya get ya chest split// an laid to rest quick, you'll soon realize I'm not to be messed wit// section sixer didnt have the right technique / so i took him right where he belong..six feet deep// vicious got away running but still shook up with the HIV- (H)ow did (i) sur(V)ive?// cuz lyricly i show no sympathy, i gunnem down fast in marine fashion infantry // den pull up in herse and take em out to the cemetary/ like malcolm X said "whateva means necessary"// viscious you should call 911 cuz you aint nuthin but a mermaid /your momma been disgraced since your birthday /she probably been plannin your death on your work days/readin your lyrics is like readin a article on bat-boy /your a joke with your attack toys/messin with grown folks YOU WILL GET B*TCH SMACKED BOI/ an sixer callin himself trouble/ when his rhymes are tired an on viagra like an old couple/grab your glasses if it is hard to see you aint holdin masses son you just a feather weight Mc/ Sunset killed you twice and you still coming back/ i figured your background (cock-asian) an how u still spittin wack/ I guess you dont get it your brain is just retarded/ stupid ass qaxoti, representing other lands scared you might get deported?/ I represent only one land..and that is somalia/ keep it real to the grave- Propain- an east african warior/you breathin hard, u cant keep up like an asthma patient with one lung/i rhyme so versatile even diss you in tha native tongue/ doqon, nacas, sanbac, saag saag/ marka wax laguu sheego indhaha kor u taag/ wiilasha shoowerkooda maxaa ka sameeysaa, i knew you was fag/ an you even admit you sell out/ if you aint real then what you doing here get the hell out!/ how many times should i put you in I-C-U ( intensive care unit)/ stop postin those fuked uP lines, no one in their right mind can feel U /your wack ass rhymes are ELEMENTARY /next time you try to log on this threat it should have a sign that says " NO ENTRY /You are the weakes mc i seen this century/that is just sad, even though you started this threat, i am still shitting on you/ U LIKE AN ABUSED WIFE, you keep coming back cuz U USED TO MEN HITTIN ON U/ And if you wonderin how come nobody saying your tight- it aint that you got WEAK MC written on you!/ they can tell you got weak rhymes punk. stop tha nonsense/ no wonder leamante an everybody else said no comment~ final thoughtz' OOoops i think i did again like britney/ throwin spears at their earz got dem swiftly/ believe it or not ripley/ i am kickin so much ass yo they should call me bruce shitley/ cuz i am aimin right at their crack , an leave a foot high up in their ass like withney/Hu askin, i get em down quickly, keep it filty strickly, an make em bounce from here to sidney' that's it, i am too grown fo ya'all'
  9. need to be fair dawg.. You know who got this on lock.
  10. Eyo that was disgustin! man , how u gonna wait an post sh*t like that after 24 hrs, maan u weak, i didnt even understand anything that u spitted, maan i can kill u with just 7 lines let alone post another one. This was tha reason i left tha forum in the first place...WEak mc's keep coming back after u murder them..they should be a rule about for is your lines eyo i cant understand you, better comprehend you/ you got weak niggaz trying to defend you (sixer)/ blend you to this hype, you know my shit is tight/ transformin thru da light i keeps it kinetic/ cuz i am poeticly genitic, rhymes so synthetic/ tha shit u spitted was so pathetic, it was like watching a homo drag queen with bad cosmetic!/ you are done! roll ova to ya grave sunny' God bless da dead~
  11. Eyo is Pain again, watch tha clouds thicken' is about to rain again, rhyme drops shock da whole earth, see it frozen when time stops like lamp chops, Sixer you in the menu get ready cuz i am about to send u to the belly of tha beast destined to be diseased, u a fallen coward now i see that, you have alot in common with cigal shidad cuz Every time a battle comes on, u start to run faster than micheal johnson/ you done did it, spitted those weak lines while hidin behind a cover you think you gonna win it? aint capable to face me ... even with cheerleaders givin u spirit/ cuz it took you weeks to come back an it only took me a minute/ we both know you gameless in this thread/ get your head st8/ how u gonna compare us when i am unstopable like MJ at madison square garden/dissin somali sistaz you a sell out, a remake like alladin/an now is a must that i put fear in ya heart like bin ladin/ and if you call that come back' it was worse than milli vanilli posin as a hardcore rappers with tha name billie, bob an joe, when in fact/i dont even think u black/ cuz tha last female u been with said you a cock-asian /sufferin from "kacsi" syndrome and sexual frustration/werent u tha kid with the grudges, it aint our fault you were abused as an unwanted child/raised to be a clown like barney/ you cant harm me /scratchin at my rhymes all day, punk u cant scar me/my epidermis is like thermos ( contains hot rhymes) steady burn your whole purpose/To touch a real mc, u cant test me, God has blessed me/ to be this tight, I defy phsycalities and scientific properties/causin kashultiez with tactics st8 from tha skyhigh armories/u can't cross this boundaries,like tijauna borders ama take you back where you belong ... pardon me/ of my primitive acts to be discrimitive, Towards you like a mexican/ cuz is evident,u a fake farm boy claimin, when u aint even a mpls resident/ yes i figured you out/ you tha punk that called himself vicous to hide your weak self/ trying to point tha finga at me when da doc told u to seek health/ an Of course i transformed to ProPain, cuz that's what the enemy feared, check tha strategy/i made da whole philosophy up to create atrocity/an now u comin back with this weak animosity to reach my velocity/i dont think so...u need to spit harder, like vince carter i am half man half amazin/ check my icon son still blazin/ you dont know who you facin, i print my timbs on ya face like doormat/Earn your stripes first, u messin with Five-Star-Nomad /i bet u dont even know that.../try anything you want , u cant kill this pain with even prozak !/ plus you flow wack, embarrasin/ how u try to look like a real Mc even at halloween/ scared to show your true color an wipe off da maybolene / i should of never rhyme with you, cuz ama proffessional killer and u made me do a local murder scene~ No mercy' even cowards will die*****
  12. Somebody tell me...who let this nigga in? first of all what i see aint even close to being vicious, u might as well be ambitious, an ur rhymes is delicious put a lil sauce in em an i am ready to eat em fo break fast an break ya neck-fast, cuz u made a tres-pass postin out here u only made da cereal killa to come back, an attack, anything that is wack u betta run when u see my shaddow cuz i am here clean out your marrow, man dont u know i am tha real Bone Collector song correcta, rhyme inspecta, you talking alot of trash so i gotta be the garbage man, an take ya shit out, then beat u down like savage man, an watch ya mama freak out you dont need a tictac, u need a brush an a mouth wash cuz ur rhymes is st8 up booty, ama call u dukey*four flash tell me are u a kufar,why you goin to hell u need to check your dome, is there a brain in your shell you said only time will tell, but your time is really ova you about to get runned ova with a range rova *beeeep* watch out! you aint ready for this heat plus u neva been to MPLS, i can tell u a suburban kid hangin around with the farmers, nigga I spotted you in Savage, Minnesota talkin about how u tha best mc in come around tha hood, an see niggaz would choke u like sprewell you too soft to be in this thread,i cant even call u a female so stop postin in "callin out names" cuz no one really called u and knows u and if you use to battle in somalinet, i guess u in the wrong blood shed betta put your fork back in your pocket son, i hate to see another somali dead! I guess u aint ballin, u fallin like alicia keys on ya knees KNEE-GROW, i am holdin u hostage lock up ur vocals an make u beg from your nostage like " peez pista pee mee goo", and then i aint even lettin u go wait till ur peeps to come back, so that i can ask them why are they lettin you flow? "Section sixer...why are u letting this nigga flow????" Another Salivated Assualt!
  13. GueSS WhO is BacK! first Victum = SunSeT Eyo peeps dis* You about to be a witness of a murder scene/ victum was burned with gases more severe than flames an kerosine/ suspect was last announced he might of fled to philipine/ now how many more do you expect to be perishin/ since the same killa is back with more blood thirst than a vampire kill-machine/ infinity...tha number is reachin hundreds like girls loosin virginity/ now niggas got balls to really test my ability/ a shame i have to bring back ProPaiN , so u can finaly taste da Pure Lyrical catastrophe/ bottom line ..u wack to me, spittin dr Suess rhymes that's just plain mockery plus i see your whole philosophy as fuked up as cheap pornography//using another man (bruce lee) to sell your image, that is st8 up gay... honestly cuz i rather be, myself than anyone else /goin in tha ring an earnin my belts eva since i was young...i learned to do shit the hardway/ delt with more drama than broadway Been thru tha civil war, so my destiny shows i am a survivor hurt niggas with rap vocalz, hiphop ~was designed for my saliva while Sunset still spittin rhymes "off track" like an intoxicated driva what can i say..even if he was raised by the jacksons he still wouldnt be a thrilla pass me the sauce and blue cheese cuz ama bout to have this fool fo dinna with my blown out speakers i take his flowz and make em' poor like see through sole sneakers// i am known in yo streeet, even at"SunSeT blvd" yo they call me concrete when the only way u get hard, is when u smackin on ya M*** a tight rapper name for you..would be Mos-defeated I already beat u TWICE , i am surpised ur posts werent deleted cuz your rhymez would get lost even if they were driving on One way fuk i will split ya fukin brain in two peices so you'll have split desicions all day you hatin how I suddenly step up inda spot, took tha throne and got all tha fans HOOKED like a stolen cable/ Ask micheal jackson who is bad, nigga U wouldnt be even if you was signed to Puffy's label/an yeah i wanted a battle in audio so peeps even uk can hear how i am gettin rawdy yo/ while they screamin " hey mate that is a wicked bloody flow"/i am kickin ya ass and dont even need karati yow/stop being a "buttkiss" to them chinese like "saudi" yo/ we can make any comparison, between u and I, u will see my chromosome is still genetically dominant..muscline..while urs is clearly feminant an quick to break like ormanent i stay native to the tongue ..why u fakin it like foreign man / stop the bullshit, u betta off playing russian rullet with a full clip..u dumb-wit! why you wastin kash's time /when all u have is two cards that say "3x3" in ya pocket , an u think you stash a "nine"// U st8 up trying to marry a somali girl and "Meet the parents" with out de-ne-rO / you still the only rapper talking shit an when i added up, all your wins total up to be a zer0// i know if everybody voted,1000 somaliaonline members..subtract one would still be 999 vote deficit/i will even let your family vote, u still wouldnt benefit (dey voting for so safe us all the trouble and sign here X ...................... remember this is your death certificate! RiP...kid hahahahahaha
  14. brotha, rhymin is just like poetry, u just gotta know enuff wordz to express ya self, and also it is close to talkin, u just using your own artistic way of sayin sumthing na mean. start wit words you let them where can i learn sum tight rhymes sum tight lines i can spit to define mine body an soul, with out nobody thinkin it's sumthing i stole, with out haters thinkin i bite it, instead, i write it, so they can see it an respect it, everytime they see my name they expect it, cuz then i will be known to rip shows, spit flows, droppin hot shit colder than when it etc...u know u just gotta start talkin about what u wanna talk about...then flex it..aight one ------------------ "Caution!" Unstable mind.