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A Tragic End

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An overcrowded small boat sailed from Libya on October 03, 2003, destined to Italy with close some 100 people; they journeyed with little food, inadequate, scarcely fresh water and not with any blankets to shield from the cold on the sea.


What was expected to be a great journey ended with a very heartbreaking tragedy. All but 15 of them perished in the sea, succumbing to the strong cold tides of the Mediterranean, from the cold itself, starving and unbearable thirst.


To those 15 who barely made to Italy, some are in critical condition. Among them was a visibly shaken father who lost three of his four children.


13 dead bodies were found on the boat with other alive terrified 15 survivors; other bodies had been thrown into sea to make a room to those who were still alive.


Those 13 bodies were buried today {Friday, October 24} in Rome, Italy.


Here are their pictures:











The interim ambassador giving his sorrow speech on the tacsi



A visibly shaken mayor of Rome



People paying their last respects, among them some former Italian ministers



The rainbow flag is the flag of a Soomaali organization in Talyaaniga



How they had wished to set a foot on any European soil. How they dreamed to a day of reaching to Europe. And it ended their bodies burried there, not living in Yurub.


O' may Allaah help our people, who long desperately for peace, seeking to find it in anywhere; some while seeking perishing on their way in the Saxara, on the seas and on lands.


May Allaah forgive them all, and grant jana: Aamiin. Aamiin, Allahoow, aamiin.

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Please allow me to list some of the names of the victims, who knows you might know them personally or their families. This list is from another Soomaali website.


1.C/salaan Sh. Cali


2. Waris Gurey Sh. Muuse


3. Deeqa Axmed Yuusuf


4. C/laahi Cismaan Macallin {Faraciil}


5. C/naasir Daahir Max'ed {Suryare}


6. Ismaaciil Max'ud Gaaboow


7. Abuukar C/qaadir Max'ed {Abii}


8. Caroone Sh. Ibraahin Max'ed


9. Max'ed Xaashi Faarax {Bidhikaale}


10. Khaliif Cabdulle Sahal


11. Axmed Daahir Max'ud


12. Bashiir Axmed Cabdulle


13. Cumar Axmed Cabdulle


14. Fartuun {Magaceeda seddexaad lama haayo}


15. Xafso Sh. Nuur


16. Faaduma Cali Max'ed


17. Faa'iso Cali Gooni


18. Sh. Nuur Max'ed Sheekh Cali


19. C/laahi Maracadde


20. Nasteexo Max'ed Faarax


21. Shamso C/laahi Warsame


22. Maryan Ciyeeye Rooble


23. Axmed C/raxmaan Xalane {Digis}


24. Baarliin Axmed Xirsi


25. C/rashiid Faarax Xaashi


26.Max'ud Yuusuf Gurey


27. Ciise Cabdi Xasan


28. Cali C/daahir Yuusuf


29. Xasan Cabdi Axmed "Nigeria"


30. Ibrahin C/qaadir X. Cali


31. Cali Yuusuf {Ii-door}


32. Ibraahin Guuta Cabdi


33.Maryan Max'ed Cali


34.Mulki Max'ed Cali


35. Aweys C/laahi Nuur


36. Xuseen Cali Muudeey


37. Shaafici C/laahi Cali


38. Abuukar Nuur Xasan


39. C/raxmaan Muxudiin


40. Dayax Geeseey


41. C/fataax Shuute


42. Axmed Abuukar Cali {Carab}


43. Isxaaq {magaciis sadexaad lama haayo}


44. Max'ed C/sataar {Qasaali}


45. Max'ed Cumar Cismaan {Yariisow}


46. Max'ed-Qadar Aadan Cismaan


47. Axmed Cali Axmed


48. Max'ed Diiriye ama Cali Shariif M. Saalax


49. C/qaadir Xasan Axmed Ugaas {Haameey}


50. Xuseen Cali -biid Max'ed


51. Cali Max'ud Saalax


52. Cismaan Idris Cusmaan


53. Xuseen Dhafe {Gaagaale}


54. Xasan Daahir Cumar


55. Axmed Cabdi Xuseen


56. Ibraahin Yuusuf Nuur


57. C/weli Faarax Siriq


58. C/rashiid Max'ed Faandhe


59. Liibaan Sh. Cali Muumin


60. Mako Ooyaaye


61. C/fataax Diini C/laahi


62. Dalmar Cumar Abtidoon


63. Max'ud Yacquub Siidoow


64. Max'ed Xuseen Axmed {Tufyaani}


65. Farxiyo Sh. C/raxaam Cabdi



Ilaahey ha u wada naxariisto dhamaantood: Aamiin.


Alloow amuuraha sahal.

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Asalaamu Aleikum Wr Wb

Inaa lilaah wa inaa ileeyi rajicuun. Allaha u wada naxariisto marxuumiinta. Ilahay ha u wada danbi dhaafo (Amin). Walaahi it hurts me to see our people in this kind condition. For those who r in the west we barley surviving in this western society. For those in Somalia they r in endless war. Subxaana laah umad inkaaran ayaan nahay ilahay hanoo gar gaaro. (Amin).

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La xawla wala qwata ila bilaaah..


ilaahow oo naxariiso oo janat al fardaaws gali.. Ameen Ameen Ameen..


MMA... the pic is not showing saxib. please check its URL.

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ilaah janatul fardowsa hakka waraabiyo,qaraabadii iyo eheladii laga geerriyoodayna samir iyo iimaan ilaah hakka siiyo,aamiin

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May Allah grant them Jintaul firdoos...aamin


On a serious Note, Is there any LAW left in in this world?..making refugees move across oceans in such conditions?,where was the libyan Govt?,the Owners of the Boat should be sued for wrongful death and sure the malis in italia will do some about it.....and when are we gonna learn not to sail in boats?.....wallahi this is driving me Bonkers!.ah

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