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Interesting game..What do u want??

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^ Waar inanku waa doobe inan haloo raadiyo. We hear you loud and clear man.


What can we do for you Brown?

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One who's not ashamed to fart (with an excuse me, to acknowledge someone else's presence), cry, or laugh. No manly man for me, and no "yo dawg, dang dawg, yo yo yo" crew.


Brown: Kucha Hubba :D

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I am not sure what I want. But this is certaintly what I don't want:


Midda gaaban ee garabka iyo, guudku wada joogo

Ee socodka uma gaatisee, gididiflaynaysa

Ee gura ma laacdee ritiga juu, ku ganacgoysa

Janbal gibin ah een golos ahayn, guur aan ka la’aado . :D






P.S: Kuwiina aan Soomaaliga aqoon raali ahaada.

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LOL@Castro; Sxb Doobnimada is now in Fashion. smile.gif


And what do you mean by "GABAR HAA LOO RAADIYO". Are you implying that gabdhos are things you can go to the supermart and just grab off the shelf? Tsk Tsk..[Hey Feminist;Grab the Communist!] :D


Brown: Kucha Hubba

NakuBenda; Yo! Say Wha? Do you mean to say Kuchi Hubba hubba? :confused: Girl? :D


But hey i gatcha ;)


Liibanow: My brother, whats an African Man who doesnt like a Badonka donk? huh?


Xiinfanin; is an amateur Gabayist; Naku just think of the Baba Aweys's Hit Song[The Gabar Gaaban hit]. Ight :D

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This is a global problem and certainly unique to the west. It must be the abundancy of the choice available. I don't know. You know, limit a human, and he/she will grab what they can when they can, give them choice, they will start thinking and be, in that case, it is a common thing these days.


Hey, no one is perfect, so 'ku habso tan aad is tiraa waxaad rabtay waa ay soo dhoweysa'. Besides, i would rather have someone and home to long for than be all on my own.


I did enjoy most of the respondents responses.


Thank you all.

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Iam clear about what I don't want:


Marhadday fuursan tahay

Feeruhu ay kala fideen

Faraasilad Naasku yahay

Awowgey fiqi Idiris iyo

Faxanaheygaan ka galay

War ka faanaye miyey ifilan.


Mar haddey dhuuban tahay

Madaxu uu dhiisha yahay

Dhudhun Naasuhu yihiin

Awowgey Madax caddiyo

Makaahiil baan ka galay

War diidaye miyey i dili.


Middaan dheereyn oo dhinneyn

Dhexdiyo dhabarka u yareyn

Dharkiyo dhogorteeda kale

Dhalaaleynino dhaqneyn

Dheelkeed ma'aan rabee

Intaan dhimirkey la gelin

Dhusuqley iga dhaqaaq.

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