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  1. lol congrats, keep up your "jacbur" and you shall be senior soon
  2. careful my lady: all the money on earth want make you happy! share your wealth, if he shares his heart, dont be selfish
  3. its all communiteis, regardless of ethinicity or race!!
  4. You know guys, at least in the US you have the freedom to practice your religion, request accommodations for prayer times or clothing uniforms in work places
  5. lol authentic in its own way, whats sup with the black and white style
  6. It’s really shame how some guys abuse the love the trust of their women, also whatever goes around comes around, she took a married man what expect in return
  7. LuugDheer

    Do You Smoke?

    I am going for a cig break brb. [/quote lol] i know lot ppl who did it as cold turkey, i suggest stop spending more to reduce your expense, just quit smoking in cold turkey, best luck sxb
  8. i heard this story before, specailly from somaliland, but its really simple treatment and free drugs:
  9. lol, just off puntland haa xamar cadey airport must be busy,two airlines same time wow nice.
  10. if this is true, which i expect it is, from those morons: its really sad and shameful stage we're in, I cant imagine what would be their next outrageous restrictions, Plz, don’t take this issue as laughing matter, the're people who suffering, ilaahey haa naga qabto cawaatan xoolada ah.
  11. i dont know what the fuz is about her being somali or not: but by her looks, i think she could've done better: as most pp are in diasporas and ppl change, like to know what makes someone a Somali. It may seem dump Q, but as it look, some of you refuse to believe this chick is somali
  12. i believe all people are the same regardless being somali or not, people will treat you,how you treat your self . wats sup with "some" somali girls with the phobia of “ don’t tell somli guy how much you love him” we malis are really very interesting creatures.
  13. i don’t think somaliland or somali politicians wants all that “good” things, we they love our chaotic love style, don’t worry you will find out when u become politician