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  1. Horta what is crack cocaine? Why is it smoked, while cocaine is snorted? Which one is better vis a vis getting high, plausible deniability, or fiscally? Crack cocaine = Blacks while cocaine = Whites? I know I can look all this up but I don't want Google adsense suggesting drug paraphernalia for the next year... I just cleared my history of the sex trade industry binge-googling of last month.
  2. That was hilarious, thanks Mooge.
  3. This is one case where I think the community bears some responsibility for the actions of their youth.
  4. Howdy Layzie. You always crawl out of the woodwork whenever a Muslim person commits some atrocity. If ever someone on SOL had a crush on you they'd resort to some regrettable machinations to get you to show up.
  5. Underdog, why doesn't he just call their bluff? His silence is pretty telling, even if there is no video, he can't deny it because there could be? "Innocent until proven guilty" kulahaa, you nailed the right-wing persecution complex. It's not like Ford got arrested, where is this talk of burden of proof coming from? Thank Ford it's Friday!
  6. ^Littlefinger basically won the Game of Speeches there.
  7. Every sijui I have met is crazy superstitious! Especially the Kenyans and Tanzanians... Jinni possessions, jealous ex-lovers' malicious curses, and mysterious old sixirle stealing your hair and nail clippings, it's a wonder any of you can function So what gives?
  8. ^Context matters, dee. Nuune, even before MMA went all Hulk Smash on your theory waan ka shakisanaa to be honest. Seems like circular reasoning: "lame" means first because it's said at the beginning of this children's counting rhyme, Monday is the first day of the Somali calendar (even though we haven't even established that), therefore "lame" must mean Monday. Please ignore other uses of the word that casts doubt on our conclusion! Not a linguist but that seems a little iffy.
  9. LOL @ the reasoning behind "Lamme". Keep your day job, Nuune Marksman, great article.
  10. That video is really chilling. In a given year there are more stop and frisks of Black & Latino men than actually live in NYC, just incredible.
  11. Usheeg, Chimera. Targaryens don't have a monopoly on kindling or matchsticks. I do hope the White Walkers don't become a major plot point though, I prefer all the backstabby human drama to the supernatural. Val, you basically have to avoid the whole internet if you fear spoilers. Reminds me of the Harry Potter craze and all the forums littered with "Snape kills Dumbledore!"
  12. I can't decide which is more disturbing, the song or Alpha's spiral into psychosis.
  13. This song is like an anthem for all the warped people running around killing people.
  14. Alpha, there's a "Troll and Cantarbaqash Corner" for a reason.
  15. I wish they'd surveyed just 14 year old. Girls 0-14 would include those who may still be subjected to FGM.