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Cooking for that special nite!!!

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Grey M&M: Kkkkkkk.. I feel ya sista... here is something easy.. Potato salad...

since you are single... I will give u a recipe enough for you and someone else...


2 boiled potates

3 boiled eggs

1/2 can of tuna

1 teaspoon of salt

2 table spoons of Mayonaise ( it has to be real mayo.. but if u r in a diet than u can use low fat mayo)



Crash the potatoes and the eggs. Mix the salt, tuna, and mayo. You can put it in the fridge for cooler potatoes but if u like them little warm like me.. then u r ready to get your fill...


Shujui: Its sad, I won't get to taste your cooking. Maybe if I ever come down to London urtooy, I will pass by for a meal.. I know our sijui brothers cook well..


Barwaaqo: I can understand sis, coz Xalwo is one of those things that you will have to see to get how its takes precise timing of when ingredients are added. Next time I make one..inshallah I will keep a stop watch to get the exact timings... for ya.. ;)

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Rokko we know some of da Nomad Sistaz got skillzz but still I haven't seen any recipez..or list for the Iskaabulo Guyz na'mean...


So would luv to see some sistaz hook da brotherz with instructionz..


I got that George Foreman list some recipez would ya



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Massive thread thanks Hibo walaal. A george foreman grill, thats lame man ! you need an extra large BBQ grill in the garden mate for the summer. Last time we BBQ'ed about 50 baby chickens marinated with some tandoori sauce over night in a friends house :D:D


Guys can you help me out, I am looking for a recipe high in pure protein something like 80% protein. I have experimented with fish but still not high enough in protein. Also, we need some recipes for fattning shakes and juice :cool:


P.S. MMA sxb what the heck is canbuulo? i hope is it not something illegal ;)

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Shujui, I'll make sure that I put that on my bachelor resume-Cheese on Toast and Medium baked beans!

By the way,did you attend the infamous B.A.S. school of cooking (those who have will know what B.A.S. means)? :D


Hibo, keep those recepies coming.

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Nice topic here

Here is my recipe for that special nite when that someone special comes over ;)


Tuna on white bread


1-one can of tuna

2-White bread

3-Half green pepper


5-One onion


Slice the onion & green pepper in frying pan,fry on medium heat,add tuna(VERY IMPORTANT..make sure to add tuna water as well)fry for 5 mintes.Remove from fire while onions & green pepper are still succulent:)

Spread Mayo on bread and serve as sandwich.Tastes Mmmmm


Juice if availible or water(less calories) :D:D:D


I will post my Egg special next time ;);)

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Mobb Depp: Whatever recipes we have listed here is for both guys and girls. If there is specific meal you want us to give u instructions for just holla...


Gediid: I like the sandwich already.. however without cooking the tunna if u just add diced tomatoes and little mayo would make it ymmmmmmm...


OK... Ladies and gents today its arabic dip::




1/2 kg of egg-plant(bidinjaal in somali)

2 pieces of garlic

2 table spoons of mayonaise

2 table spoons of lemon juice

3 table spoons of plain yoghurt.

salt to taste...




Peel the egg plants and slice them. butter the baking tray and place the sliced egg plants in line. Cover the tray with aluminium foil make sure its air tight. Now bake it for 20 min on a 300 degree, or if your oven has numbers then 6 would work fine..


After 20 min remove the tray from the oven and crash the eggplants with the garlic. You can use a blender or mooyo/kal whichever works for you. now add the rest of the ingredients. Add salt to your taste. You can gurnish it with thinly sliced lemons or pomegrante seeds.


Most suitable with qubus or pita bread but it works great with malawax as well...


Bon apetite`

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Do u think I'm going to come around to ur place just 4 u to feed me 'posh noodles'? I don't think so...if ur not gonna cook a proper meal, u wont see me! icon_razz.gif



Originally posted by ExDane:

I remember helpin my mum make it and I swear it takes HOURS!! U have to walaaq and walaaq and walaaq until not only ur fingers feel numb but until u cant feel ur arm or ur entire upper body,lol (but dats only if ur makin sumthin like 7kgs)

LoL...maybe thats what i did wrong, coz only my arms were aching and not my entire body.



Originally posted by Hibo:

Barwaaqo: I can understand sis, coz Xalwo is one of those things that you will have to see to get how its takes precise timing of when ingredients are added. Next time I make one..inshallah I will keep a stop watch to get the exact timings... for ya..

That will be greatly appreciated Sis. I'm going to learn how to make the damn thing if it's the last thing I do! :mad:

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hey! thanks for the recipe! i really wanna try it

this weekend! i love somali cooking, but cant do it. this beats Burritos! lol. got a q's 4 yah sista.


what is this "dhageyare". is it a spice?? also do u have the recipe for somali tea! i would love to get that one!

may be u should start a form called som-recipes!


thx sista!

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Rudy: I am sure we ( me & SOL Girls) can help if you just let us what somali dish you want to make. There are plenty of Somali dishes believe me not many people even realize the extend our cuisines.


About the dhageyare, its cloves.


Somali Tea.


For one Liter tea:

1 lt water

6 cloves

5 cardomom ( heel)

2 cinnimon sticks ( qarfe)

12 -1 cup sugar depending on your love for sweet

1 tea bag or 2 again depending on how strong you like your tea..



Boil the water, spices and sugar. Add the tea bags and boil it for 3 more mins..

You can add milk or like me can enjoy the delicious Suleymani ( black tea)


Have fun!

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Thanks for the recipe,i will make sure i save it for my future wife.


But i can cook mashed potatoes,pour the potatoe flour(check the label, Idaho grown is the best) on a bowl,add milk and margarine and two minutes in the microwave, and its good to go.You don't a need a house wife no more........


I got another one.......i don't know what to call it,scrambled eggs or something like that.fry some cooking oil and onions in a pan,add real fresh tomotoes(not canned one)sliced into small pieces,add the eggs and stir until its no more liquid and its all done.the whole process should take less than five minutes.


Do not eat it by itself shi-t is supposed to go with bread and u have breakfast.In other words best when served with bread like products.

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Shyhem...wuts with u and this "future wife" thing, hayaay...I'm afraid your gonna wake up one of these nights screaming "MY FUTURE WIFE" :D r ya girl, how's life in carabta treating you? Thanks for sharing those wonderful recipes ;)


honestly, sometimes I'm quite critical of how my brothers cook at home but after I saw some replies from our talented guys in SOL...I'm thinking, I shouldn't be that hard on least they can make real meals...some can even bake cakes walahi, well just basic cakes though :D


ok...I'm gonna share the recipe of one of my favourite desserts to make...CHEESECAKE...very quick n easy to make, even for beginners smile.gif


You will need:


1 1/2 cup graham crumbs

1/4 cup oil or softened butter

3 packs philadelphia cream cheese (or any kind)

3 eggs

1 cup sugar

1 tbs corn starch (optional)

1 can cherry or blueberry or strawberry pie filling (up to you...but cherry is popular)




mix the crumbs and the oil, press onto the bottom of a 9-inch springform pan...or you can buy already made crust from the grocery store just to save some time.




Combine the 3 cheeses and add the sugar, mix until soft on low speed. Then add the eggs, blend some more and then add the corn starch.


Pour mixture onto the crust. Bake at 375 degrees for 45min-1hr. Take it might have some cracks..thats normal, the topping will cover it. Let it cool then spread the filling over it. Put it in the if you prepare it the nite before!


If your a chocolate fanatic...instead of using a pie filling for topping you can melt some semisweet chocolate and drizzle on top of your cheesecake and top it off with some grated white chocolate...looks good too!



PS...BARWAQO, make sure u use some big oven gloves when making xalwad dear...cuz xalwad making I've noticed has left very bad scars on many girls which is one reason I've never tried...and it's also very tedious, good luck though ;)

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Nafisa I am fine girlie. Life here is superb, I am actually heading for Somalia on June 1st. Its gonna be cool. You can imagine my excitement given the fact that I haven't been home for 13 yrs. The recipe was nice sis actually you left out on the refrigerated cheesecake. There are two kinds I hope you know that... here is the other..if u didn't try it before u should ....I personally prefer this over the baked one..


250 gm philly cheese cream (you can use any other but this is my fav)

250 Graham crackers or any sweet crackers

1 block of butter

1 meduim can of condensed milk

1 can whip cream

1 lemon whole

1 can of sliced pineapples (or any fruit that you like, but surely tastes great with pineapples)


Preparation base:


Grine the crackers and add the unmelted butter. Press it on the dish you are gonna serve on and refrigerate it.


For the cheese filling;


blend the cheese cream lightly with half can of condensed milk or add more depending on how much u love sweets. Squeeze the lemon juice into the mixture. Now pour the mixture in a bowl. Slowly stir the whip cream in it. Now place the cheese filling on the pressed base, and cover the top with the pinneapples. Refrigerate for 2 hrs.


When set serve it.....

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Three easy recipes

Get inspired to cook outside with these tasty grill recipes.



Barbecue Marinade for Steak

Try this delicious, non-traditional marinade at your next summer party. It's sure to be a hit!




1/3 cup lite soy sauce

1/3 cup cooking sherry

1/3 cup orange or pineapple juice

2-3 cloves of garlic, pressed

1/4 cup brown sugar

1/4 teaspoon ground ginger

1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper

4–6 generous drops of liquid smoke

4 8-ounce steaks




In large bowl, mix all ingredients (except steaks) well.

Add steaks to bowl; allow to marinate at least 30 to 60 minutes.

Cook on grill to taste.

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Mobb_Deep: I am already mouthwatering.... thnx for sharing.


I am loving this aren't you girls?? To see so many brothers that have the kitchen skills.. No more deliveries once we hit the " I am too tired to cook today" point of saturation....THANK GOD for that...


Anyways Ladies n gents today its the al famous. Creme` Caramel


Ingredients for creme`:


2 cups of milk

4 table spoons of sugar

6 eggs

A drop of vanilla for essence (or you can use rose water)



Put all ingredients in a bowl and beat them for 10 min...


Ingredients for Caramel:


Cooking pot

7 spoons of sugar



Put the sugar in the cooking pot (make sure this cooking pot fits in your larger cooking pot)and burn till dark brown.. Then pour your creme` mixture on it. Don't mix just leave it like that for now.


Now in your larger cooking pot fill it halfway with water and boil it. Now place the smaller cooking pot with the creme` in the larget pot and cover, making sure its air tight.


After 20 mins.. place the large pot with the smaller pot in a preheated oven of 350 degrees. And cook it till the creme` thickens. Once its set. Remove it from the larger pot and have a shallow plate ready. Now place the inner of the plate on the pot. Now flip it gently. Decorate it as you like it. I love it like that no decors....


You can also divide the creme` caramel into individual cups before cooking it. So that everyone can have their own nicely set creme` caramel....


Bon Apetite`.

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