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  1. Sis first of all welcome to SOL, secondly surrogate mother is forbidden under Islamic law therefore it is haram. I don't see the need to discuss something that is haram. If you want to see the evidence click the bellow address. http://www.central-mosque.com/fiqh/test-tube.htm
  2. Unbeleiveble from naked to fully covered is it a faith or a sheild to hide from the media? Model become muslim, who is facing up to 15 years jail on charges of possessing two ecstasy tablets, appeared yesterday wearing a black burqa dress and pants that concealed her face and covered her from head to toe while she was led from her police cell in Bali. http://www.theage.com.au/news/world/models-lawyers-apologise-to-muslims/2005/08/30/1125302550068.html
  3. Asalaamu Aleikum wr wb Please everyone make sure your vote counts go to www.ninemsn.com.au Poll: Do you support a ban on religious headwear at public schools? Vote NO
  4. What a discrimination walaahi, a naked woman is ok to be part of the society and a woman who respects her body (covered) is not. What a sick thought. John howard I am not a product and I refuse to display by body, is my choice is my body. simple as that. Aussies waligood ayee dabo dhilifkii mareekan iyo yurub ahaayeen. Lax socoto waaye walaahi odaygaan gaaban oo bidaarta leh. Fikrad gooni mabo keesan karo in uu dadka dabo dhaanjiyo mooyee. Originally posted by Source: [QB] Remember we have Indonesia as our nieghbours, so i dont think australia would want to create anything that will jeopardise thier relationship with Indonesia. Besides many of them fear Indonesia, hence australias pro US policy. Unlike other western countries Australia is all alone on this side of the globe. Not necessarily, don’t count on neighbours to defend us, we as Muslims in Australia should stand up for own rights and fight against banning hijab. Is time as Muslims stop assuming others are looking out for us we need to take the action our own selves Such action like banning hijab is discrimination and against human right.
  5. The suspected bomber thought to be somali turned out to be eithopian right? I knew a somali would not be that brave to risk their life they rather chew qaat & smoke cigrate.
  6. Laa xawla walaa quwata ilaa bilaah I have no doubt that this picture is true and it is true story. Why do we have to be in denial and believe it to be some sort of art, when it is the truth? Allah has an enormous power; this is one of his ways of showing us his power and existence. We have to learn from it & strength our iman in Allah. The family of the girl want to remain anonymous therefore that is why there aren’t any further pictures or videos because of it. Ilahayoow cadaabtaada naga xijaab (Amin).
  7. ^ :eek: dead right looooooool that is why Allah ordered them to cover up!
  8. This is a perfect example of cadaalo daro, doolad la'aan, duleysi & qiyaano waxaa noo geysatay doolad laan. Hadaan soomali nahay. doolad hadey jirto gafkaan muu dhaceen, balse soomali iyagaa isduleeysay yaa xaqooda ilaalinaayo hadii ay iyaga meel iska soo saari wayeen.
  9. Originally posted by hibaq: bisharoo, i ment that the men wait until marraige before ever cutting thier hair. sort of like staying a virgin until marraige, only it's your hair Interesting never heard of it b4, if anything special be done b4 marriage was always the girls. a farax not cutting his hair until he gets married :rolleyes: . what century was that? if it is true.
  10. Originally posted by Pink_Phoenix: ^^ I refuse to change the title. fine is ur call it was just a suggestion :rolleyes: it is bitty the topic is a beneficial to the community but the title misleads ppl.
  11. Is a pathetic nonsense scenario that doesn’t end somehow. At the end of the day is their business may Allah all forgive us. I suppose this is the only way they could keep the prance not to interfere their decision of marrying another qabiil or sub-clan whatever the case. Crazy if u ask me. pink Rearrange the title it seems u finger pointing , at the end of the day is not only one persons fault.
  12. Waaw indeed I am lost words manasha Allah those pictures tell many stories. My cousin recently went and she was saying the same thing that Mogadishu isn’t what we think it is. My aunti recently moved from qurbo, back to her house in Mogadishu she swears us and her, she is the lucky one. If I only had the heart to visit Mogadishu I would but what I saw in my childhood still stuck in my head. But walaahi good to hear a progress. p.s good to hear my suburb huriwaay is booming.
  13. Ina lilaahi wa inaa Ilayhi rajicuun, my condolences goes to u & ur family may Allah bless u a strong iman in this difficult time. May Allah grant ur dad janatul fardoosa (Amin).
  14. Subhana laah.Wuxuu gaal ordobo ciyaal la isku qaldo iska dhafee, marka danbe xewaan ayee dadka ku beeri donaan. & their wish of aliens will come true. Akhas iga tag. Genetically modified foods & genetically modified babies what is next? I wonder. Wuxusan Ilahay qorin dhebkeeda wakaas.
  15. Buubto


    Asalaamu Aleikum WR WB qabiil should not be the main reason of your choice, morally it is wrong nonetheless today’s society are so depended on qabiil more than ever. The sad truth is discrete will hunt u and your hubby for the rest of your life unless u got tough skin, otherwise your ship will sink. Sick people are surrounded by us, some of them are the one’s that we love the most they carrying incurable disease that is so contagious & shidhaan is with them. If you want less problems, less drama & friendly environment go with ur own qabiil. I know is satisfying others, but honey far kaliya fool ma dhaqdo.