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"Rhyme Or Reason...Lyrics off da dome"

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Just to start it off....



You fake dyke, Your f<ckin wack/

with lines as ineffective as Malaria victims takin Dimatap/

Ya style’s Pu$$y, That’s why Im ****in ya rap silly/keep battling Back against me is a BAD MOVE/ Your ass want me to Prove-it?/

Look at the “Lip Prints’ on your verse, yeah that means you already “BLEW-IT/?

Gave u 3 times to tell what u’ll DO-TO-ME, jus to prove you’re a FOOL-TO-ME/

I’m supernatural:/ I’ll use an ‘black Board’ to ‘Ghost-Write’ your Eu-lo-gy/

~~~O sh!t***

(O yes) I’ll turn your “Being ‘ILL’like Sunsets into a glimpse of Hell’s Pits/

F<ck your Internet Friends(propain,Ligh), I could have ‘2’ assholes & still NOT GIVE ‘2’ SH!TS/

(u might got two) I’ll do whatever it takes to- Win, including throwing Blows to your ABDO-MENS/

My fists be traveling at speeds that will cave all of your Abs-in/

Bones Shattering, knock your teeth out so I can place my COCK-IN/

Then Re-Place half of your Oxygen with Poisonous Acid and Lethel Tox-ins/

This is WHERE your Props-End, as I break your f<ckin spine Dramitical/

Only way I’d let u win (Ever) if u SUCK MY DICK for Collateral/

Detach your vocal cords, rip out your Cartilage and tear all Ligaments too/

DisMEMBERing You as if I kick of out my Crew/

Scalp your Hair Follicies, my Blades gives your Wack-Ass a Close Shave/

My Gross-Wayz will have your Slashed Re-Mains in a Closed-Grave/

With Precisive-Timing, Sun’ll leave u tongue-tied thru Logical Rhyming/

Then I’ll crack your skull ‘PERMENTLY’, so u can really be ‘OPEN-MINDED’/

~~~~~~STOP>>>She's had enuff~~~~~~

(But no mor SON!) You were ‘IN OVER YOUR HEAD’ similar to Midgets swimming in Beach-Waters/

My lyrix be smooth like"I can't beleive is buttered"<>

That cause Sleeping Dis-Orders like Insomnia, watch me stalk you like CELEBS/

You’ll be on the Ten O’clock news!!!…HANA HAS BEEN RAPED & MURDERED ON THE WEB…





I am where it all Endz...

Holla Back<>

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Well sunset you know i don't stop/ Unlike you i rise up/

It is just sad you don't get wiser/



But you know what though?????+


True bomber atack and live like pearl harbor and osama/

Hot fire spitting give fevers to lava/

Beat heads in with lyrics and cause a tremendeus trauma/

Kill you and the one who birth you that be yo mama/

Leave you dead with salava/

YOu want drama/

I strike fast and hurt your poor karma/

Rhyming off one word and still harm ya/

Microphone chrome i hold causing mcees a cancausion/

Close this session it is over/

No need for discussion/

Your dreams is over/

Refresh your screen over/

Your head so big you gotta lean ova/

Type big fonts/

dont cut in the swamps/

I'll slap you through tables like dominos/

Neegor vamanos/

You ain't got no wins in me casa/

trying to fit in me plaza/

You know i reveal my sword to solid ears/

Thumbing ear drops to instill fear/

Bright head lights to freeze the deer/

Breaks to the floor death so near/

Had righteus steer clear/

Blaze mics with aims percise/

accurate is my device/

freestle still phucking with those who copy what they write/

Sloppy when they recite/

Here you are stressing about who comming harder then the other/

Who tighter then the otha/

But dont bother/

Your batteling the H so take cover/

You aint got the tactic to match ME/

Drastic measures on ya part are classy/

You think you got me/


Ya techniques are pre-historical baby JURASSIC/

hmmmm......what does it take to beat the H/

shyt no one has figured that one out yet/

so keep posting ya little replies/

Getting mad at me coz i can come up with more then ten lines/

You need to interwine the need to combine ya beating Me in malign/

YOu couldn't out do the H even if you had MILITIA TONGUE & BLAZE COMBINE/

You are just jealous coz my flows are continous/Dangerous/ and ya taking it serious/

You know you had to peep my profile to see the race that exists in me/

Let me put it this way/

I'm in the somalian family/

They elevated me// in a higher degree//

That you never will be able to reach/

and standing you will never see/

That you never could be like me/

so dont hate// cangratulate//

or do what you do and colloborate/

with bottome feeders/

d!ck eaters//

getting d!ck in their ass like they are putting quarters in meters//

you aint shyt/

therefore ya got nothing to represent/

in the event i extend my hand its ya choice to accept/

but ya not good enough to be considered a dept/

You talk a lot of shyt think your rhymes are tough/

Bald headed joka like shaved monkey nutts/

Dont be comming at me with some rehearsed shyt/

Freeverse spit/

You need to quit// i dont think you know just who you f@cking wit//

Coz too many wanna test but neva bring the skills/

then you wonder how i get the motto of all i kill/

Make the unfortunate and sign their will/

But leave them to handle the reminder of their bill/

coz you wanna talk but can't claim it/

Wanna act like your about it but cant bring it/

say you can rap but cant even sing it/

think you can battle but get bit/

Venmous elements to corrupt ya spit/

But you still aint nothing but a dude with a slit/

your a puzzy you feel me/

The four elements make me/

Fire,water,wind and earth/

I been that way since birth/

cuz fire i spit in my flows/

water i used to take out yours/

wind blows to cancel ya show/

And i shake the earth to prove my lesson/

just like i carry the smith and wesson/

and in this session /

ya will see/

ya can get past ya obstacles but ya can't get past my debris/

But don't feel bad if you have to quit/

wouldn't be the first and u wont be the last/

i blasted the same way many in the past/

I still haven't seen ya shyt/

Didn't i tell ya not to bring ya mans dicc/




[This message has been edited by Hana1 (edited 10-27-2001).]

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Thanks Felicia i see you are new here welcome....

You will love your stay.....


[This message has been edited by Hana1 (edited 10-29-2001).]

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Yo Hana girl how can you Rep this place with out me...!!!!

You need me for backup...Besides where were you today....???

I'm about to bust my flows here let them now how NY hold it down lol....

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You biaaatch qadija

Everything i talk about and everything i know/

You would do anything fo me daz fo sho/

i aint got time to play you best let me know/

Never mind little on i ****k women that are grown/

College girls women with higher education/

I put the picture there for you to please ya stimulation/

experimentaion to find if ya thong got wet/

i bet it is now and that i can bet/

first i'll kiss ya neck massage ya thighs/

Make you think i'm about to please ya then i will say open wide/

Inside we go to make a little splash/

Please explain why i should waste time on ya little azz/

But that is for all now honey dont act like you aint hearing diz/

Hit a niggah back when ya reach ya period/


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Ya funny papi i have to give ya that// if ya think ya can satisfy my kitty kat//

Ya need to give up the trix ya silly rabbit///cuz ya cant feel the depth of me ya mind cant grab it//Handle it??? hahhaha ya couldnt romance me if ya had a book///You have to able to come at me with the real//

If ya expecting tha V.... walls on ya D... to feel///Am i talking rude if i tell ya the truth//ya wouldnt be able to handle me if ya been tought from youth///Ya need to be able to kiss on the side of my neck//Kiss me sofly till every muscle i feel extend//make me pretend ya can ´reall intend//ya had my body trembling ya couldnt stop the shake//

about to get in deep but ya feel a misstake/

ya didn't realize ya was SLEEPING BUT NOW YA AWAKE///

PLease stop flowing ya making my head swim//

Got ya panicing hanging from one limb////

Against me ya chances i say they'r real slim/

Leave it at the side and come to my DOME///

I aint taking seconds i'm takin the throne//

Not as a b!tch nor a nigga i'm enjoying this place and that for sho/////




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Yo Yo,chek it..I got the urge to rhyme again/

time an time again, when i spit'i warn u!!it is toxicant/

sumtimes even dominant,u feelin it hot like firemen/

u admirin,how words to me are like wiring/ electrical, feel shockz thru ya ventricalz/

anatomy,ur lights are out like battery/

u need flattery ,huh? sh*t is dark to me/

I flip ya tongue backwardz, su u can feel da lyrical catastrophe/

U blastin me, lol/ i am playin with power lines,why u bringin that little spark to me/

SupaNatural..Amazin, since departed from tha vaginaL/

blazin, is da papa that made me an animaL/

radicaL,my thoery is in mathematicaL/

genius, i figured my own thoughtz, now you oblivious/

I am serious, I alwayz keep it graduaL/

spittin so automatic, i might as well write the manual.....


to be continued.....









"Caution!" Unstable mind.

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HOla mi bonita i see you already found your queen is in the house heeeeey lol girl the only reason i didn't call you to battle coz there isnt anything i can't handle,But let me help you with the dog out here........AHMAD!!!!


Ahmad you gotta be joking that verse of spit is hopeless/

Ya vision of a victory against US is a telescope without a focus/

You can quote this//

The "H" is the dopest at composing a murderous opus/

And the "H"& the Queen could be a little blunt in ya hand and ya still couldn't smoke us/

F@ck you joka acting like your a thug and never commited a crime/

Your answer in jail to "what are you in here for" would be for a good time/

Fa99ot rappa get ya weight up or get ate up before you debate us/

Elevated and save ya lame ones for when you frequently go to Gay clubs/

We dont talk kindly to haterz who couldnt even serve us even if they were waiters/

F@ck you couldnt even win a verbal battle against a muted debate club/

N!gga get ya weight up/

I grap-rap-and-slap-back in throat-graps-and show-lads/

you know we can beat ya ass without folding over a note pad/


Boy dont you ever learn/

But to f@ck with us i guess is your last call ya yearn/

That is the only way ya get a reply from us/

I still dont wanna date ya ass so why the big fuzz/


Your putting yourself through a lot of stress/

Let me ask you who have you come here to impress//

Coz i cant even feel you express/and inner emotion/That takes a progress/

Next time you US adress//Start with the words finesse and noblesse/

Only then can we discuss your progress/


I'm out dog ..

Ahmad sweety just chill!!!!

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Yo Girls i like your flows let me put a little sumthing for th final touch!!!!!!


I enter the cyber*

Ryhming better then the most**

Erase the faces of those**

Burn em toast when i approach**

Crush them foes**

Like ive seen a roach**

Lyrically they all got jokes**

Rock the boat**

Just like Aaliyahs ghost**

Hear Felicia compose**

And defeat with verbal blows**

Ain'n none of y'all comming close**

I dethrone the style the chose**

Til the curl in there toes**

Leave em stuck verbally froze***********


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YO Hana you know your my queen...

It is the other hoes that i'm talking about-

U know your my number one Hana your My honey...So chill child diz nigga aint repping i'm at your side to take the place like a true king as your my Queen:::::::

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