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Al-Shabab: NO BRAS for WOMEN haraam

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Originally posted by Castro:

quote:Originally posted by Gheelle.T:


The women are then inspected to see if the firmness is natural, or if it is the result of wearing a bra.

If they are found wearing a bra, they are ordered to remove it and shake their breasts, residents said.

Wonder who's doing the inspections?
Do your boobs hang low?

Do they wobble to and fro?

Can you tie them in a knot?

Can you tie them in a bow?

Can you throw them o'er your shoulder

Like a Continental Soldier?

Do your boobs hang low?


Do your boobs hang high?

Do they reach up to the sky?

Do they wrinkle when they're wet?

Do they straighten when they're dry?

Can you wave them at your neighbor

With an element of flavor?

Do your boobs hang high?


Do your boobs hang wide?

Do they flap from side to side?

Do they wave in the breeze

From the slightest little sneeze?

Can you soar above the nation

With a feeling of elevation?

Do your boobs hang wide?


Do your boobs fall off

When you give a great big cough?

Do they lie there on the ground

Or bounce up at every sound?

Can you stick them in your pocket

Just like Davy Crocket?

Do your boobs fall off?


For the sake of solidarity, here is another poem


Oh I wish I had boobs that would wobble

Mine just stay still in one place

In the breast hall of fame

You won't see my name

For my boobs there would be a disgrace

Sure boobs of my size have their merit

They're easy to fit with a bra

And when I go for a dip

You won't see one slip…out

They stay put…just where they are

And I'm not one to seek much attention

So you won't find me strutting about

In a boob tube that's trying

by gravity defying

to leave no room, not even for doubt

But I sure envy big breasted women

I've seen them at parties you know

With all confidence thrust

In their mighty big bust

Entrancing the men as they go

Though I've heard from a big bosomed buddy

That it's not all it's cracked up to be

She says in frustration

"Try to hold conversation

When there's only two things a guy sees"

Now if I paid a few grand to enlarge them

To, say thirty-six b or c

Would they still look so natural

And could I class them as collateral

Sorta like home improvements on me

Now I've not taken this boob thing just lightly

I've done quite a bit of research

As I try to keep abreast

In my mammary quest

I've found there's a bit to be learned

There's questions that need to be answered

Like cleavage, how wide and how deep

I can have nipples bigger

But somehow I figured

That could poke Sweetie's eye in his sleep

Oh, I wish I had boobs that were awesome

I'd buy a bright red bathing suit

On the beach I would run

In slow motion for fun

To show off my best attribute

Now don't think I'd just get them for vanity

There's much I'd aspire to do

I could feed many babies

When I was lactating

And for convenience, I could offer drive-thru

In a t-shirt I'd test air conditioning

They could 'see' if they had it too low

And if I stood outside

My breasts pumped up with pride

Police'd use me to stop traffic flow

Well you can see I've a lot to consider

For the big plunge, I need some more time

So I'll keep you updated

But for now they're just fated

To stay as they are for a while

And there's my sweetie who totally accepts me

For he loves each and every little…bit

He says "stay as you are

You're the most beautiful by far"

As he gazes into my eyes…not my tits..

Found it on the net icon_razz.gificon_razz.gif

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Raajabeeto walax raaracdo eey roojisaaye al-shaba mawaxeey leeyihiin xeeey la raaracan



al-shabaa kuwo iscadeeyana hakarbaashan

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Don't fall for enemy propaganda!

bro who is the enemy?


at least qofna gacan iyo lug kama jarin weeba roon yihiin hadee dhaheen lux kiliya...


Wareer Badanaa!!!

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Maxaa ku xigo, naaska midigta hala gooyo, mayee kan bidixdaa edeb daran.



But it is all jokes, qolodii xumaan kasbata wax kasta halaga sheego

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^^^ and they think in aan aniga saqajaan ahay come no one sees you!!!!


waraa Al-shabaab heer naas ku jarto aa loo dhawyahay dadna wili wee la dagaalayaan....



Wareer Badanaa!!!

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if this is true, which i expect it is, from those morons: its really sad and shameful stage we're in, I cant imagine what would be their next outrageous restrictions,


Plz, don’t take this issue as laughing matter, the're people who suffering, ilaahey haa naga qabto cawaatan xoolada ah.

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^The Daily Mail is basically the National Enquirer, only instead of "Aliens Ate My Baby" it's more like "Immigrants Hatch From Eggs and Burn Down Kindergarten".

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Originally posted by Arac:


You just find yourself being whipped by a masked man as soon as leave your house.

Very Monty Pythonesque
:D that line killed me! too funny! but sad if it's true.

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