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For those in England, there will be storm of Protest vs the cruel killing of Somalis:

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Alxamdulilaah these is what I wanted to see. My strong somalis in one side. Juma and all my fallow Eurepona's do your thing.



Ilaah inkaar iyo jiro aysan ka kicin ha kurido the sacuudi government :mad: :mad:



Maanta mmaanta maaaanta waamalin mudaahiraad maanta :mad: let us keep our speared up

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I can't belive my eyes. did u guys also know that they beheaded a somali man back in 1995 for murder? and here's the dumpest thing, the murder was commeted BEFORE the man even came to saudi redface.gifredface.gif ! لاحول ولا قوة الا بالله Someone's garra do something about this. And to rub salt on the wound, CBS, CNN, BBC, ITN JAZEERA etc haven't even covered the story to let the wole world know what the saudi is doing to poor ethnics who get beheaded more than nationals. God rest their souls....RIP my Brothers....


According to the Shariah Law (Islamic Law), the prescribed punishment for theft is amputation of the right hand. However, in order to execute that action, a certain criteria has to be met.


The following elements are essential:


(1)The thief must be an adult of sound understanding.


(2)The property must be in careful protection on the man.


(3)The property must be taken out of the custody of another person (owner) in a secret manner.


(4)The thief must have obtained full possession of the stolen property.


(5)The property must be movable.


(6)The property must be of some value, which must not be less than the prescribed “Nisaab/Nisab†(limit).


Bear in mind that one of the essential rule is that the thief must have obtained full possession of the stolen property. This contradicts the the fact that these youngsters were in the middle of acquiring that vehicle and thus did not possess the full property.


In spite of that, two credible male accounts are also required in order to give testimoney against the accused(s). Another prescription that hasn't been met while convicting these youngsters.


To put in a nutshell, these youngsters were practically murdered. There is no justice in what was prescribed for these youngsters and it goes against the tenets of the Sharia Law.


Allah (Exalted is He) said in the Qur'an:

"If anyone slew an innocent person it would be as if he slew the whole mankind and if anyone saved a life it would be as if he saved the life of the whole mankind"

Al-Qur’an 5:32


And whois words are truer other than Allah's when Allah (Exalted is He) said that Allah loves not those who are unjust.


May Allah (Exalted is He) guide us all.


P.S blz let's just make sure our voice heard

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I have checked the news and many Somali sites about the so-called protest, but there is nothing. A storm protest should attract the media, but it doesn't seem so.

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Mudaharadkii ugu balarnaa ee 14 sano Soomali wadajir ah ay ka dhigtay magalada London

Boqolaal Soomaalida ku nool Dalkan Britain ayaa maanta waxaa ay ku hor banaan baxeen safaaradda Sucuudigu ay ku leedahay Magaalada London iyagoo ku muujinayay sida ay uga soo horjeedaan dilkii xukunka ahaa ee Dhalinyarada Soomaaliyeed oo ay ku fulisay Boqortooyada Sucuudiga horaantii Bishan Abril.Soomaalida banaan baxayay oo sitay Boorar ay ku qoranyihiin hal kudhigyo ay kamid yihiin Sucuudigu ha dhaco iyo Shareecada Islaamku in aysan ogolayn dilkii 6da dhalinyarda Soomaaliyeed ayaa waxaa ay ku sheegeen in dilkaasi uu ahaa mid aan waafaqsanayn Shareecada Islaamka iyo Xuquuqda aadanaha, waxaana horay dilkan uga hadlay Amnesty oo u dooda Xuquuqda Aadanaha.

Banaan baxan oo ahaa mid nabadeed kama dhalan wax rabshado ah iyadoo ay dhinaca kalana si wayn u joogeen Safaaradaasi qaar katirsan Policeka dalkan oo u yimid in ay ka hortagaan hadii wax rabshado ay dhacaan isla markaana qaarkood waxaa ay ii sheegeen in ay ku faraxsanyihiin in si wax dhibaato ah aanay ku dhaqaaqin Soomaalida Mudaaharaadka samaynaysay , waxaana lagu tukaday salaadii Jimcaha goobtaasi.

Dhinaca kalana waxaa Soomaalida Mudaaharaadka dhigaysay ay dalbanayeen in Magdhow la siiyo qoysaskii ay ka soo jeedeen Dhalinyaradii soomaaliyeed ee Sucuudigu ay Xukunka dilka ah ku fuliyeen isla markaana waxaa waraaqahaasi la gudoonsiiyay Policeka oo sheegay in ay gaarsiinayaan safaaradda.

Dadka kasoo qaybgalay ayaa aad u badnaa oo 100laal gaarayay, waxaana dadkii joogay kamid ahaa Eng. Yariisoow oo ah Gudoomiyaha Somali Concern group,Maxamed Nuur tarsan,Cawaale Kulane,Saciid Cabdiwaaxid,Cabdi Xayi, Maxamed Xuseen Awliyo iyo dadkaloo aad ufara badan.

Waxaana Maanta si toos ah Mudaaharaadkaasi u tabinayay TVga Al Jazeera,IQRA,HornAfrik,Onkod iyo Idaacado kale oo aad u fara badan.






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Juma, are you the one sporting the suit as the big enchilada ordered? Quite the poser u is... (though thoroughly unbecoming in such a situation) :D


Or Are you the big guy doing his thang? Protesting all hands and props in the air? :D

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