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"Rhyme Or Reason...Lyrics off da dome"

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Thx Mr. Libaax-sanka-kataabte - (


I would have contributed to this topic alot but is it teen section so i suppose i should leave it for the teenagers themselves as i am older now (lol).


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Propainz, lol


You seem to be missing my point, i said that kinda verse was what i use to write and it disgusts me, so what i was suggesting was to change that habbit to a more pleasant and positive one. i hope you get my point this time

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here some old skool 4 ya ...

check da rhyme yo/-check da rhyme/

da old skool yo/-just check da rhyme/

im back whit another funky introduction/

of how nice i am/

tell ur mother tell ur father/

send atellagram/

im like an energazar cuz i last long/

my fam never ever wack see we stand strong/

& if u say my stayle is wack/

thats where ur dead wrong/

u'll be a full if u say answer not da man/

cuz u know & i know who i am/

a special shot-out goez 2 all my peepz/

& a middel finger goes out 2 all punck mc's/

see i luv it when get at me/

but u da past im whats next/

no 1 can test me/

i come correct,in full afact/

do my thing & roll/

oral be positive/

i promote no junk/

cuz im far from a bully /

& i aint a punck/

so if knowledge iz da key/

just show me da lock/

im just like loop rock/

whit speeeeeeeeeeeeeeed~/

im amgeaal pluz i work u wild/

100% intelgent black child/

so check da rhyme yo/-check da rhyme/

iz old skool yo/just check da rhyme/*2


iz a lil somthing 4 da ol skool....



I @n$wer whit rhymez,

do they fit ur ?tion.

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Wordly Wise, Consider me an "Abwaan"/Verbs fly out my mouth, i calle'm swan/

I'm the true Nomad descended man/

I throw lines like spears/

Floppin to your ears/Makin sure you hears/

N' warn ya peers/this man is what they fear is/,...,,..,,..


LoL, i can't seemed to say any lines,

without rhymes.Ain't been here for long while

let me make my self back home...

Chek, check, check out....


pain indorses me to thrive off lifes tortures/

an supporters of my mic forcess survive in a tight fortess/

Wit lyric poluters as verble tuters sellin 2 fer's for fure futures/

We'll nuder any intuder, nuce her an introduce her to casket suiters/

were wack removers with menoevures like connoissuer's/

rebut her like ya do ta a consumers new computer/ plantin mines in minoure, handin that "shit"out like a record distibuter/

im a mind confuser, introducer ta heavin as deaths massive producer/

reduce yea, to your last cell inhibiters/

attack ur inner interiors like millions a sinister minister minitures/

technique like ten cylinders, an a structured pen able ta copy anyones signitures/

Im gettin up in ur inhilation like asthma encarseration without any ventilation/

than stealin ur medication as ur racin slowly deflatin ur resperation/

saddly.. it had to be hittin ya anatomy..rippin it baddly/

In agany body raggedy wit a blood factory up in ur lung cavity/

Actively fillin ya heads capasity wit bullets rappidly hittin accuratley like butch casidy/ notice the fact you needy, like all of Aidiids family/

Actualy ur dyin natrualy cuz i came with the addacity of blasphemy without any apathy/

Ur teeth are chatterin, babblein somethin bout ur bladder shatterin/

Words TRAVELIN peircing and swiftly like a Javelin when ya battlein/

Ur knees are rattlein, yea shoulda been saddled in before yea battled the cattle men.

i told you from the first rem'/ consider me, nomadic descended man/

Next time i bless the page men/women/

raise ya hand and say Amen/



Love shown to those whom show One!!


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ooh yeah while am at it let me post some funky shit



yo yo yo

i flow for those who cant talk/

visualize for those who cant see/

kick dust for those who cant walk/

search answers for those who cant seek/

battle for those who cant fight/

and fo sho rep those who cant speak/

if u dont know who i be/

get to know before u judge me/

who gives a f@ck though, knowing my raps are essential/

fully insuring me, more like prudential/

through the good times or hollow/

when i didn't even have $hit to swallow/

passed time with rhymes,

but they named me MR. WAALOW/

but my scriptures made me realize that goals are achievable/

state them clearly and your life will be inconcievble/

try and see/

u might need some time,

but it wont cost u a fee/


well, it aint hard to understand my diction/

but i tell it how it is,

and none of that is fiction. PEACE 4 NOW










criminal minded,you've been blinded

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was up ya, peace is da key

so come ride whit me

answer ,medman we all 1 family

halla my ni99a ......u all good ....1



I @n$wer whit rhymez,

do they fit ur ?tion.

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God help all the muslims around the world.


our faith is under attack twenty four seven.


but we shouldnt fear what the kufars have against us, Guns , bombs, tv, radio, shaytan.


the only thing we should fear is allah, and make sure we dont anger allah, becuz going to hell is far worse than any other terror u can name.


so please lets pray, and stay away from the sins, (things) we know that are danbi , insha allah, god will forgive us .. amin.


god bless all muslims, and i will like all my brothers and sistas to go to jannah. amin.


ps* To my brothers, if we dont start what our good intentions are, then when?

it is eazy, dont listen to what the shaytan has to say, do what u gotta do, to get on the right path. and i hope all of u will, alhamdulilah.


asala aleikum.



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I try to sleep at night but no i can't do/

I need a good job for me to live a better life/ But all my thoughts everporate into the thin air/So how the **** i'm i suppose to get a job now/I am not a bad person, but people like to call me bad names/Son of a guns and other nicks/Once my moma use to praisde for the kindess i possess/but now the pain engulved me so bad i needed changes/I am just a refugee, tryna lead a simple life so cleaner/But dont **** !with me/ dont even try to threaten me with AK-47s/Coz I was born in wars/ fought the wars and then fled the dayum wars/ So In that case, my middle name my first name and my surname is war/ bin ladin of the bullet in your ******* Head/So, dont **** with us, we're somalis/ dont make me explode on you like the dynamites/ and blow your head your head off with the bazzukas/Thats who i am, who we are, be who you are/Dont touch a live wire/Im red angry like the real fire/i hate to be a jobless fella i cant retire/before i get higher with my desires/Past six years i been keeping my silence/and Living in a low profile/It doesn't my power is declining/or my flowing is slowing/Yo, my creativeness is growing/it aint never stopping/my spits and hits will keep'on popping/You must be praying to see me dying/nope yo iam expanding/





[This message has been edited by JamaaL-11 (edited 01-20-2002).]

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